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  1. ofhs93

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

  2. ofhs93

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

    Would *love* to see data comparisons of the option that Wolf just put up compared to the Concushion wrap around device.
  3. ofhs93

    Schutt XV-HDX Question Re: Attachments

    THIS! This is the exact reason I keep my CP in my gear bag....F3 shins on the bottom and the Schutt sort of wrapped around the the shins...top of the CP at the knee cap end of the shins. That leaves a perfect amount of space at the other end of the bag for me to put my bagged plate shoes. This setup keeps the CP curved in the same exact manner as it is when being worn....perhaps slightly *more* curved....which is just fine as it helps keep things properly snug once put on.
  4. ofhs93

    All-Star FM4000 Bars Out of Shape?

    THIS!!!!! Lol....and for the record...it's the same setup I will be using this year The +pos ZRO-G Mask will make an appearance from time to time as well. I *did* replace the stock Schutt harness with an F3 one on Tuesday though and it made a tremendous difference...much like it did for the backup Champion P200.
  5. ofhs93

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

    When the season really gets going I don't think there will be a lack of guys doing 5-6 games a week.....or even in a weekend when things warm up sufficiently locally.
  6. ofhs93

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    Ok...so here's the real question...how much lighter does it honestly feel from your STOCK FM4000 setup (BEFORE you put TWs in the 4k) I have been tempted to pick up a set of the Mag pads for a stock 4k setup....the thought being that perhaps the Mag lower pad provides more safety than the stock 4k LUC or perhaps even the TWs (I could see that built in ABS plate making a tremendous difference by spreading out the impact force a lot.)
  7. ofhs93

    Need Pants!

    For $25 more per pair they better have *some* kind of advantage over the Smitty's
  8. ofhs93

    BOO Power Point

    https://www.arbitersports.com/Groups/103543/Library/files/03 NFHS Batting Out Of Order.ppt
  9. ofhs93

    Good deal on a solid CP

    Ump Attire has an anniversary sale right now on the Schutt XV HDX. This was already one of the top bargains in the CP world in the price to quality and technology ratio. @MadMax will certainly vouch for this deal. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Chest-Protectors/XV-HDX_Schutt-XV-HDX-Umpire-Chest-Protector?utm_source=Ump-Attire.com+Newsletter&utm_campaign=6059076da7-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_02_28_XV_HDX_SALE&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7a08d0f8ce-6059076da7-152466845
  10. ofhs93

    Mask Choice

    Dam...Wolfe beat me to it lol...yes...for sale????
  11. ofhs93

    +POS Zro-G now $69.95

    Unfortunately for me it actually has already sold...I *did* look at it initially though before I realized that the Zro-G price had jumped up.
  12. ofhs93

    Mask Choice

    You got them from AllStar or you replaced your stock Mag pads with something else?
  13. ofhs93

    Mask Choice

    I know I'm bumping an old thread here...just checking on if anyone has any update on being able to purchase MAG pads....I still don't see them on the All Star store. Those with FM4000's could certainly be interested in getting that lower pad technology on their hollow steel framed units @Thunderheads???
  14. ofhs93

    +POS Zro-G now $69.95

    Appreciate the quick reply...I think I may have found my new mask baseballbargains has it on sale for $77 plus they have a 10% off coupon floating around. Seems like the best overall deal. Comes with pads which are reliable and a decent strap. All of the other reasonably priced options I'm looking at would require either a strap or pads or both....which add up to more than the AllStar ends up costing. I can always throw a set of TWs in when the weather heats up....just swap them over from my current Zro-G.