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  1. (Rant on) Im sorry but I don’t understand why people post negative comments if they’re not interested. If you don’t want them, or feel they’re not good quality, then why not just pass over the posting?

    The above is not necessarily directed to anyone on this site, but in general to what I see happening on here, FB selling walls, etc. I understand there are some who don't like the pricing, and there are times I agree that someone may be asking a high price, but I've never found it necessary to post about it.  If I disagree or don't like the price, I roll my eyes and move on.  We seem to live in a world now where people attack you for asking a price.  If you don't want to pay it, make an offer or don't, but please don't hi-jack the thread. (Rant off)

    Personally, I’ve sold new black Nike pads & harness for $75 shipped. They’re very rare and some love them for that reason. Others honestly feel they’re great pads and like them. Others desire that swoosh. I’ve had some great Nike pads, while others weren’t so hot, but to each their own.

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  2. I should have added - I removed the chest padding and washed and hung dry.  The pics are after I washed and reassembled it.  I did hand wash the shoulder padding as well due to they're riveted in place.  Here are some closer pics to show what I mean by the navy color wearing off exposing the black padding cover underneath.  I don't know how they coated the navy onto the black, but it's like it's wearing off now slowly.  It's not peeling like paint, but more wearing off due to age/use.




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  3. Okay, here you go.  Last two I saw on here and on FB they were asking $200 and that was without the shins.  I won't ask that, but make me an offer if you're interested.

    CP is in good condition with a lot of life left.  The navy coloring on the padding has started to wear off revealing the black underneath, but this doesn't affect wearability at all.  The pads were coated with something to make it match the navy plates, but the real covering of the padding is black.  As @mbkcoach and others have shown they are fine once you get the navy worn off - or you can go the route that @jwclubbie did with his and have it recovered if it bothers you.  This isn't your normal Champion's padding either.  I know these CP's look a lot alike, but that's where this and Champion's comparisons pretty much end.  The AA is low profile and hugs your body - coveted by D1 and MiLB umpires for this reason I understand (as is the Champion).   The AA padding is much softer than Champion's though and just feels better to me.  The wings are more rigid like Champion's, but the padding that contacts your chest and upper arms/shoulders is much more like a Wilson or Douglas padding - just much thinner!

    AA plates are thicker than any Champion I have had and feel much stiffer/firmer.  I'm told that's why these are so much better than a Champion - they won't crack when you get hit on the shoulder or other areas. They just feel like much harder plastic than any Champion I've seen or owned.

    Needless to say, I would upgrade the harness to Ray's for the ultimate fit.

    I've tried to be as honest as I can be and explain the areas where I see wear.  I will send you as many pics as you need so you can judge for yourself.  I have also posted to Umpire Selling Wall on FB with a lot of pics.  If you have questions, please ask.

    As always, thanks for your interest.







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  4. I wear the HDX as my main CP now.  I was wearing a Gold L/XL and this is every bit as good. The protection is excellent as I've taken several hits and didn't feel any pain (just like the Gold).  You feel the bump/pressure from the hit and then nothing.  No lasting pain or anything and no bruising at all. 

    The CP is a bit wide if you leave the wings on, so I recommend removing those for a better fit.  I also removed the bicep pads and stomach extension - only to catch one in the gut where it would have been had I left it there!   Twice!  (Side note: I was getting lazy in my stance - since corrected.)

    I'm still using the stock harness and it works very well.  It's no RayFlex/UL, but much better than any other CP harness in existence - with the possible exception of maybe a DeltaFlex.

    When you add the comfort of this CP, the harness upgrade, the breath-ability due to the holes in the plates and padding, and then finally the fair price point - I don't think you'll find a better CP out there.

    Two thumbs up!:2cents:

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  5. 16 hours ago, udbrky said:

    Honigs' convertible jackets are like 3 sizes smaller than they say they are (comparably)

    I think Honig's shirts are like that too. I wear an XL all day in Smitty, but in Honig's XL I look like a bodybuilder trying to look larger by squeezing into a M.

  6. Or as a counter to the "no jacket on the plate" or "wear a LS shirt" opinions, get a short-sleeved jacket.  It's all I wear on the plate now.  You can get them for a fairly good price and tucked in it still presents a nice, clean look.  Some protection from rain and cold, but not stifling hot like a jacket - or as thin as a LS shirt.   My two cents...

  7. 27 minutes ago, blue32 said:

    When I need something, and don't want to pay full price for retail name brands, the old saying "I got a guy" couldn't be applied any better than to @wolfe_man 

    I needed a couple of mask harnesses.  So I thought, "Wait, I got a guy!" So, I shoot him a text asking him if he has something for me. Lo and behold, he had two really nice Wilson's: one brand new, and one pretty much brand new. Had them to me in 2 days at a fair price. Always appreciated, Keith!

    My pleasure!

    Thanks for the kind words and always great dealing with you as well my friend.

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  8. Okay, the more I look at Max's pics the more I am convinced those are stock F3 pads.

    F3 makes a black pad with a tan real leather chin inside (aka bi-color). If you look at Max's 2nd pic, it shows just that. 

    Here's another pic of him wearing the mask from the front and they look like F3 stock pads. 

    If you look really close, you can see the F3 logo in the center of the bottom pad has been blacked out.


  9. 2 hours ago, noumpere said:

    Maybe it's a wilson wrap-around -- they have (or had) the two-tone pads.

    No, I think only F3 has that "lip" on the top of the pad as I've never seen any others with it.  See my pic below for what I am meaning as the "lip".  

    Another easy spot is how V2 pads fit - only 2 velcro straps on top versus 3 for most pads.  Due to spring configuration, F3 V2 only has 2 straps.


  10. On 6/9/2018 at 9:19 AM, kylejt said:

    Don't know how cool it is until it shows up at my door.

    And I'm not going to recommend the site until I actually get it. But if you google a bit, you can find them. 


    Has it shown up yet?  I'm curious as to reviews for both the site and the product.  Thanks!

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  11. I understand folks are trying to make a living and am all for capitalism, but I also have limited funds and look for the best price before I make a purchase.  I understand he is in business (as are the folks at Rakuten) and in it for a profit and you do get what you pay for.. in his case the service is worth the extra cost. 

    He ships fast and won't rip me off. While with Rakuten my card was charged 2-3 additional times for items I did not order and had to dispute.