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  1. Tborze

    Batting around

    When you spin the wheel on "The Price is Right", it has to go "around" once. It starts at 100 so it has to get back to at least 100 for a complete rotation
  2. Tborze

    Twist on Hidden Ball Trick Wins Game

    I wonder how many hours of practice time was wasted on that!?
  3. Tborze

    Balk or not

    ? If he's disengaged, what difference does it make? If he's engaged, it makes a difference. The restrictions apply when the pitcher is engaged.
  4. Tborze

    Dump the asst. and restrict HC?

    Innocent? Not all coaches live up to your standards. It should be the HC is responsible for his subordinates. Doesn't mean as officials we HAVE to follow the prescribed penalty. PS: I have 0 tolerance for an AC who want to berate me after a call!
  5. Tborze

    runner interference

    I'm sure some rule somewhere says it could be unsportsmanlike conduct
  6. Tborze

    Pick off move on the way to set

    Based on your description, I don't see anything illegal. Sounds like a jump turn to me, which requires him to throw to 1st.
  7. Tborze

    High school game. Balk?

    You said High School but mention the OBR rule. Two different rulings!
  8. Tborze

    Safe or out

    What is the runner if F3 touches it with his foot?
  9. Tborze

    Mouth Balk

    Who's on 1st!
  10. Tborze

    Catcher using Fielder's Glove

    May, not must
  11. Tborze

    Caught ball then an overthrow

    How do you feel about this... coach: he didn't retouch, blue ump: you have to make a proper appeal coach coach:how do I do that? ump: the ball has to be made live coach coach: how do I do that blue? ump: explain:pitcher etc... coach: then what do I do blue? ump: he must legally disengage the rubber. And so on...but only for a minute. Since he's asking rules questions, would you answer?
  12. Tborze

    Caught ball then an overthrow

    Ball becomes live when pitcher is on mound, catcher and batter is in position. Umpire SHOULD put ball back in play deeming it live. Have pitcher legally step off rubber and appeal to the umpire who is responsible for making the call. "Mr. Umpire Sir, I would like to appeal that the runner on 3rd didn't retouch 1st after the catch". Then throw it to F3 or F5, or walk it over and touch the bag (at 1st) or the runner himself (F5) In LL I don't believe there are dead ball appeals. In your case, a protest may not have helped, as someone mentioned earlier I think. If you protested, the umpire would have returned the runner BACK to 3rd, by rule. You would have THEN had to properly appeal as mentioned above. Which you probably wouldn't have done correctly, but then again, it seems the umpire wouldn't have known either You probably thought, hey, he's at 1st now and not 3rd. We'll take that The offensive coach probably thought, hey, we still have a runner, we'll take that
  13. Tborze

    Caught ball then an overthrow

    The runner should have touched first "after" he was awarded 3rd. He should have been called out "after" a proper appeal was made, which would need to be done after the ball was made live!
  14. Tborze

    Caught ball then an overthrow

    50/50? Coaches/umpires parents/umpires umpires/umpires Are you aware of, or understand what the correct ruling should have been? Do you now know what to do if/when it happens again? There should be no 50/50 here!
  15. Tborze

    Catcher using Fielder's Glove

    Isn't there a code that doesn't require a glove/mitt at all