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  1. Tborze


    Ah! But they threw in the "intentional" part. I don't see a conflict here. IMO
  2. Tborze


  3. Tborze


    Definitely not OBSTRUCTION!
  4. Tborze

    Interference on Batter?

    Note 233 should include "squeeze play" unless it is implied with "steal of home". Could still be specified IMO.
  5. Tborze

    Interference on Batter?

    Thank You for clarifying! All rule sets seem to emphasize "after the pitch", not subsequent plays after the pitch. I agree that the batter has his right to remain in the box on the initial play, because any other movement can result in INT. I'm not sure I would want to stand there, if I had time to vacate, as my teammate is barreling down third. OBR seems to be different, from what you quoted, in that the "vacate if there is time" element isn't mentioned. But again, the play presented in the OBR interp was an immediate play following the pitch. Is the thought that because the plays were made following the pitch, the batter still has a right to be in the box? For the OP, I agree with INT. OR willful indifference
  6. Tborze

    Interference on Batter?

    What am I missing? In the OP it was two errant throws, not a passed ball or wild pitch.
  7. Tborze

    Catch or No Catch - Frazier Pulls a Fast One

    How did the Dodger fans not see it and rat him out?
  8. Tborze

    Is the player out

    Hijack complete
  9. Tborze

    Yet another Balk question

    Yes. Explain lead foot not touching the ground.
  10. I’ll take option 3 for $500, Johnny.
  11. Tborze

    getting help on a check swing.

    I thought about this the other day and thought about using it in my pre game, which I do on a D3k as noumpere mentioned, which seems to be an advanced mechanic for some. If it's an inevitable/obvious appeal by the catcher and you are in agreement with PU, then signal. If different, wait for the ask! JMO
  12. Tborze

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    I was told LL mechanics was that BU's don't go out, no matter how many. True? @Rich Ives?
  13. Tborze

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    Check out the thread, "mask porn", under umpire equipment I think. The throat guard shouldn't be "dangling".
  14. Tborze

    Pick off attempt

    I saw it as though he did a 180', well, would be more like a 145', because he said "continued to spin".