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  1. Quick fit question

    You can do it all yourself. The idea is to tighten the top straps until the top of the chest protector sits up almost touching the base of your neck. Then, all you should need to do is tighten the side straps until snug. The top straps are to keep the CP up tight against your chest and shoulders, while the side straps keep it snug to your sides and waist/lower torso. I'll try to post a pic later tonight of what you want to see for the neck unless someone else beats me to it. I'd wholly recommend a harness from Razzer (Email him at: rbumpire37@gmail.com). For around $36.50 shipped, you can get a harness that will take that Douglas' fit to the next level. It is a fully customized harness (name & number, trim color, even small logo within reason). Many MLB umpires have started using Ray's harness as a testament to his quality workmanship!
  2. Nike steel value?

    Okay. Like all folks, I love a good deal. On the other hand, I hate losing out or paying more than I should. So with that in mind, what is the fair value for a Nike Steel? I realize condition will affect value of course. For the ease of pricing, let's say no pads or harness - frame only. Option 1 - Nike steel with vinyl cover still in place. So you'll have to have vinyl removed and then have it powder-coated. Option 2 - Nike steel with vinyl removed and powder-coated already. Thanks! NOTE: This information/post is not so I can sell one and gouge someone - but rather so I don't over spend when I see another.
  3. That's a fine choice, Honig's makes nice all black harnesses for $6.95. No logos showing other than their logo on the back, but it's blacked out. Each person may have a preference, but I've found most mask harnesses to be very similar. There are exceptions of course, like the Delta Flex, but I'm speaking of traditional mask harnesses.
  4. All-Star FM 25mlx mask with bent bar

    That looks like an FM25 (new model). All Star makes very good masks and they're tested for safety. Even with the bend, I'd say that while the mask may be safe for use, I would agree with gnhbua93 as to getting it fixed. For around $50 you can get it fixed and a new powder coat put in place with the color of your choosing from Tony at Mask-It Sports.
  5. All-Star FM 25mlx mask with bent bar

    LOL. I haven't heard that, but I can see the resemblance. I've tried it and it might be great for a catcher using a hard hat, but it's really bad for an umpire. Mine was black, but still didn't like the look and the fit is terrible and I wear a 7 3/8 hat and I couldn't get it tight enough.
  6. Ebay finds

    I asked the guy. Some will buy as an antique he said. Crazy!
  7. ADIDAS mask

    Message sent.
  8. 1. I use a Gold for my CP. This will come down to personal preference. I've used Douglas, Platinum, Champro, Champion, Schutt and the Gold. I just feel safer in it than anything else I've tried. It is a bit bulky though under a shirt. The slimmer profile CP's are Douglas, Champion and Schutt. Schutt breathes the best out of them all. 2. Wilson aluminum is a good mask and that's a good deal. 3. On here the best and most recommended leg guards will be the Force 3. The Gold and Platinum both get pretty good reviews as well - and they are cheaper than the F3. 4. NB plates shoes fit same size as normal shoes do. I wear 11's in both with no trouble. If they're the new style, $120 is about as cheap as I've seen them. 5. NB cup is designed to "float". The jock or shorts it comes with is designed to simply hold it against you - but not keep it in a pocket. In my experience, it doesn't do well in a cup pocket as that wasn't its intention when designed. If you want to wear other shorts/tights, I'd recommend just slipping it right against your skin versus in the cup pocket. You're doing the right thing and buying quality gear right up front. That'll save you money in the long run. I always tell new guys to check eBay, FaceBook selling walls, local second-hand stores (Play It Again Sports for example) and CraigsList. You may find another umpire who is retiring who will give you a better price. I know some guys want it all new - but it's only new until you wear it the first time. Best of luck out there and stay safe!
  9. Nike steel value?

    I think it’s great you have the contacts and ability to do this stuff. I love the go get ‘em attitude!
  10. Nike steel value?

