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  1. Biggest blowout ever?

    I can hear the coach now: quit aiming and just throw it!
  2. ADAMS HV-hdx received today thru hibbetts ( PICS )

    Yeah, evidently a lot of us had that idea. On a positive side, I bet they order a lot of these to be made based upon the 1 month or so sale spurt from March. They were only on sale a very brief time before everyone sold out. That speaks to a large demand for it, so let's hope they can meet the supply now!
  3. Biggest blowout ever?

    I had a game last year that ended up like 36-0. By the third inning, I told the winning team coach his team better swing if they can reach it or I'm calling a strike. This was JV level and the losing team had about 11 players and 8 of them had never played before. His best pitcher was throwing like 55 and with no movement. It was batting practice for the other team. We ended after 4.5 (thankfully home team was winning so we didn't have to go full 5), but still took 2 hours to get there. I told the winning coach I was sorry as I didn't want to start bad habits, but if they started taking walks then we'd have been there all night.
  4. Force 3 V3 Chest Protector

    Interesting. Oddly enough, F3 website doesn't mention it. From UA: Description Building off feedback from the 2nd generation Force3 Ultimate Umpire Chest Protector, the V3 offers the same great low-profile and customizable features of the V2 plus two new features to reduce impact at higher velocity. 3rd GENERATION FEATURES Improved "No Feel" Blast Shield Now 3 mm thick, an additional layer of hard shell plastic just under the neoprene cover Added Special Absorption Foam Layer A hard density layer under the Blast Shield New Logos Harness and protective neck piece feature current Force3 logos MORE FEATURES (STILL INTEGRATED FROM THE 1st & 2nd GENERATION) 100% Customizable Custom fit all components to properly fit your body to provide an unprecedented level of protection no matter your body size or type. Virtually Invisible Under-the-Uniform Just over 1/2” thick, the UNEQUAL EXO system is made with DuPont™ Kevlar®, thus providing the best combination of low-profile protection Durable, Breathable, Hand Washable Neoprene Cover High-grade Space Airflow System Fabric Backing Allows for maximum comfort and airflow in warmer weather. Comfort Harness 3 center layers of air flow fabric, open cell foam and neoprene plus stronger elastic keeps the chest protector snug to the body and in place Padding Behind Shoulders Provides additional protection where umpires often need most Adjustable in Neck Area For added comfort Optional Bicep Extension Connectors attach (or easily detach) at the end of the shoulders Additional Extensions Abdomen and extra wide chests with removable/adjustable wings One Size Fits All Adjustable from 12” to 16.5" and is 14” to 19” wide Weight 3 pounds 10 ounces MORE UNEQUAL’s patented composite made with military grade DuPont Kevlar® handles the blunt force trauma from a 90+ mph fastball or a foul ball. Kevlar® has been used by law enforcement and the military for decades. Protective gear incorporating UNEQUAL’s patented composite made with Kevlar® is currently being worn to protect professional and amateur athletes including NFL and NHL players. This protector was fully designed, in conjunction with UNEQUAL Technologies, by umpires for umpires. No corners were cut and the highest grade materials are used for every part of the protector.
  5. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    From All Star's website: Constructed of injection molded magnesium, the FM4000MAG is the next evolution in catcher's masks. Magnesium is the perfect material for a mask with low density for extremely light weight (16.8 oz) and high vibration damping properties. The bars are a bit fatter than our other masks, but have the same flattened profile and openings for outstanding visibility. LUC pads are lightweight and wrapped in moisture wicking material that doesn't pull or snag facial hair scruff. These pads are also machine washable, just let them air dry The included DeltaFlex™ harness is designed to hold the mask securely in place. The material on the inside of the harness which touches the skull cap is sticky so that it prevents the mask from rotating and shifting CLEANING: Machine wash padding and harness in cold water. Air dry.
  6. Cooooold Weather

    I feel your pain, brother. Even when it's mid-summer and the skinny guys want to wear blue, I say "nope, let's wear black". Besides, it matches my belt, shoes, and indicator!
  7. MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    I'm told the Adams is out-of-stock until mid-August now. I was speaking to a Schutt rep this morning and even he can't get his hands on any.
  8. ADAMS HV-hdx received today thru hibbetts ( PICS )

    I talked to a Schutt rep. He can't get these until mid-August now.
  9. Jeff Nelson

    I thought it looked a lot longer in the pic versus the "stock" mask.
  10. Jeff Nelson

    Mizuno 2QA-129
  11. I can see your point and I don't disagree. I would want to test myself against him too, but I don't begrudge another from taking that option if they feel their pitcher isn't up to it. Times are a changin' and not always for the best in many cases, but I think this particular one is old-school. I've seen youtube videos of IBB's becoming HR's because they let a pitch get too close and the kid took it for a ride. Of course, new IBB's are just verbal at some levels and avoid the pitches altogether. Get creative - I'm sure you (or the coach) can come up with something to help stop this. There were several good suggestions above (bat him leadoff, etc.). My plea to you, don't make special rules for one player - find ways to beat it!
  12. Maybe I'm overlooking something (is the batter a relative?), or maybe I'm over-simplifying this (or perhaps over-complicating?)...but i don't understand the frustration with walking a batter that might beat you. I think it's obviously two schools of thought here. Yours is that the kids (ALL of the kids) should get to hit and have fun - mine (and several others it appears by the comments above) is the goal of playing the game is to win. Sure, teach the kids to play the fundamentals, develop skills, but also to win. Silly me, I always thought that was the proof that you were doing the fundamentals right - winning the game, tournament, league, etc. The team that plays the best overall - hitting, fielding and pitching - usually wins. You can't let one kid decide the game. If he were the reason my team might lose, then he'd not see a hit-able pitch from my pitcher either. There's no dishonor in doing what is fair and legal in order to win. As others have said, teach the kid that is always walked how to steal and be a threat on the bases. There's other ways to defeat this tactic and I'd attack those methods versus complaining he is always walked. He is walked out of respect, not disrespect. Beat them at their own game!
  13. Game Management - Ejections

    I had one in approximately 85 games last year. That was my first in 3 years. I'm not sorry I ejected him, but wish I would have handled it better. I try to learn a little more in each game I do - each mistake I make is an opportunity to do better and not repeat the same error. Just as I work hard on my timing, zone, angle, placement, footwork, etc... I try to work hard on my judgments and interactions with everyone on the field. I should have tossed guy faster - and let him eject himself. I got upset and raised my voice and I hate that, but I guarantee it won't happen again.
  14. Ebay finds

    Saw this one a day or so back, I found it interesting and it immediately brought you to my mind. I believe you've posted about this one as well when the Schutt MaXV Mod was just getting started.