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  1. wolfe_man

    WTT Nike Retail Steel mask frame

    Update: Frame weighs 0.9 lbs (14.4 oz) per US Postal scales. For comparisons sake, a Nike Ti weighs 12-13 oz for frame only and 15-16 oz when fully equipped.
  2. wolfe_man

    Thoughts on Rayflex mask harness

    I believe Ray was making the point that it is more comfortable. Some of us hate the poly webbing because it is stiff and hard on the top and side of your head - or maybe because the side support straps of poly have a tendency to "bubble up" or turn a bit on you and then make it fit uncomfortably. Ray uses neoprene which will offer a better fit and feel against your head. In short, it offers an improved mask fit and will feel better/more comfortable while you wear it. Full disclosure: I haven't used Ray's harness, but I understand and support his styling. It makes sense, I just don't have the $28.... yet. I am sure that I'll end up with at least one eventually. And here's his picture of it from the PDF file on his FB page.
  3. wolfe_man

    WTT Nike Retail Steel mask frame

    Oh, and I can also include a brand-new black Zett if anyone is interested with the mask. If you buy with mask, I'll include for $15. Otherwise, I'd need $25 shipped to cover shipping costs. It's still in the plastic. Zett is gone. Thanks
  4. I'd like to sell or trade a Nike Retail Steel mask frame. It has a beautiful powder-coat but just doesn't fit my big head right. So what do you have to trade? Or I will sell for $60 shipped which is what I have in it. I would consider it a gunmetal/dark grey color with metallic flecks. It is very sharp, especially in the light. Feel free to PM me any offers for trades or purchase. Thank you.
  5. Glad to hear you're doing well. Take care!
  6. Would you trust the champion or champro against jv jr high fast balls

    1. wolfe_man


      I've wore the Champro Lightweight mask doing JV and Legion baseball, so yes.  It's really light.

  7. wolfe_man

    Equipment question

    Speaking of cheap, the Champro/Champion masks are pretty light (lightweight versions) and are surprisingly comfortable.
  8. I appreciate the response was impressed you know your equipment I have a steel mask I like it it's just too heavy I'm doing jv baseball and jr high ball so decisions decisions

    1. wolfe_man


      I'm at same level and I understand the conundrum. :D

      Lots of good stuff out there. Most masks are decent masks.  Some are lighter, very few offer better views, so really you're paying for name and material (titanium, magnesium, etc.) but the cost for a few ounces lighter can run over a hundred dollars. 

      Hollow steel masks frames are about 16-17 ounces... titanium and magnesium are about 14-15. Now, to a major league umpire or college umpire, that may make a difference, but to you and I at our level - not worth the extra money in my opinion.

      Good luck!

  9. wolfe_man

    Ebay finds

    I'm not sure as I've never seen one new. I've only seen a few used for sale. I'm told value is closer to $100-125 tops, so this guy is WAY high. Plus, as others have pointed out his shipping costs are exorbitant.
  10. wolfe_man

    Ebay finds

    I know. He is in Hawaii but still...
  11. wolfe_man

    Thoughts on Rayflex mask harness

    I know the F3 mask version is supposedly WAY better than the stock. I've heard numerous umpires who agree on this. What about for other masks other than F3? What are your thoughts? First-hand feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. wolfe_man

    Equipment question

    I'm not aware of your budget, but here are my . Diamond BL Ump mask - aluminum frame, good pads, solid and lightweight are the pros. Cons are ugly design IMHO, but the rest is good. Wilson Steel Dyna Lite - solid, good pads, and solid are the pros. It can be a bit heavy, but that's dependent on the wearer's opinion. I don't like the chin guards on these as they jut out too far IMO. If you like F3 but only can spend $130-140 there are a couple of options for you still. Tan pads Douglas F3 mask (actual F3 V1 mask but with Douglas padding in tan) - all the benefits of a F3 mask just has Douglas padding and it's 4 spring versus 3 spring. These are very good masks for $129 shipped here: https://sportsfacilitiesgroup.com/store/douglas-f3-traditional-umpire-or-catchers-mask?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9amjusGY3wIVz4uzCh2v5QO-EAYYASABEgI9PPD_BwE Black pads Douglas F3 mask (same as above, just with black pads and free shipping at $139) found here: https://www.refattire.com/Smitty-Douglas-Umpire-Face-Mask.html Honig's K4 mask - You can buy direct from Honig's or I think there are some on here for sale. I think these are great masks. They fit my face well and offer a lot of protection for those starting out. They are surprisingly lightweight due to being hollow steel. But yet, they offer unsurpassed coverage and protection for the weight with large ear guards, a large chin guard and even a forehead extension on the top! Views are good and Honig's calfskin leather pads and harness are excellent as well. New for $69.99 + $10.95 shipping... or you can probably pick one up off eBay or possibly even here for $50 shipped. Here's one on eBay for $47 shipped: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Honig-s-UMPIRE-Face-Mask/392168589837?hash=item5b4f11ca0d:g:QAwAAOSw3fxb4w9K:rk:1:pf:0 Another cheap option to find masks is of course eBay. I just shared a Wilson WTA3007 Dyna Lite catcher's model mask that work great for umpires too on the Buy Sell page under eBay Finds. It's not my mask, but I really like these for a good cheap mask. The longer catcher's throat guard keeps me from having to wear a throat guard at my level of ball. There's a new one listed for under $30 shipped right now. There is also a Wilson WTA3017 Dyna Lite steel mask for sale for around the same price on eBay. The ones with vinyl are a bit heavier, but most of us started out with something like these or a Rawlings that weighed 3 pounds, so even a steel mask is light to me now. If your budget allows $150 I'd wholly recommend the All Star MAG - eBay has one available for sale right now with an asking price of $150 in silver with black pads. The seller will even include an All Star MAG throat guard with it at $150. You won't beat that price - retail at most places is $225 for mask and another $30 for TG. It's only there because everyone is clamoring for the black version now or else it'd been scooped up already. It's wicked light and offers great sightlines with their I-bar technology. Plus, it just looks cool! eBay link here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Allstar-FM400MAG-System-7-Catcher-Umpire-Mask/183559196129?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I've had the All Star MAG, Nike Ti, Diamond BL-Ump, +POS Zro-G, Mizuno 2qa-122, Nike steel, All Star steel, Wilson WTA3017, Wilson A3007 (aluminum), Wilson WTA3007 and others I can't remember already. The point is it doesn't always matter what someone else thinks is a great mask. Many times the dollars spent are for the name. I'd wholly recommend trying some on and then buying what fits you best and/or makes you the most comfortable. Having a nice expensive mask won't allow you to make your calls any better. Especially if you're constantly adjusting it or possibly afraid a foul ball might dent your $500 purchase. Buy the best fitting and feeling mask that you can buy and go out there and have some fun! That's my
  13. wolfe_man

    Ebay finds

    Nike college steel mask available. Price is high, but these are getting harder and harder to find.
  14. wolfe_man

    Ebay finds

    Great deal here on a solid mask. With the vinyl removed, these are about 16-17 ounces and hold up well.
  15. wolfe_man

    Plastic dip removal

    Well, it wasn't the mask I was thinking of because it's still out there. This model is the one I do most often and I like these.... great price!