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  1. I'm almost 5'11"... my shins measure about 15.5 - 16" from top of foot to middle of knee... should I go with the 14.5" or go up to the 16.5". I currently wear a 15" pair of Diamond Ump-Lites. I've taken some shots and have experience no pain or problems in 2+ years, but I don't want that to change so I plan on upgrading this year. I know some manufacturers recommend that you go up a size if you're larger than the next size down, but wasn't sure about F3 and i can't find a recommendation on their site. I figured someone on here is close to my size and can speak to what fits them best. I know some of you taller guys went down to the 16.5" for F3, but were wearing longer 17-18" shins from other makers like Wilson. Thanks!
  2. Ebay finds

    Bad news though. Guy won't respond to anyone now and it's still listed on CL. I know several guys interested but guy quit responding. I was able to find out it is a 13" and it belonged to his Grandpa.
  3. +pos chest protector

    Maybe to follow it?
  4. I dunno...

    I'm 4 out of 5 games cancelled in Central OH so far. And that's a terrible .200 batting average for me to start the year. Hopefully, tomorrow (last scrimmage) and Saturday (official opener) is good to go.
  5. Ebay finds

  6. Ebay finds

    On CL right now. He’s already been offered $400 so get your wallets. Riddell Power
  7. +pos cobra2

    @rjdakin is the man in the video. If you do a search, there has been quite a discussion on it. Thanks
  8. Ebay finds

    Classic +POS base andplate shoes in boxes for $50
  9. Ebay finds

    Good stuff on Craigslist today. XL Majestic for $25
  10. Force3 Shin Fit

    I thought about it. Tonight is a JV scrimmage, so maybe I'll pull it out and go that route. They are comfortable to wear as I wore them around the house when I got them to see how they'd fit. 30" is my inseam as well. I'm 5'10" ish and I was afraid that the 14.5" would be a bit small, so I went with the 16.5".
  11. Logo removal

    Odd thing about the tunnels, some of mine do and some do not. I LOVE those that do! No need for electrical tape when you have a hidden tunnel.
  12. Force3 Shin Fit

    It's especially hard for me to switch. I had the Diamond Ump-Lites (I know, I know) and only had 2 straps. I hate straps cutting into the back of my knee, but you all talked these up so much I had to try them. They stick up on me too, but tonight is the first game and they are at least comfortable to wear. I don't like the sticking up past my knee part though, but I'm hoping as you all say, that they'll break in within a few games. They pull on my plate pants as well, but feel fine under my combos, so maybe I'll trot out my combos as plate pants until they break in.
  13. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    Some are still upset with Adidas over a basketball officiating decision to back coaches instead of officials (if I remember correctly). Regardless of the sport, there are some who reason if they don't back officials, then they won't buy their product. I have the new Adidas umpire shoes and I really like the look. I am worried about the mesh being hard to clean, but they should breathe great. Also, the tread is not aggressive at all as these are turf shoes, so I'm worried about slipping on wet fields. But, I still have my old NB in good shape if I get a "mudder" and need more traction.
  14. MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    I haven't tried the new one yet, but pics I've seen of the new version don't look like its changed yet. I'm sure someone will argue, if you just stay upright then those are fine where they are now; however, if you lean forward in your stance at all, then the tops of your shoulder(s) are left open to damage from a foul ball or uncaught pitch. I guess it's a personal preference thing... to each their own.
  15. MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    My personal opinion and @MadMax original MaXV has the epaulets moved upwards. I think the shoulder gap coverage plates (epaulets) are too low. If you move them up, it provides much greater protection in my opinion. Max uses the existing upper hole and it becomes the bottom hole, then he drills a new hole for the upper bolt/Chicago screw. It looks great too when completed. Here is one Max did for me.
  16. What is Your Primary Mask?

    Wilson WTA3007 with vinyl removed, now black with tan TW pads and Honigs harness Wilson WTA3007 with vinyl removed, now silver with navy Wilson pads (HS navy rig) and Wilson harness +POS Zro-G in charcoal with black or tan TW pads and Honigs harnes Nike Ti with black Nike pads and Nike harness Adidas with tan or black TW pads and Adidas harness I have TOO many masks! I also have 2 other Wilson WTA3007 with the vinyl removed, but not painted yet. I'm thinking of doing one in light/sky blue to match our shirts.
  17. They're waiting for me at home. That's two days total to order, ship and arrive. That's a pretty quick turnaround by anyone's standards for normal shipping! First order, but will keep them in mind going forward if my normal supplier is out of stock.
  18. Vinyl Dip?

    I'm not familiar with the product. I was just doing a quick search and trying to offer him some ideas. For $7, I'd be willing to give it a shot. The product seems to be designed for tool handles... if it will stick to a tool handle being used under pressure, why wouldn't it stick to a mask only occasionally being hit by a baseball? I have an old mask at home, I think I'll give it a shot here when it warms up in Ohio. It's still too cold outside to be painting or letting things dry and my wife would kill me if I try it in the house. But, I don't know... I may need several cans so price goes up. More research required. LOL
  19. Vinyl Dip?

    Here's another option... https://www.piper-plastics.com/processes/dip-molding/dip-molding-about/
  20. Vinyl Dip?

    There are some neat options out there... I just did a quick Google search and found some neat products. Now, you have me thinking of trying it too! LOL https://plastidip.com/our-products/super-grip/ This one looks very interesting.
  21. Lookin forward to getting my +pos mask

    I have 'em... and like 'em. I wish the ears were a bit wider and the throat guard was about 3" longer. They are super light and the price can't be beat though!
  22. I ordered yesterday and had a shipping number less than 3 hours later. They should be here by Friday. We'll see.
  23. https://www.gearef.com/collections/baseball/products/force-3-ultimate-shin-guards?variant=1087963267092 You can find at regional suppliers if you look hard for them. Link above has 16.5” shipped for $121
  24. Transaction Experience Thread

    @Stan W. is a good person to deal with as well.
  25. F3 shins sizing for a short guy (5'11")

    I’m sure you can return or find a buyer if they don’t fit. On a side note, I’m in OH and love Purchase Officials! I always get gear within 2 days. Returns are free too. I’ve even discovered I work at same place as the owners father in Columbus.