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  1. Champro Magnesium

    Has it shown up yet? I'm curious as to reviews for both the site and the product. Thanks!
  2. $35 shipped within CON-USA. Mask is used, pads and strap are new. Mask is lightweight hollow steel mask.
  3. I’ll try to get one here in a little bit
  4. Looking for one in black please... but might be interested in blue also. Yes, I know Rakuten has them for $32 + shipping - but I had a bad experience with them and don't want to use them again. I prefer to work with someone stateside. Thanks!
  5. Black Honig's Mask ---- $40 shipped CONUSA

    @Thunderheads lock it up please sir. Sold to a friend last night.
  6. Like new mask, only used a couple of times. I no longer need as a backup. These are $69.99 now at Honig's. Get one that looks new from me for less than 1/2 price of new after shipping! Shipping included for continental USA. Thanks.
  7. ISO Japanese (Spider) throat guard

    I understand folks are trying to make a living and am all for capitalism, but I also have limited funds and look for the best price before I make a purchase. I understand he is in business (as are the folks at Rakuten) and in it for a profit and you do get what you pay for.. in his case the service is worth the extra cost. He ships fast and won't rip me off. While with Rakuten my card was charged 2-3 additional times for items I did not order and had to dispute.
  8. ISO Japanese (Spider) throat guard

    Ouch. I've gotten several off Rakuten for about $47-50 each including shipping. I thought of him, and he is good, but he is pricey also. Thanks!
  9. Champro Magnesium

    Will we see any MLB guys in one of these?
  10. Champro Magnesium

    No teasing... where? I'm torn on getting one of these. I really like my other Champro mask.
  11. Well If That Don’t Beat Al(l)...

    I have this mask and really like it. I've tried a lot of brands and normally keep at least 3 masks in my rotation, but I reach for this one the most. Very light and offers me a very good view! I'm not a big fan of the large crown guard either, but it surprisingly doesn't stand out as much as you'd think. Lots of guys in my area use these and they look fine when you're out there in B/C looking in towards home.
  12. Transaction Experience Thread

    Likewise with @grk17. Pleasure doing business with this gentleman!
  13. Transaction Experience Thread

    Thanks! Likewise with @BigRed. Good guy and easy to work with!
  14. Very good shape. I use my Reeboks mostly and don't need these as a backup anymore. Will include shipping to continental USA with $45 pricing. Thanks.
  15. @Thunderheads lock it it up please. Selling on eBay due to lack of interest. Thanks
  16. They’re back!

    UA has 240 of these - get yours while they last!
  17. Champro Magnesium

    Wow - very neat! A Japanese-styled mask for a fair price - and magnesium to boot! Interesting strap. Here's pics for those not wanting to link up... only $124.99
  18. Schutt XV CP with MaXV mod done by the man himself. Modded to fit 4-point harness and epaulets moved up. The result is a much better fitting CP that stays where you want it and offers greater shoulder protection. I'll include a Wilson Gold CP harness if you want it, as picture doesn't show harness attached. NOTE: Pic does not show removable ab extension or "wings" but they are included as well if you want them. Thanks!
  19. Schutt MaXV ---- $75 shipped CONUSA obo

    @Thunderheads lock it up please. Thank you.
  20. Short version: I was going to paint these, but the clear coat bubbled on them. I would recommend a professional powder-coating now. I am selling for $20 per mask or $30 takes them both. Pricing includes shipping within the continental USA. Both masks are usable as-is, but I think they'd look better after being done professionally (sand/media-blast old coating off and then re-coat in your color choice). A local powder-coating shop will do them for $50 per mask. I asked and they can sand-blast only for $15 per mask. Coating is $35 per mask for basic colors (silver, black, etc.). Of course, Mask-It Sports does a great job at about $55 total cost per mask and he specializes in umpire/catcher masks. So you could have a new mask with the color of your choice for about $75-85 each. Both masks are hollow-steel and weigh right around 1 pound each. The +POS is the lighter (and smaller) of the two. I personally am a fan of the WTA3007 masks. They are very sturdy yet light and have a little longer chin guard which I prefer to help protect the neck. Pics attached are of what the masks look like today. Wilson is first and then the +POS. The "bubbles" are hard to see in these pics, but the shiny spots are somewhat of an indicator of where they lie.
  21. +POS and Wilson WTA-3007 masks

    @Thunderheads lock it up please, sir. Thank you.
  22. +POS and Wilson WTA-3007 masks

    Messaged you. Thanks
  23. Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    I agree - very frustrating. If you want another +POS or need a harness I can help you out. I have a +POS that needs re-coated that I'd be willing to let go for a very fair price. I also have extra Diamond and Honig's harnesses in black. You could send off to Mask-It or have a local shop re-coat the mask for you in whatever color you want. I'll sell mask and harness and include free shipping for $25 if you're interested or make me an offer. The mask was gray, but I tried to paint it black. First coats went on great and it looked very good, but then I got some bad clear coat from Lowe's and it kind of "bubbled up" on the bars. Long story short, the mask should be re-done professionally now - or at least sand-blast the coating off and re-painted before use so it looks nice again. I attached a pic of what it looks like right now.