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  1. I had TWs on last night and took one to the mask. I think I’m going back to leather. That’s two shots now that I think I felt more with TW than I would have with the leather.
  2. Poly spandex in MLB?

    So, let me get this straight... if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck - it's not poly-spandex Smitty's?
  3. Nike titanium $275

    As pictured $275 shipped within continental USA. Frame only $250 shipped within continental USA. This is is the lightest mask I’ve ever held. Great vision and looks!
  4. Nike titanium $275

    @Thunderheads Lock it up please. Sold last night.
  5. Nike titanium $275

  6. Remove logo from visor?

    Has anyone removed a logo from a sun visor? I have an All Star visor on a Nike mask with TW pads... LOL. I wish they would quit putting logos on everything, so that we umpires can appear without sponsors. I thought I had heard someone saying it can be removed, but I can't find it by searching. Thanks.
  7. Remove logo from visor?

    Now, he's not even using American-made gear! (Let me on in this too.)
  8. Honestly, they're a little softer - but not much in my opinion. I've not taken any shots with them, so I can't speak to that part. I have squeezed both TW and Wilson memory foam and found that the TW's are less receptant to a "squeeze" - which means theoretically that they should resist an impact better than the Wilson's. As to your other question, I'm not sure what type of leather Wilson uses on their leather pads now. It is full grain leather, which I believe makes it cowhide.
  9. As a sub for doe skins, the Honig's calf skins are pretty good. I'm either those or TW most of the time.
  10. Ebay finds

    Yes you should. Congrats!
  11. New CP suggestions

    LOL! I can assure you I'm not him as he is the land of AZ, where it doesn't rain or snow everyday. But you should have heard our call when Max and I were discussing the XV mod at few months back. Words are very useful things and there are a lot of them that can be utilized!
  12. New CP suggestions

    Dowdle Sports will let me put it in my cart, so I'm assuming they have it in stock. I didn't fully complete the order though. Ump-Attire is still out.
  13. New CP suggestions

    I saw a used WV Gold in L/XL on Craigslist for $60... even with shipping that's probably only $80. I'm close to your height and size (XL) and that fit me really well. It offers wings for the sides where I am assuming the spot you took a shot was located. The Schutt /Adams HDX is a little wider than the Champion as well and still under $100. After those options, the Gold or Platinum will run you to the mid $100's and then Douglas/All Star will go almost to $200. Finally, the F3 CP is almost $300. Personally, I've owned and used Douglas, Platinum, Gold, Champion, Schutt, Champro, The Ump and they're all really similar, yet unique in their own ways. * - The Douglas doesn't have gap coverage on the shoulders, and at that price point - it should. It hurts if you catch a ball on top of the shoulder. This is a very affordable CP, but hot and a little hard to get over the head without feeling like you're ripping your ears off, but with practice it can be done. Also, the gap coverage is a non-starter for me unless you want to spend $30 more for them. * - The Champion just didn't fit right on me. Granted, I had the huge 17" model, but it was super thin and still as hot as the Platinum or Gold. It is very affordable though. * - Platinum offers great protection. You don't feel a thing when you take a shot. But it's expensive and hot and a little hard to get over your head. * - Gold is same as Platinum, but easier to put over head. A little thicker padding offers even more protection (and heat). More expensive slightly than Platinum, but I like the shoulder gap coverage protection better on the Gold. Plus, it's black! * - My Champro was a soft/hard shell. By that I mean it had plates, but they weren't very hard as I could bend them easily and they were covered with a "foam" for lack of a better word. It did it's job, but you could feel the shots a little more than I liked. It did breathe well, was pretty light and kept everything covered well. I did Babe Ruth baseball in it, but I wouldn't recommend for HS ball or higher. * - Schutt/Adams XV is a neat little game-changer. I've never worn a CP that feels so light and airy. It's hard to explain unless you've tried one on. You can feel air through this CP and it cools you down. It's very affordable for a hard shell CP. It offers as much protection as any hard-shell CP and uses new D30 foam. I haven't taken a shot yet so I can't speak to feel versus a Gold/Platinum/Douglas, but I'm confident it will perform at least as good as the Champion plates. In my opinion, it is wider across the chest than the Champion and it has the "wings" on the side as well. Plus, it drops down and covers all my ribs - which the Platinum barely hit my last rib, but Gold/Douglas covers. The new Adams HDX version offers clips on side and the better harness, but the old Schutt XV version can be modded with the MadMaXV modification for a great CP at a "wow" price! In short, if on a budget and you already have a Champion, I'd try the Adams HDX. Dowdle Sports has them for around $80-85 shipped to you.
  14. Remove logo from visor?

    Thanks, I figured you would know. Nothing against All Star, just prefer nothing there if I can get it.
  15. Remove logo from visor?

    Yes! Finally, someone gets it. I realize it's not a perfect world. I just wish they would put a logo instead of their name. A half star there might look cool, versus just "All Star". I do my best as an umpire, but I'm not sure I'd grade myself as an All Star yet.
  16. Rain!

    Mine too
  17. Ebay finds

    Wow! What am I missing here? $56 and $15 shipping... and still time left! I see these on CL for $15 all the time.
  18. New masks for old MLB umpires

    Uh oh... you don't mean going to wear a "gasp" bucket do you Max? Or were you thinking maybe a skull cap with a F3-esque mask maybe? PS - before someone kills me for saying anything about a bucket, I used to wear an All Star MVP bucket, so I can see both sides. I took a pretty good shot in it and decided I preferred being hit with a mask versus the bucket. Personal preference.
  19. The Ump hard shell chest protector

    Yes, I see the similarities. Mine is more prestigious as it says "THE Ump".... LOL
  20. The Ump hard shell chest protector

    Is this the same thing? I've wondered about these in the past. I thought the one picture was an old soft catcher's type protector though?
  21. The Ump hard shell chest protector

    Excellent. Thank you.
  22. The Ump hard shell chest protector

    He does baseball in it, right? It looks pretty simple and comfortable, I should have it by this weekend I hope.
  23. Anyone found out . . . ?

    This is a fair guess, but my thought is why cover them this year? Wilson is still the official supplier of MLB, so why be ashamed and cover it up this year? Something's in the wind.
  24. I couldn't keep this to myself. If you need a new CP - I don't think you'll find a better price for a Platinum anywhere. Even with shipping, you're only at $115.
  25. 12" Platinum on Closeout at Epic Sports for $99

    It’s gone now. Not me, but checked today and they’re sold out.