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  1. I bought one of these to put on my MAG and received it yesterday. I must say I'm pleasantly surprised at the good quality. I guess I was expecting a much firmer material than the comfortable soft rubber. I've not taken any hits to speak of yet, but this feels like it would definitely dampen any shot due to the material. It's not going to feel odd at all to wear on the mask either. I got black as I think it'll be less noticeable, but I understand why Gerry uses blue. I know we've talked about this a little on the MAG threads, but I thought we may want one by itself. If you've used this product and can speak to first-hand experience, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!
  2. wolfe_man

    F3 throat guard?

    Looks like F3 might be getting a throat guard... look in the bottom left-hand corner of this picture.
  3. wolfe_man

    F3 throat guard?

    Now, this comment stirs up a creative thought. If I had the ability to custom-make a throat guard for each umpire. Like above, instead of F3 it would have your initials!
  4. Well, I'm wearing long johns here in Ohio! Game time @ 5pm and weather is currently 40 degrees with up to 30mph wind gusts. Current temp feels like 28.
  5. wolfe_man

    ISO All Star Mag pads

    I'm looking for the pads for a Mag mask. Let me know if you have any you want to sell. Looking for black or grey preferably. Thanks
  6. wolfe_man

    ISO All Star Mag pads

    Found some. Thanks @Stk004 Lock it up please @Thunderheads Thanks!
  7. wolfe_man

    Con-Cushion Mask Enhancer from Gerry Davis

    Yes, sir. That's my opinion. We'd never have noticed it, but it stood out due to the color. Now, here we are talking about it.
  8. wolfe_man

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Great transactions with @Stk004 and @ofhs93 this week. Thanks gentlemen!
  9. wolfe_man

    HS JV Game EJ on Friday

    Good point - I'm getting them discombobulated. HS is only 10 after 5. Babe Ruth, Travel and Legion normally do the 15 after 4 in addition to the 10 after 5.
  10. wolfe_man

    HS JV Game EJ on Friday

    In OH, it's 15 after 4 and 10 after 5. No options.
  11. wolfe_man

    Snow Day

    I'm 3 for 3 thus far, rain-out, cold-out and snow-out. Maybe tomorrow brings better luck?
  12. wolfe_man

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

    Another alternative - and half the price - is the smaller version of it. Only $29.95 and protects the front of the head where you are getting impacted by the mask's recoil. From the website: Benefits Slim protection! Serious, concealed protection Reduces risk of head injury Protects against comebacks, bad bounces, tough fly balls With added protection comes more confidence The best part: no one knows you’re wearing it Does not change your hat size! Best Suited For: Baseball Features Military grade! Uses FlexShell™ technology w/ Unequal TriDur® aramid fabric Fits comfortably under virtually any ball cap NURO® technology insures effective protection Absorbs, disperse, deflects impact force One-size-fits-all, low-profile flexibility Ultralight, ultra-thin Strong, easy-stick adhesive for stable placement Medical Assurance Policy available
  13. wolfe_man

    Masks - SOLD

    I'm saving up for some new gear, so want to clear out a few of my masks. Asking $55 shipped for these below. 1. All Star FM4000 with used TW tan pads and an All Star strap. It is hollow steel and lightweight. Powder coated flat black by Mask It. I just got this one off Thunderheads. It's great looking and I won't mind if I don't sell it. TW pads have been washed and air-dried multiple times since last wearing, but for some reason they are still discolored. 2. Powder coated white (Diamond I believe) old-school mask with Honig's black calfskin leather pads and a new Adidas strap. It's really sharp contrast and looks great together. The picture doesn't do it justice. I'm thinking with a black & white shirt this thing would look amazing. Mask is brand-new. I'm not sure if it is hollow steel or aluminum, I think aluminum but definitely light. SOLD 3. Wilson WTA3007 (DynaLite) with vinyl removed and painted black. Markwort silver visor. Honig's black leather & microfiber pads with Adidas strap that's been cut down to the 3 main straps (the other 2 little strips always roll and irritate me so I removed them). Once you remove the vinyl on these, they are much lighter. I'd consider this lightweight. I have 3 of them and really like them, but need to downsize as I have too many masks (again). 4. Wilson WTA3007 (DynaLite) with vinyl removed and painted hammered steel. All Star silver visor. All Star used navy pads and new Wilson navy harness. I'd consider this lightweight after removing the vinyl as it is hollow steel. SOLD Asking $55 shipped each. Thanks for looking and feel free to PM me with any questions.
  14. wolfe_man

    Masks - SOLD

    @Thunderheads please go ahead and lock this up. Sold 3 of the 5 I had up for sale. Need to keep 1 for the season and have some interest on FB, so I'll close this posting. Thanks!
  15. wolfe_man

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    Has anyone taken a hit while wearing the con-cushion mask enhancer yet? I'd love to hear first-hand feedback.
  16. wolfe_man

    Can we talk HSMs?

