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  1. Tborze

    Brain Fart Test Question

    Change the play. Same sitch but, R3 misses home.
  2. Tborze

    Triple Play Appeal LSU

    @yawetag I believe noumpere was editing the previous post and video. As for the LSU video, shouldn't PU have had a safe signal knowing ball was ruled a catch? I didn't see any signal. And, R2 definitely saw the catch.
  3. Tborze

    Brain Fart Test Question

  4. Tborze

    Multiple appeals

    Well? You only get 6 outs an inning, so...
  5. Tborze

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    @Thunderheads OK! Where can I find them? Black n gray flag to cover up the All-Star logo would b sweet!? JMO
  6. Tborze

    Multiple appeals

    HEEE's BAACK!!!
  7. Tborze

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    I'm ordering them right now
  8. Tborze

    Ball Stuck in Glove...Lodged?

    Update! Did they show the NFHS/PIAA Rules Presentation? At the end of it, PIAA seems to be onboard with the NFHS ruling stating...THE CORRECT RULING IS: We are instructed by the NFHS to rule this play as an out. The rule(s) book and case book will be edited to agree next year!
  9. Tborze

    Ball Stuck in Glove...Lodged?

    What was their take?
  10. Tborze

    Need Pants!

    I was referring to the charcoal grays, $54.90, not the MLB pants @kylejt posted. My Davis', which I've loved for years, are faded. Was just curious if the Smitty's were worth the change.
  11. Tborze

    Need Pants!

  12. Tborze

    Need Pants!

    Smitty Poly/spandex vs Davis' charcoal greys?
  13. Tborze

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    Once had a tree limb hanging in fair territory 335' down the LF line when I played, about 40' high. I hit it twice in one game
  14. Tborze

    Information available signal

    I should have been more clear, Sorry! I meant it as "my" call, not "a" call. I personally don't see a need for a signal from my partner to tell me I may have screwed the pooch.