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  1. How does this happen?

    Can someone imbed the video please!? Yahoo not being kind to me. Thks!
  2. 6 Strikes = 1 or 2 outs?

    Two outs would be GREAT, but not gonna happen. They should have argued after the 4th strike! What level was this? I once had to do a Junior level game and my son was playing. Lost the count and gave him 4 strikes (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). But 6!?
  3. Hand separation in delivery

    I was speaking specifically to the OP and video. He starts his motion and separates his hands, at that point, he has not committed to the plate. He can still attempt a pickoff.
  4. Stepped off but kept his hands together -

    Ahh, just re-read where he separated his hands as in a motion to pitch. Still not illegal.
  5. Hand separation in delivery

    Grrrr....you beat me by a sec! I thought the hands were the part in question.
  6. Hand separation in delivery

    Why do you think it may be a balk if he attempts a pickoff? How can you throw to a base if you don't separate your hands? The start of his motion does not commit him to pitch. Once he separates his hands it is just the start of his motion to pitch, doesn't mean he has to! If that were the case, there would never be a pickoff attempt. Lefties have an advantage here. You disagreed with noumpere and referenced a rule which I don't think applies here. See 6-2-4e Same move for a righty to 3rd.
  7. Stepped off but kept his hands together -

    Wouldn't the move to 2nd be the same here whether he was engaged or not? I don't see an advantage gained. Even on a flip throw. Now if F1 simulated a pitching motion... There is/was a MLB rule which states the pitcher must separate his hands when stepping off, but that is from the windup.
  8. MLB Balk Rule

    No wonder FED makes the ball dead on a balk
  9. Tagging up

    If the runner touched HP before the appeal was completed.
  10. LL obstruction at 1B

    I must have misread where F3 set up in the runners base path in the OP.
  11. Stepped off but kept his hands together -

    Separating the hands and then stepping off is another.
  12. Follow through interference?

    Backswing/follow-through INTERFERENCE. What did he INT with?
  13. MLB 6.02b comment

  14. MLB 6.02b comment

    Mens wooden bat league using MLB rules. Pitcher in the windup, no runners, slips during his delivery and fails to pitch while still holding the ball. Would 6.02 b apply? It was a 3-1 count. I ruled no pitch. Next pitch was a ball, but coach challenged me. I have a game tonight with the same team and wanted to know if I can let him know I was right or eat pie
  15. Appeal calls

    1. Runner left too soon 2. Missed base 3. Check swing
  16. LL obstruction at 1B

    Size doesn't matter! No matter what they say
  17. Saturday work at Lasalle(Philly)

    I wish!
  18. NFHS changes 2019

    Coming soon! I hope! @lawump
  19. LL obstruction at 1B

    If the throw took F3 into the path of the BR, I would agree OBS should be the call. Penalize who erred. The rules will catch up with common sense soon enough. I'm not sure F3 would be guilty of OBS here. You say F3 reached straight down the 1BL and BR puts out his hands and contacts F3 just before the ball hits his glove. INT? OBS? HTBT? Judgement? Unfortunately, players don't always do what they/we expect! If officiating were easy, everybody would do it! Sometime we just have to umpire!
  20. Fan interference?

    If they were their friends, why would they interfere?
  21. Run counting on force out

    I don't know! Lmfao I hope guest Pat gets it!
  22. Run counting on force out

    Yes to the first question. No to the second. It is not a force out! The run (Jim) scores, this is an appeal and a time play! This question seems to be the most asked, but you put it in a unique way!
  23. Infield Fly with Tagup

    In #3, with R1 & R2, U1 in C, ball hit to CF, PU doesn't have R1?