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  1. Forest Ump

    2019 Casebook now on Arbiter

    Agree. That's always been the interpretation.
  2. Forest Ump

    Force play slide INT video

    Hey, I can dream, right?
  3. Forest Ump

    Force play slide INT video

    Nothing to call here except the out. Defensive coach will come out to argue. Bob: "He ran into my fielder. He can't do that." Me: "Bob, the slide was legal. He had one leg and one buttock on the ground and went directly into the bag. Bob: "But he made contact with my fielder." Me: "I know Bob, there was contact, but it was legal contact. We have a legal slide into the bag. Although contact was made, it was because your fielder was in front of the bag. Your fielder is not protected in front of the bag." Bob: "Well you're right as usual. I'll just go back to the dugout now."
  4. Forest Ump

    CWS - FPSR UA vs OSU

    The rational for the rule is safety. It is enforced as interference. It's a harsh penalty put in place to protect students. These kids have been playing with this rule since freshman baseball. They know what they can and can't do (not always) and what the penalty will be if they violate it. The runner ran towards the fielder as the fielder was making the play. How can you say he did not alter the play? We don't make this call based on how severely the players safety was endangered.
  5. Forest Ump

    CWS - FPSR UA vs OSU

    From the National Umpire Development Program: Despite what the announcers are saying, the runner must legally slide or avoid interfering with the attempt on the B/R. According to former Secretary-Rules Editor Paronto, if the runner has to duck (as shown in this clip) he has interfered. Simple rule of thumb “either go down or get out of the way”(Paronto Interp.) This was an excellent call by Chris Coskey. “Whether the defense could have completed the double play has no bearing on the applicability of this rule” (NCAA 8-4).
  6. Forest Ump

    Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    Analyzing this play in slow motion and debate gives us pause for several outcomes. In the heat of the moment, in real time, our better judgement would be calling, "That's nothing". Consider it close enough for tangle/untangle.
  7. Forest Ump

    Okla State vs ORU May 1

    YES. That was an absolutely great call by this umpire. I expect to see this again next year in a training video or on the test.
  8. Forest Ump

    How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    Same here. I just say Batter and On Deck Only.
  9. Forest Ump

    The Interference Call

    I use to do that, walk out to right field and make him come to me. I don't do that now. If he's coming out, I'll meet him. Explain my call when asked and when I'm done I can walk away. If the coach follows, then he is at risk for termination. Regarding interference calls, I would say the Force Play Slide Rule is one you'll always get a coach heated up on. They don't understand the rule and you have to explain it every time.
  10. Forest Ump

    Square to plate or dugout?

    True, it's a small detail, but it's the small details that you execute that get you to the next level. I've observed umpires that square up to the lines and it does look sharper for the whole crew. My opinion only.
  11. Forest Ump

    Square to plate or dugout?

    Not really. It's an older way to work 3 and 4 man. Modern mechanics have you square to the lines.
  12. Forest Ump

    Kneeling for National Anthem

    I would not mention it at the plate meeting. Wait and see if anything happens. If it does, tell the head coach that they must stand down immediately or he and the offenders will be ejected. Let him know that this is a POE this year and it is how the NCAA wants it handled. Maybe he'll get the idea and stop his players from doing it. Hey Wolf....I'm adding this because I see you work HS only. Do what your assignor wants. What I stated is only for the NCAA.
  13. Forest Ump

    Kneeling for National Anthem

    This is under 5-15-a 5) In the case of a National Anthem standoff between the two teams, any umpire shall eject any player, coach, manager or team personnel for violations of the Coaching and Players’ Code of Ethics. PENALTY for (5) The umpire-in-chief is to warn the head coach of the offending team(s) that should any player or team personnel not return to the dugout area immediately after the playing of the National Anthem, the head coach and offending person(s) will be ejected immediately. Note: This is a sportsmanship issue.
  14. Forest Ump

    Kneeling for National Anthem

    I had it happen this pass Saturday at a JC game. Visiting team stayed on the line. I told them to stand down or they would be ejected. Had to tell them twice. The rules state that if they don't stand down, the head coach and the offending participants are to be ejected. This crap started at the D1 level and has slowly been drifting down. I've seen a few HS players do this.
  15. Forest Ump

    Kneeling for National Anthem

    Agree. However, if they stand off, that will be dealt with, and harshly if need be.