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  1. All New equipment NEEDED!

    I'm leaning that way too, especially after mask porn! I was a lil jealous!
  2. All New equipment NEEDED!

    Tx for the offer bro! Unfortunately my purchases r going on a credit card and basketball money over the next four mos. what didn't you like? Heavy?
  3. All New equipment NEEDED!

    Thank You! No, unfortunately! Was actually my girls car w/liability. Ball bags, cold weather gear, 3 pr base shoes, hats, 4 BB gloves (which really pisses me off, took ten years to break those things in, lol). $750+ im thinking of telling my assignor to give me all bases next season to be able to recoup.nahhh
  4. I recently had my vehicle broken into and a bin with all of my gear in it was stolen. So, since giving up umpiring is not a possibility, I'm in need of new gear and was hoping to get opinions on which way I should go. For years I wore the steel shock FX and loved it. Took shots and never felt a thing. Only draw back is I'm older and the steel HSM is a bit heavy. Cost is also an issue. I was thinking of going back to the traditional mask, especially after reading every post in the "mask porn" thread and taking dozens of screen shots. My mind is about to explode. Masks I'm thinking of... Wilson Moliben. Is the view that much better then most with the low profile? Wilson Dyna Lite Aluminum. Any drawbacks? Shock FX Ti. $239 is pricey but is it worth it? Plate Shoes... was considering new ones anyway. Been wearing the Davis Mid Patent leathers for yrs and always got compliments on them, but they were heavy. I don't think he still offers them or I may be tempted. I prefer the look of patent leather or high gloss. NB (all black). Noticed there is mesh on the sides. Are they easy to clean? Mids or low cut? 3N2 reaction pro patent leather. Are they heavy? CP. sticking with the Wilson Gold. It's been good to me. Shin guards. I have no clue. Had a pair that was given to me yrs back, don't even know what brand they were. Suggestions? Pants. had the Gerry Davis Combos and loved them! Considering the new polyspandex UE offers. Thoughts? Thank You in advance for your opinions!
  5. Is this legal?

    So you're saying there is a chance? who has the dumb n dumber clip?
  6. Appeal of pulled foot

    I understand your points. I have always went by, call an out when you see an out. If I don't see him touch the bag, then I don't have an out. And if you don't have an out, he is what? Safe. Works for me. @grayhawk am I understanding you are saying the opposite? @maineumpYou know when a coach is gonna want to come out on you. When it is obvious he is coming out to ask for help on a pulled foot, I call time before he can and go myself. Saves time and don't want to give him the satisfaction of thinking he made me go get help. I get your point though, but going for help shouldn't be that common place What is all this going for help stuff anyway?
  7. Appeal of pulled foot

    Wouldn't an out call be the same? Signaling an out means you saw with certainty that the foot was on the bag. In your sitch you called the BR out but your P said it was obvious he pulled his foot. How many times have you seen an off the bag safe call reversed because he did in fact hold the bag? I am not saying, by any means, that I call him safe every time. Only one reversal for me in 2 seasons, and it was a pulled foot from B that F3 got his foot back in time. I went to my PU without being asked. I couldn't tell if he got it back on the bag. So yes, a safe call can be reversed. As others have mentioned, getting it right (or trying to) is the important thing. By your P not offering his input didn't help do that.
  8. Appeal of pulled foot

    Make a call based on what you saw. It is your call! Call TIME, go to your P and ask if he had a pulled foot. He should give you his honest opinion and if a reversal is needed, you change it based on his info. I have learned on close calls like this I call the runner safe with the proper mechanic. This keeps the ball live. If it gets reversed nothing is hurt.
  9. When is it time to hang it up?

    For the past several years I have asked myself the same question. And every March my panties get all in a bunch and I'm back at it. Selfish reasons: I do it for the love of it. It keeps me fit. It is something I have worked at and have become very good at doing. I am well respected in the community and enjoy the mens night out at our weekly meetings. Real reasons: The community, the youth, the parents, the coaches, the schools and baseball need us! Continue to educate as long as you possibly can, which is the reason I began officiating 20 yrs ago! You can go golfing on Saturday
  10. Balk call extends MiLB playoff game

    Double stop balk? Looks like he came set at his chin.
  11. What I have come to understand is a batted ball which hits the TOP of the wall is still considered to be "in flight" for the purpose of this situation with the exception that it cannot be caught for an out, but can still become a HR due to its "in flight" status. My original thinking was since it didn't meet the definition of a HR due to the ball losing its in flight status once hitting the wall and not going over it, it had to be a GRD. Considering the ball still "in flight" off the top of the wall makes it easier, which I believe Mr. Carl Childress was addressing back in 2011 (I believe) on another board. What Gil said seems to be the correct ruling.
  12. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    IMO, the last two posts have NOTHING to do the the OP except for... it does not continue over the fence, but instead, immediately returns to the playing field, it should be adjudged as never leaving the playing field. It would be left in play. So it can't be a HR! The fielder then knocks the ball out of play! Any physicists out there? If it hit the top of the wall, it SHOULD go over So it never hit the TOP of the wall?
  13. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    Based on the MLBUM that if a ball comes to rest on top of the wall it shall be ruled a GRD. So that, IMO, contradicts Mr. Childress' interp. But it confirms the other sitch where the fielder bats it back
  14. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    If it comes to rest on top of the wall it is not a HR. It's a GRD. The yellow is padding and defferentiates the playing field fence and other DB objects.
  15. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    That was a sitch I gave you for another thread. Let's not put too many eggs in one basket I may be wrong on that because of the JR interp I posted. IM me when you get a chance