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  1. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    The College Rulebook Study Guide is good place to start. I use it to supplement the rule book. I've always liked the way Carl explained the DH rule in the BRD. It helped me to understand the intricacies of that rule. Having the BRD will benefit you across all baseball codes. Both of the books I have mentioned are available on Amazon. Congratulations on your advancement. Don't sweat the small stuff. It will come to you over time.
  2. Line Drive Catch

    You've got a pretty good look at this play. Nothing wrong with coming up hard, slapping your chest telling the PU you've got it, and selling that call.
  3. Spray-Chalking bases, pitcher's plate, home plate.

    You can lead a horse to water but..............
  4. 2 Ejections same game.

    LOL.I like this part. I said, "You're Ejected, eh?"
  5. Study Guide

    It's a good reference book with case plays. I use when I take the test each year.
  6. Barking like dogs ....

    In the NCAA rules, this is called orchestrated activity. I don't allow it. I use the same language in HS ball . Same thing if they are banging on dugout walls or fences.
  7. Pitcher's glove

    I think that if you pull that glove in a JC game or higher, you may be looking at less assigments next year.
  8. Pulled Foot/Swipe Tag

    I'm with Specks. I thought this may be a new ailment I needed to be concerned with.
  9. Lineup and Balk Questions from Varsity Fed Game

  10. Trick question?

    At the NCAA meetings this year, a lot of time was spent stressing that umpires are to use the phrase "in my judgement".
  11. My Cage Work

    I thought your strike call looked crisp and solid. As others have said slow down your timing. No need to make the call that quick. Watch it into the glove, make a decision, then make the call. Some of the fast timing can be contributed to the cage work. The guy feeding the balls was to quick between on the rubber and set. I always get them to slow down so that it mimicks game conditions.
  12. NCAA Test - Coach Interference Question

    That was one of the ones you missed. I missed two. Went back and did it again and got 100%. In that question, the emphasis is on runner placement.
  13. NCAA Test Format

  14. NCAA Test Format

    What ^^Salaami ^^ said. plus you have two opportunities to take it.
  15. Safe Haven?

    Corrrect. You can not be called out if you are hit by the ball while on the base in the game of softball. A major rule difference between the two sports.