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  1. Runners leaving the field

    The inning isn't over. No catch, BR out at 1st, 2 outs with R1.
  2. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    Gotcha! Was just putting it out there. FWIW I don't have a problem with an OBS call here. When watching video I usually try and go with my first instinct, and on this one my first thought was "nothing". I like the notion that the catcher was trailing the runner idea, as I believe noumpere mentioned. Question. What if the catcher was in front and the BR then tripped him, would we have INT or would F1 still be the protected fielder? If we would have INT, then on this play we should have OBS.
  3. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

  4. Passing a runner

  5. Runner INT on a pop fly

    See FED 8.4.2E
  6. How Would You Handle This?

    No. I came across 8.4.2E and admit it was a reach Tks for clarifying!
  7. How Would You Handle This?

    Could we have an advantageous fourth out here? R2 interferes so he is out as well as B6, and we know no runs can score when...

  9. Infield Fly ??

    The BR would make it to 1st 99% of the time.
  10. hit by pitch

    He was in a legal batting position at the TOP!
  11. Wow, @LRZ you have an arm like a 20 yr old
  12. Interpretation, rulings?

    So maybe he's confusing the two? In the bulletin, the situation clearly say interferes with the catcher's throw, but the picture shows the catcher running into the umpire as he is trying to retrieve a passed ball.
  13. When I'm bent over cleaning the plate, the ball is dead!
  14. What do you mean the umpire was moving into position to clean the plate? Was his back turned and bent over?