    If that's the one I saw, I think that's a super nice mask!
  17. wolfe_man

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

    Honestly, if we had a group... I'd want Max to be our main tester. Not that others don't have the gear-knowledge and experience too, but he has the ability to put the details into words. There used to be a guy who did the independent reviews, but then he stopped for some reason. Pete Reiser I think was his name on blogspot called Midwest Ump. Although, I do think we can expand on what he offered, it was useful to get more than just the normal manufacturer's marketing details when making a purchase. And to bring this thing full circle, I want to try something like this Unequal cap insert. I wish that our local/state associations would offer some kind of a discount with the gear places on protective equipment. You make us take training to recognize concussion symptoms, but then you do nothing to help us prevent them. They (state) offers insurance if we get hurt, but then don't take preventative measures. Must be government or something... (For the record, I am aware that we are independent contractors.)
  18. wolfe_man

    Masks - SOLD

    Diamond (white) and Wilson WTA3007 (silver) are gone. Adidas is gone as well. All Star FM4000 and the black Wilson WTA3007 are still available.
  19. wolfe_man


    You'll hear a lot of opinions on this one. I like the Spyder throat guards from Japan - made by Kubota Slugger now. You can find them on Rakuten (see link 1 below) or sometimes someone will sell on here. I know F3 has a prototype they're coming up with - we've seen pics on this site, but nothing definite yet. I've seen some use the All Star mag throat guard on the F3 trad mask and they seem okay, but not sure about on the helmet. For the equipment bags, several recommend the Motherlode (sp?) from eBags (link 2 below). I know Diamond and F3 bags are also popular and the new Wilson one is growing in followers as well. Personally, I use an oversized rolling duffel bag I got at an auction. I don't air travel to umpire, so space isn't a problem for me. Use what you like and what you can afford. The rest is just opinion. https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kz-i/item/10001391/ https://www.ebags.com/product/ebags/mother-lode-tls-junior-25-wheeled-duffel/125548?sourceid=ADWNBB&couponid=31516070&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw9zXxOaB4QIV24WzCh20WwkrEAAYASAAEgJYX_D_BwE
  20. wolfe_man

    Can we talk HSMs?

    MVP2500 is also really good.
  21. wolfe_man

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

    Great idea! Now we just need to find someone who knows 3 guys and has some spare time and ambition.
  22. wolfe_man

    Retro umpire uniforms

    Smitty does make a black officials pant for basketball that should work. Agree with above post about normal clothing also working as well. Just get an old all black short-billed plate umpire hat instead of driving caps for authenticity. Link to Smitty 4 way stretch basketball pants (same as our version, they had them first) https://www.refereestore.com/smitty-premium-4-way-stretch-flat-front-pants/?sku=BKS-280&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqamHw9P_4AIVQj0MCh27dwseEAQYAyABEgJCF_D_BwE
  23. wolfe_man

    Cleaning Smitty Poly Spandex Pants

    The inside out trick preserves colors on a lot of fabrics... jeans, shirts, etc. Good tips!
  24. wolfe_man

    Can we talk HSMs?

    I can second the MVP's from All Star are really good. Best HSM's I've seen and owned. There is a newer F3 HSM for sale on FB if I remember correctly.
  25. wolfe_man

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

    I keep thinking we need to start a fund where we can have folks try stuff and review it impartially. If we each paid like $5 for an impartial review of products, then we could get real feedback instead of having to wonder what if or splurge and buy it ourselves. In this case, 12 of us interested could put $5 in and then one of us test it and provide real feedback. It could be a round robin or wheel-type of group so that everyone gets a chance to test something out and keep an item. Or we can say all who agree to test must sell the item and use those funds to help with the next purchase or something. Just a thought.