    Depending on price point, I'd be interested. I would think pricing similar to an Adidas would get people's attention. To me, it's not necessarily the Nike brand, but it is the clean lines and good view found in the frame. Now, don't get me wrong, the Nike name doesn't hurt it at all - but I would buy (and have) other brands with the same frame.
  11. MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    @MadMax still not as good as your upgrade, but they're trying! Here are the details and pics from Ump-Attire.com: Description The Schutt XV HDX Umpire Chest Protector is an advanced piece of protective gear for baseball umpires. This product is an upgrade of the popular Schutt XV umpire chest protector. With a new harness and more adjustability, this is the most accomodating chest protector Schutt has ever produced. For nearly a century, Schutt Sports has been committed to developing the most advanced protective gear in the game for players. Using the same technology, their umpire protective gear empowers umpires to focus and perform at the top of THEIR game! FEATURES Adjustable / removable bicep and 4" abdomen protection: advanced adjustments make this the most accomodating Schutt chest protector. Redsigned harness: Allows for more adjustments for a wider range of body types. Metal t-hooks have been replaced by plastic buckle clips. Ventilation holes: 10mm ventilation holes maximize air circulation and the evaporation of excess moisture. Greater impact absorption and durability: Utilizing impact absorption technology from their most popular line of football shoulder pads, the XV-HDX chest protector is made of high density EVA foam for greater impact absorption and durability. Moisture and heat management system: The moisture and heat management system of this umpire chest protector allows airflow into and away from the body, allowing the skin to dry and the body to cool itself. Superior protection: Features caps to cover exposed gaps in the shoulder area, wider chest plate. The design of this chest protector is form fitting. One size fits most (Measures 13" from top of neck pad to bottom of chest plate. Shown with 4" pad extension, included.) Weight: Approximately 3 lbs
  12. Nike steel value?

    I remember that discussion. You'd have to have a lot of capital to invest up front and it'd take years to sell them all.
  13. Catcher not in control of mask

    Another reason I don't do LL anymore. Question though for all who say you can't eject? I'm not arguing... but what if catcher hits batter with thrown mask? Player safety - and that should extend to umpires - is something we are taught to keep a close eye on. I've been hit once, I then kept a very clear path of the catcher. It's a different feeling than a baseball hitting you. Your just doing your job and then out of nowhere BAM! something catches you off guard. Let me tell you when a full size 4 lb. catcher's helmet hits you - you know you've been tagged! It was in Babe Ruth and annoyed the crap out of me. We spend good money on masks and then a lazy catcher carelessly throwing his mask scratches your carefully kept mask up for you. It's like putting on a new pair of plate shoes and then the catcher cleats your toe because he's off balance (lazy). SMH. Don't they teach kids anything anymore?
  14. Mizuno Trigger Warning- Look what just arrived!

    Don't tell Arik!
  15. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Is it happening frequently enough to maybe just mention to coaches at plate meeting? My first games are next week, so I'll be watching for it. I didn't see it at any level in 80+ games last year.
  16. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Has anyone seen a stand-off? This seems to be getting a great deal of attention in Ohio this year. I've never seen it at any level, except MLB. The MLB times I've seen is more of a good-natured goofing off between teams. They left the foul line but then stand by the dugout steps until the other team gives in or the first pitch is ready to be dealt. Both sides were grinning and the MLB umps ignored it as the players weren't in play or by the line. I'm sure they'd have stopped it before first pitch, but they seemed to let it go (pick your battles). Once the pitcher was ready, the player(s) stepped down into the dugout and the game progressed as it normally would. Ohio wants us to squash it immediately if we see it. Says it is unsportsmanlike and we aren't to tolerate it. I guess I had a different view of it until considering the kneeling dilemma.
  17. Shin Guards

    My next pair will be the F3. Just have to get a couple of checks to start rolling in first. Scrimmages start next week!
  18. Shin Guards

    I use these and love them. Lightweight and no behind the knee strap to cut into the skin. Easy to buckle up and haven’t been hurt by any shot in approximately 125 games in them. I do Babe Ruth and High School ball. No problems yet.
  19. Odd colored shirts

    Ohio only uses Navy for school. Then, I have the light blue, black and red for summer ball. I thought about maybe getting cream, but that's it. I'd get other colors, but most umps around here don't have a large color variety. I'm okay with that as it gets expensive.
  20. Nike Steel $100 shipped

    Used but solid condition. Was used by a catcher so has some dings as you’d expect. Sparkly silver finish but could use a fresh powder coat. Has a slight rattle at times. i believe it’s a solid mask but I have six and need to let a few go. I’ve given full disclosure so buyers are fully aware of any issues. I’d wear this myself but need the funds for other projects. Thanks
  21. Nike Steel $100 shipped

    Lock it up please @Thunderheads
  22. Is Facebook marketplace trustworthy?

    I agree. I’ve sold quite a bit on Umpire selling wall on FB and CL without issues.
  23. We’ll see. Might wait on Jim.
  24. Brand-new! Comes with cleaning cloth/bag, paperwork, zipper case and the box from the doctor's office. Golf prizm lenses offer amazing clarity and detail. Frames are super lightweight and feel great on your face. Free shipping included within the continental USA.
  25. Lock it up please @Thunderheads