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  1. Batter interference Rangers A’s

    Thanks for the warning, but I didn't heed it
  2. Davis Pants

    No. Had them for years. Wash warm, tumble dry med heat for 20 mins, then blast them on high heat for 5 mins and hang them on pant hanger to take out the wrinkles.
  3. Set position

    Sry, I was responding as others were chiming in. I'm a slow typer
  4. Set position

    The rule states "and his glove at or below his chin", not above. I posted a question on the reasoning of this rule which others, as well as myself, seems to think it's just one of those unedited FED rules. I have a question for you. If you feel he is set at the chin, wouldn't it be a balk/illegal pitch once he lifts his non pivot foot and puts it back down before delivering?
  5. Set position

    Yes, the stop/pause at his chin is his stop, which is illegal in FED. After he brings his hands together he must pitch in one continuous motion, which he does not! He takes another step as he brings his hands down, which you seem to think the second set is a valid pause, and it is not. Only one stretch may be made. Once his hands are together and he stops he is set. He can pitch, step off or feint or throw to a base. It looks like he is winding up from the set position, which is also illegal. Hybrid If I were you coach, I would be correcting this before you lose runs over it
  6. Batter Steps out of Batters Box

    The strike zone definitely gets bigger!
  7. Squeeze Play

    I would also suggest, if the batter doesn't step out on the pitch, keep your mask on
  8. The Interference Call

    FPSR if any! We don't make calls worried about a coach coming out on us. We SELL them by the rules and good mechanics. Well, most of us. As U1, going out to right field is where you should go after the third out is made. You'll be surprised how that deters a coach from coming out to "argue".
  9. First off, I want to address the ' vs the ". My bad. I'm sure you all know what I meant. Good jokes BTW Anyway, im not fat, at least that's what my girl tell me. I just wish there was an inch added to it. My girl agrees with me
  10. Glad I got mine when I did As others have pointed out, the shoulder plates should be higher. Otherwise, it's great. Being cooler has not been put to the test yet, but it's light and form fitting. Wish it came in a 16' or 17', I'm 6'2, 210, but I do have a little beer belly protection
  11. Balk to 2B?

    I was referring to the free foot needing to land behind the rubber. Never heard that before. @maven. I am looking for a ruling on a play. Can I PM you?
  12. Balk to 2B?

    Wouldn't that be kinda difficult if the pitcher threw from the stretch before coming set?
  13. Balk to 2B?

    The gauge is the non pivot foot needs to land toward 2nd base. In the OP the pivot foot either landed toward first or third. 6-2-4b doesn't say "failing to step with the non-pivot foot directly toward a base, except 2nd".
  14. Balk to 2B?

    If the pitcher makes a move toward the plate, it's a balk because he didn't deliver the pitch. If he hesitates in his delivery, it's a balk because he failed to pitch or throw in one continuous motion, without interruption or hesitation. IIITBTSB still in tact. Sounds like a balk in the OP. Failing to step directly toward the base when feinting or throwing.
  15. FED pitching requirement

    Thanks guys! You've confirmed my suspicions.