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  1. Concerning Coach Pitch...

    @LoneBlueStar your games sounded like one I just posted about. We had coach’s wanting to “protest”close judgement calls, hollering about kids standing in the way of runners and the two HC’s started arguing with each other.
  2. The future may be bright

    Watching my son’s coach pitch game last night. We’ve got 2 youth umpires working, BU probably 14-15yo. Had a play were a batted ball hit a runner between 2nd and 3rd. They called an out for interference of batted ball as we all know it to be in most baseball rule sets (overheard from offensive coaches that in DIzzy Dean if it passes two infielders, including pitcher then interference is off, I dunno. Don’t work DIzzy Dean) So in between innings there was another dad near me that umpires, and he started asking him what the ruling was. He was able to correctly and confidently relay the ruling, the reasoning of it, then answered the follow ups from him about what if the play didn’t cause the third out what do runners do, what if it hit a fielder, what if it passed a fielder. Kid was spot on (Again this going with what I know offensive interference with a batted ball to be, don’t know if there is a DD change) but to top it all off... BU finishes it all off by saying “it be fine if people didn’t get so dang butt hurt, it ain’t the World Series, it’s coach pitch.” Like me I said, there may be some hope for new generation.
  3. New masks for old MLB umpires

    From Facebook post
  4. Rawlings Ti, Diamond lightweight (Black)

    @Thunderheads lock it up
  5. $125 plus shipping cost Rawlings Titanium Mask: frame used in roughly 30 games, near perfect condition (some of the paint on inside is rubbed away from harness). Pads brand new, wore frame with Honigs pads, and brand new MLB harness, couldn’t find the original Rawlings, used Honigs harness. Also for sale- $35 plus shipping costs Diamond IX3-Ump frame with Honigs tan pads (wear shown on pics, MLB harness in near perfect condition. Sort of a mix and match mask. PayPal preferred
  6. +pos chest protector

    Same thing happened to me 2 months ago with the order processed, and then radio silence. Called the numbers from website, emailed no answers. Search on this site for +pos and there will be a thread about shirts where dandada or something like that goes on a rant. In it he gives his phone number for someone to contact him personally. I called that number , picked up on 2nd ring and updated me on my order. Deleted the number from my phone or I’d have it easily.
  7. Relief pitcher not beckoned

    I was 1BU. Was asked the question by 3BU following game. From what was relayed by my partner from F4/6, they didn’t call for him, there was no secret sign, nothing like that, no predetermined event. I think it was a “hey how ya doing” trip with a re-evaluate out there depending on response. When the reliever got there is it was a “what are you doing here, oh well you’re here we’ll use ya” moment Thats is why the important question in the OP was asked about when is he required to use him. The manager was caught off guard by reliever’s being at the mound. The part that matters is he required to use him if he comes to the mound. What if manager says I’m sticking with my guy, what do we have? Which, according to MidAm is if/when he starts throwing, or if the manager reported the sub and recorded before hand. I’m satisfied that I’ve got an acceptable rule cite.
  8. Relief pitcher not beckoned

    F4/6 told my partner coach didn’t call for him, but went with the relief pitcher anyways. Miscommunication of intentions, or the signal relay man in the bullpen decided it was his time.
  9. Relief pitcher not beckoned

    When is a relief pitcher in the game? Manager goes to mound, bullpen beyond the fence. D team has another player positioned near the field entrance and tells the “relief” pitcher to come. Manager never beckons for him, BU never beckons for him, he came on his own. If it matters, ran from LF corner to third base in Foul territory, then came in at third base. Manager wasn’t going to replace originally but went with it. Was he required then to use him? I know the returning pitcher, start of an inning rule.
  10. Logo removal

    Echo the Honigs harness. It’s logo’d but solid color as the straps so can’t really tell it’s there. Also has hidden tunnels to keep the excess straps contained.
  11. 3-man, R3 , less than 2 outs, fly ball to LF and U3 goes out. Pu has tag of R3, U1 has to haul a** across for playback at 3rd F7 makes the playback into 3rd on a retreating R3, plays out like a “ normal” leaving early appeal (no tag on runner, fielder holding the bag) Now the situation, and it doesn’t matter which one, PU has info from one part of the play that affects U1’s end ruling: Say ball beats runner to the base, but U1 ruling on the play is “Safe” because there is no tag, not seeing it as a left early/no retouching appeal, but PU does have him leaving early. —or— U1rules him out on left early/no retouch appeal, but PU has him leaving/retouching legally so it becomes a tag play. Thoughts? PU need to step in with crew and clarify all the parts of the play with everyone? Hopefully all this makes this makes sense.
  12. Obstruction on trail runner

    Wanted to put this out there because I guess I'm not sure of the answer. Set-up: R2,R1 or R1 only, Batter hits a ball to the gap everyone has a chance to get extra bases Lead runner gets a bad read, trips up, or 3rd base coach sucks and holds the lead runner at 3rd. Trailing runner is rounding 2nd, obstructed by F4/6, but continues to 3rd base and is retired by relay throw just short of the base. Do we award R1/BR third and "force" lead runner home and score, or are we keeping lead runner at 3rd, and placing trail runner back at 2nd. Applying the same ruling as ball thrown out of play that you place the lead runner and adjust or are we awarding the runner obstructed and moving people forward to adjust for the infraction. Thanks in advance
  13. Dan McDonnell Ejection

    Not a lip reader by any means, but this is what I thought was said. Video also doesn't show whole arguement As the arguement started HC seemed to point/gesture to video board and said something along the lines of everyone could tell he was safe. Winter seemed to say something to instruct to not point towards videoboard. Now to the sbnation link I thought Winters said "this is your warning, no more Dan" just as that clip started. Then some parting shot. Thats my take. It'll probably be a video with the audio included next season.
  14. WVG issues

    Mine have those loops but they are on the lower side pad and run the whole length (3-4 inches) so there's a lot of play. Ump-attire pic has the side loops more akin to the WVP. Thinking I may just tack sew them down a little do make a smaller channel for the strap to run through. Maybe that will prevent the sliding underneath that lower outside pad.
  15. WVG issues

    It's not the harness. I've had the stock, the Honigs, the delta-flex, and the force 3 all on it and it does it with all of them. It's doesn't move up and down, And the straps don't loosen. It the fact the straps shift under the outside padding of the protector rather then "riding" on the plates.