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  1. wolfe_man

    Con-Cushion Mask Enhancer from Gerry Davis

    Gerry is wearing one on his chin today at Cleveland vs Atlanta. Did he improvise or do they have a chin one too?
  2. wolfe_man

    Tony @Mask It

    Tony Letizio
  3. wolfe_man

    Slim Look CP

    Yes, heard of it and seen it. It must be a slim guy, because that's not a particularly slim CP. +POS and Honig's have also used that platform. I believe Champro also uses it now. It's decent for up to 14-15 year olds, but I wouldn't wear in Varsity baseball or above unless I had nothing else to wear.
  4. wolfe_man

    Samurai Throat Guard

    Personally, I prefer this one since it's my initials. The actual KW logo part is almost shaped like a TG anyhow!
  5. wolfe_man


    LOL, right! Half our teams are struggling to pay for OHSAA-logo official baseballs, let alone $30K for a pitch-tracker.
  6. wolfe_man

    Mask Opinions Requested

    I think most folks have a different definition of "loose". Details are good here to prevent confusion. My version of "loose" is to wear my mask loose enough to move freely when I lower my neck, but snug enough to not push down on my hat all game long with a normal mask. It stays where it should be, unless I shake my head hard then it moves freely. You don't want it too "loose" where it isn't protecting you because it's falling down off your hat. Think like a CP fit. Snug enough you don't have to keep readjusting, but not too tight; however not too loose (i.e. shop apron) either.
  7. wolfe_man

    Hoodie under plate coat

    Interesting indeed! Is it a hoodie or one of those neck gaiters to keep warm? Side note: Catcher is wearing an All Star steel mask, not the MAG.
  8. All items are BRAND NEW. All came from Ump-Attire, other than the Honig's pants of course. All prices include shipping within the continental US. Honig's B1AP heather grey, athletic cut base pants. 34R and hemmed at 34" inseam. Looks like professionally hemmed by Honig's at shipping. Retail at $49.99 plus shipping... $30 shipped. Ump-Attire branded navy blue umpire shirt. Size is XL. $10 shipped or free with any other purchase. Wilson Aluminum mask with memory foam pads $100 shipped. Wilson Platinum Chest Protector, 12" size. $125 shipped. All prices are negotiable, so feel free to DM with any offers. Thanks for looking.
  9. wolfe_man

    Mask Opinions Requested

    This is the EXACT same situation that happened when I got my concussion while wearing the MAG. Inside fastball, swung on and fouled (not touched by catcher) straight to the main bar above eye slot, dead-center of the mask. Mask stayed on, but moved a little in my case. Of course, not an MLB arm, but metal bats.
  10. wolfe_man

    Mask Opinions Requested

    Thanks. I finally got a chance to get back behind the plate (weather wasn't cooperating after my return). I found myself liking the secure, snug fit of the F3 V2. An added benefit that I had never considered, is due to the mask's dual frame my Douglas CP practically touched the inner frame of the F3 mask at the throat. I'll probably still add a TG, but it was nice having a close fit even without it.
  11. wolfe_man

    Is an appeal usually denied?

    There are two schools of thought. 1. You are the umpire and shouldn't get help unless you missed something or didn't have a good view (i.e. pulled foot at 1B). This thinking is more along the lines of "I'm the umpire, so I'm right" from my experience. I've worked with umpires who wouldn't overturn a wrong call they made just because they were mad at the coach and didn't want him to be right. 2. You get help wherever and whenever you can. You avoid making it ridiculous or too often, but if you miss a call, then you get together and get it right. The thinking here is that you want to do the best you can and get every call right. This can be overdone if you're not careful. There are pros and cons to each thought above, but I'll not get into them all at this time. I think the main idea is to find some sort of compromise between these two thoughts and try to do the best you can, hustle to get the best look and then pause, read & react accordingly. If you do that, then you'll get the majority of calls right to start with and avoid having to get help. The idea is to keep the game moving. No one enjoys seeing umpires getting together for mini-discussion multiple times per game. Have fun out there!
  12. wolfe_man

    Mask Opinions Requested

    I can see your point. My advice if you want the F3 is to wear it snug and wear a hat that fits snug as well. Not too tight, but snug. My hat was a little loose last night and it did push the bill down just a little last night, but I only had to tweak the mask fit between innings and then my hat stayed put. I honestly don't "feel"much difference in weight between the F2 V2 and most other masks when I'm wearing it. Sure, there are lighter masks, but the only shots that've really rattled me were A) Nike Ti with TW pads and B) All Star MAG and LUC pads and C) Rawlings old-school mask with stock pads. The first two are due to their lightweight so pads have to take all the impact (or your head & neck does) and the last was because pads were junk. I love the MAG looks and super lightweight, but if you're going to wear it I wholeheartedly recommend doing something to that top pad for more protection. It was designed for use by catchers wearing a skull cap. If we umpires are going to use it, then we need to upgrade our protection up top. Either add a skull cap, an Unequal Uncap, a hard hat insert inside your ballcap, upgrade the top pad to a TW pad, and/or add the Con-Cushion pad. All are additional costs to an already expensive mask, but you only have one brain. For me, I'll be sticking with my F3. I have found steel masks are better for me. I have a somewhat big head (7 3/8) and as long as the mask weight is distributed well, I really don't notice a lot of difference between most masks. Sure, some are much lighter, but there is a trade-off that I don't like with lighter masks. Just my
  13. wolfe_man

    Arbiter Pay Debit Card

    That'd be my luck... but she said whichever card I do receive and activate will show my funds.