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  1. Forest Ump

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    No. Intentionally getting hit is always a strike. Freezing when the pitch is clearly within the batters box is not considered moving into the pitch. See above post.
  2. Forest Ump

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    From the NCAA Central Hub: •Hit By Pitch –7-4-i, 8-2-d-1 •A batter who, in the judgment of the umpire, makes a movement to intentionally get hit by the pitch, is not awarded first base and a strike is added to the count, regardless of the location of the pitch. •“Freezing” is not considered making a movement to be hit by the pitch if the pitch is within the batter’s box. Getting hit by a pitch within the batter’s box without making any movement would allow the batter to be awarded first base. •This judgment by the umpire cannot be argued. (3-6-f-Notes 1 and 2). •If video review is being utilized, a coach could use one of his challenges to have this situation reviewed. (App. E-2)
  3. Forest Ump

    First games of the year!

    Yea....We're freezing out here in California. Today it's only suppose to get up to........... ummm never mind.
  4. Forest Ump

    NFHS 2019 Test Question #3

    Great job. Missing three is good. I'm surprised your test didn't follow the rule book order. Mine did to a tee. From beginning to end. My test started with section 1 "any question regarding the legality of equipment" and ended with signal in the back of the book "What is the foul ball signal"? I always thought the test were the same but I guess I'm wrong. I won't find out how I did for a few weeks. When I submitted, it said passed, but the powers to be won't give out the results until the next meeting.
  5. Forest Ump

    NFHS 2019 Test Question #3

    1. You're thinking too much. 2. You don't need the case book to pass this test 3. The test follows the order of the rule book.
  6. Forest Ump

    NFHS 2019 Test Question #4

    and interesting enough, the NCAA says it's OK to pause during the windup.
  7. Forest Ump

    NFHS 2019 Test Question #1

    You're the same as me. I know the answer but I still want to see the rules reference. 7-1-2 covers that situation.
  8. Forest Ump

    NFHS 2019 Test Question #2

    Yep. The answer is in the dead ball table and rule 5-1-h
  9. Forest Ump

    Correct Rotation Signal

    Thank. I was just editing my post. That what I thought it would be.
  10. Forest Ump

    Correct Rotation Signal

    What's the new "correct rotation signal" for 2019? I don't have the 2019 rule book yet. I think its using two hands to point to the base your going to. Sounds like something FED would come up with.
  11. Forest Ump

    2019 NCAA Test Question

    Submitted my test this morning. Got 100% correct. That's a first.
  12. Forest Ump

    2019 NCAA Test Question

    There is only one statement that is false in that list of answers.
  13. Forest Ump

    2019 NCAA Test Question

    This one bothers me because the rule is listed in section 6-2-d Immediate Dead Ball Backswing interference following a swing and a miss by the batter always causes the ball to become dead immediately. a. True b. False Backswing interference is ignored if the catchers throw retires the runner. In this case it's treated as a delayed dead ball. So the answer must be false. Any arguments?
  14. Forest Ump

    2019 NCAA Test Question

    OK OK I get it. No need to keep repeating yourself. Only one D & O conference per team plus leftover conferences no matter how many extra innings.Thanks, I had totally misinterpreted that one.
  15. Forest Ump

    2019 NCAA Test Question

    I always think of Canseco when I read these plays. Look at rule 10-6-A. Also 2-16 for additional support.