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  1. I'm selling my 15" gray Douglas with t-hooks, gap protection flaps for shoulders and comes with an UmpLife harness. With mods and UL harness, this is an easy $275+ investment. CP is slimming and offers full rib protection and shoulder gap coverage. T-hooks and UL harness ensure CP is locked down and fits tight. Asking $135 shipped, but will listen to offers. I'll try to post pics when I get home. Thanks!
  2. The guys in my area mostly wear Smitty MLB blue and black basic umpire shirts, so I don't need all of these other colors. A lot of these shirts are new and have never been worn, several still have the tags on them! NEW Majestic all black (XL) (2 available) - $25 for pair shipped* or $15 each* NEW Majestic navy XL - SOLD NEW Ump-Attire navy (XL) - $15 shipped* NEW Smitty red (XL) - $25 shipped* NEW Smitty cream (XL) - $25 shipped* NEW Smitty grey (XL) - $25 shipped* USED Officials Choice military green (XL) - $15 shipped* USED Officials Choice Bermuda blue (2X) with #55 on sleeve - $15 shipped* <OR all 3 Bermuda blue TOC shirts for $35 shipped> USED Officials Choice Bermuda blue (XL) - $15 shipped* <OR all 3 Bermuda blue TOC shirts for $35 shipped> USED Officials Choice Bermuda blue (L) with #18 on sleeve and USA flag on the back - $15 shipped* <OR all 3 Bermuda blue TOC shirts for $35 shipped> * - shipping costs included for continental USA only. Buy all 10 shirts remaining for $125 shipped.
  3. That'll depend on how threatened you feel. If urgent, 9-1-1 and ask for an officer to respond quickly. If an irritation and you're concerned that it could lead to something more, then ask dispatch to send an officer your direction.
  4. This is probably true, which I guess is why I'm having so much trouble processing it all. It makes sense to me and I'm sure I'll handle threats as they come, but I guess I haven't heard anything like that to this point. I will say it has no place in baseball or anywhere else for that matter.
  5. Okay, now you have something! So, #4 gives me some ability to get more involved if I deem it necessary. Thanks for digging this up. I'll have to check my rule book for what penalty can be enforced on such actions.
  6. Sounds like you have a good league or at least good pitchers. I think LL ball varies from area-to-area. I don't / won't do LL anymore due to parents and coaches, but in my area we'd have to open it up like @Kevin_K suggests in order to keep it from becoming a walk-fest. There are times even in Babe Ruth and Freshmen ball that I'll open it up from line-to-line and elbows-to-knees just to keep the game moving along. It seems some kids would rather walk than hit - and coaches encourage it by having them take until a strike is called. For me, I try to watch the pitchers warm up and see how they're doing and if their mechanics look good or not. If they're all over the place, I know I'm going to need to call a bigger zone that game. For Varsity ball or Sr Legion, then I'll call it a lot tighter and more "by the book", but I'm always a pitchers umpire I guess as I prefer strikes over balls. Do what works best for you as you know your area. We all face different levels and quality of baseball, so what works here might be silly for you and vice versa. Have fun out there!
  7. Thank you for the information. I'm not afraid of being wrong; I just want proof I can do something about it without opening up a can of worms. I completely agree with the spirit of what beerguy is talking about. I am all for safety, sportsmanship and fair play with ethics, but I'm not sure as an umpire how much of that part of the game is my responsibility. I'll be honest, I have never seen an umpire intervene with what is being talked about on this thread; however I've never had anything get out of hand yet in my 4 years of experience either. Is there something similar for NFHS? I mainly do HS, Legion, Babe Ruth, and some travel as well, but played under NFHS rules, so this doesn't really apply as those coaches don't have an "Ethics" code, at least not one that I've been aware of to this point. Thanks again! Keith
  8. I can see your points; however I still do not see where I can intervene. I see no rule support to be the comments nazi for the dugout. I'm not trying to be hard-headed here, but I'm not trying to find more problems to pick at either. A threat of physical violence towards an umpire is to be taken seriously of course; whereas I wouldn't consider a coach (or player) telling someone to pull back on a bunt attempt and swing away because someone is charging (a la Rizzo of the Cubs) as a threat of violence. It is a legal play within the game... so is throwing through a player who is trying to break up a play by not sliding or running in the throwing lane of F4/F6. We see this all the time at most levels of baseball above LL, certainly in MLB. Again, not trying to be devil's advocate but honestly trying to see how much authority and leeway we have to nip this in the bud. Loud threats can be dealt with, but if I reacted to every dumb thing I've heard from a dugout we'd never play ball at all. Now, I am on guard if I hear anything that may insinuate retaliation or the like, but in my mind you do nothing until you have the right to intervene. Also, I am not culpable if there is not a rule to support my intervening. An umpire is there to officiate the game and that rules are followed correctly, I don't see where this is supported by rules, this is why I keep asking for rule backup. @Senor Azul do you have any cases or rules that would help me here? Thanks
  9. Okay, I gotta ask. I see the sportsmanship thing at LL level or maybe up to Babe Ruth even, but are you truly going to have a conversation with the coach of a HS or Legion team if you hear this and use sportsmanship as your rule? I'm not attempting to stir anything up, but I have no jurisdiction or rule that I'm aware of to curb this nonsense. I know about preventive officiating, but this feels like picking boogers to me. Maybe I let too much slide, but I know many times coaches are just blowing smoke, so are the players. Do you really have a right to tell the coach he needs to exhibit better sportsmanship and to give better coaching to his players? I understand the part about him intentionally hurting other players, but can we govern intent? If a runner avoids the F4 to avoid contact and is called out because he didn't try to break up the play but was being safe, but F4 truly was in the base path and he shouldn't be, so the coach says next time to run over him, meaning to make contact so he can get the obstruction call, are you going to eject the coach for suggesting he make contact with an opposing player who was in the baseline wrongly? (I realize we should make the obs call regardless, but I'm talking about where a player hesitates and gives up easily because he's wary of being tossed for contact and it makes it hard to sell the call. So coach tells him to run hard and means if he makes contact or makes it more obvious, then "blue" can easily see obs and make the call. He never meant to try and hurt the other player.) Sorry, perhaps I'm misunderstanding - and I'm sure I'm going to get flak for this - but this seems a bit of a stretch to me. IAWE doesn't feel like it's designed for this case. I thought IAWE was to be used when & where necessary, but this feels like looking for trouble to me. Okay, let me have it...
  10. I'm happy you're happy. It was a pleasure working with you on this one.
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