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  1. wolfe_man

    All Star FM4000MAG

    I can attest that they are wicked light. Feels like nothings in the box when you get it. Offers good vision and then what BT_Blue mentioned - better angles for deflection, etc. Plus, magnesium doesn't bend. It's a super tough mask with great looks and next to no weight. Nothing to dislike here.
  2. wolfe_man

    New Diamond CP

    I agree with you @ofhs93. Foam is 1" thick - has to be standard sofa cushion stuff. While I'm intrigued, I'm not leaving my Adams/Schutt HDX just yet. I'm not sure about the neck opening either. I can't tell by the neck size, but the shoulder area might have small coverage. It doesn't have the "wings" like a Gold/Platinum and XV/HDX comes with as standard equipped. I know some remove them, but with these gone it just appears like all you have is the top covered - very little wrapping down over the front. With the big cutout for neck and then cutout around arms... worried a ball might find a spot there. Ultimately, I like the looks and functionality it appears to offer. But, at $125 regular price ($99 special intro offer now at UA) I don't think it's going to get a lot of looks. There are too many smaller, lower profile options for $25-40 less. Plus, the old foam doesn't help it any. Why release a new CP without updating to D3O?
  3. wolfe_man

    New Diamond CP

    Hmm... intriguing. Looks very form-fitting with all the small pieces that can bend to your body individually.
  4. wolfe_man

    All Star MAG umpire mask - $150 SHIPPED CONUSA

    Nope just too many masks. it sold today to a local umpire so this can be locked. Thanks
  5. wolfe_man

    All Star MAG umpire mask - $150 SHIPPED CONUSA

    Perhaps, that is the problem. Those that like them already have theirs.
  6. wolfe_man

    All Star MAG umpire mask - $150 SHIPPED CONUSA

    What is your opinion on what the market has spoken? Do you think it's a bad mask or just that the F3 has taken over the market? I'm curious. I am honestly surprised there's no interested parties in a practically new mask for $75 under the retail price - including free shipping. It's super light, has a great look, very good sightlines and offers excellent padding to help minimize the chance of a concussion. What's not to like?
  7. wolfe_man

    All Star MAG umpire mask - $150 SHIPPED CONUSA

    @Thunderheads please go ahead and lock it up. Doesn't seem to be any interest, so I'm keeping it.
  8. wolfe_man

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Thanks! Pleasure doing business with you too!
  9. wolfe_man

    Champion Sports Armor Style Chest Protector

    This CP has been out for quite a while. It doesn't seem to sell very well. I can't speak from experience, but I'd recommend a trusted name (i.e. Wilson, Douglas, Schutt) or one of the many CP's recommended on here before I spent money on one and then have either wish I hadn't spent it or need to upgrade in a year or two. I know guys like the other Champion due to small size and thin profile, but those same guys will admit shoulder plates crack easily and need replaced. Champion you get what you pay for - and not in a good way in my honest opinion.
  10. wolfe_man

    Mizuno 2qa-122 --- SOLD

    @Thunderheads lock it up please. sold!
  11. wolfe_man

    All Star MAG umpire mask - $150 SHIPPED CONUSA

    Price reduced to $175 shipped CONUSA
  12. wolfe_man

    Mizuno 2qa-122 --- SOLD

    Price reduced
  13. wolfe_man

    All Star FM4000MAG

    Maybe once they get the black mask out, they'll make a black TG as well.