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  1. ofhs93

    Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    Agreed...love my Zero G frame...and have really been tempted to order another one as a backup, but I'm afraid of being burned...I tried calling all of the phone numbers on the website and none of them seem to be in service anymore....that's a red flag for me.
  2. ofhs93

    Epic Sports.com. Ever had any issues?

    I've ordered from there numerous times....NEVER an issue...as stated shipping times are not short so don't be looking to get something quickly...but yes certain things ARE clearly cheaper from there....you have to price check the stuff between the "established" places before pulling the trigger though...because not *everything* is cheaper there.
  3. ofhs93

    New Diamond CP

    Exactly...lol. I like the idea of maybe going up to 17" max...beyond that you're getting into giant territory at 18" there aren't many people who would be able to wear it without there being movement issues getting into the crouch upon initial thoughts.
  4. ofhs93

    New Diamond CP

    A cpl of observations before MadMax beats me to the punch lol. Doesn't look like modern cushioning or breath-ability there. I like the breaks and the overall design of the front side...the question is...is it better than a Champion P2xx at the $55-70 range or the Schutt XV in the $75-85 range? On the apparent padding questions alone I have my doubts....but I like the physical design and the modular options...though I wish the chest were a bit longer with a shorter add on piece. That's a huge jump from 13.5 to 18". For many of us 13.5 isnt going to be enough and 18 is way too much. It's pretty obvious that they are going after the West Vest crowd with this CP.
  5. ofhs93

    Champion Sports Armor Style Chest Protector

    I have both the Champion P200 (my 1st CP) and the Schutt XV. Both have been great CPs...the Schutt is the clear winner when it comes to breath-ability and keeping me cooler...but both protect well. The P200 has more overall length coverage being its 17"...the Schutt has thus far done a better job of keeping me protected from the grazing side shots that I sometimes got caught with on the P200. The Schutt is the clear winner when it comes to the included harness (although it's not perfect by far and not as good as an F3, AllStar, Rayflex ect)...I upgraded to an F3 harness on the Champion immediately (the included setup was pretty terrible) and it completely transformed that P200. Bottom line...the P200 or Schutt both are fine CPs...but I have gone with the Schutt as my everyday setup due to the ventilation advantages. As always...YMMV
  6. ofhs93

    Brand New XL Pro Black Majestic Shirt

    Sent you a message back....
  7. Wolf...is this still available? What are those Adidas pads like?
  8. Interested....can you give me an idea on shipping to 18517.
  9. ofhs93

    Adams XV-HDX received today thru hibbetts

    Just as an FYI for anyone looking to do lower level baseball and youth softball...the above CP can be had for less than $42 plus shipping from Epic sports. https://baseball.epicsports.com/prod/118285/adams-umpire-chest-protector-low-profile.html
  10. ofhs93

    Champion 13” CP — $60

    Why couldn't this be a 15" Wolfe??? Lol
  11. ofhs93

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

    Ill have to take a closer look at mine later on...I've taken a few shoulder shots lately...not super solid ones though.
  12. ofhs93

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

    Ok...I could understand that....the Champion is as close of a direct copy of the pattern design of the Riddell as I could think of. It was decent out of the box for me but once I added an F3 harness it was pretty much perfect. Low profile...light...plenty of protection...not sure how it breaths in comparison to the Riddell.
  13. ofhs93

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

    Question...from a guy who hasn't been around here forever. I have one of the pre-lawsuit Champion P200s. (velcro attachments for padding as opposed to rivets) Obviously it looks like almost a carbon copy of the Riddell....can Max and others chime in and let me know what I'm missing in terms of protection when compared to one of the priceless Riddell's?
  14. ofhs93

    Virtual Umpire camp v.3

    sent PM
  15. ofhs93

    Ejection and no substitutes

    Exactly...I hope that bat flip was worth missing the NEXT game...because that's what it's going to cost him.