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  1. AtlUmp

    New CP suggestions

    The default harness for the Cobra is not very good, I would recommend you get a harness from Razzer if you go that route be cause that is probably its biggest flaw. Besides the harness its a its light, fairly cool, and the protection while not as good as a S7 is nothing to sneeze at.
  2. AtlUmp

    What is Your Primary Mask?

    Mizuno 1DJQH120 with Team Wendy pads and a Spyder TG both powder coated flat black
  3. AtlUmp

    New Mizuno mask

    Looks like its for rubber covered baseballs and its made of hollow mild steel instead of hollow chrome molybdenum steel that's used in the 1DJQH120 and about 40g or 1.4oz heavier. Not sure I would trust it for travel or HS ball. 140: http://www.mizunoshop.net/f/dsg-602290 120: http://www.mizunoshop.net/f/pn-1DJQH120?disp=prodtransflg2
  4. As for the chest protector Wilson makes the Gold and Charcoal in a 13". For reference I am 6'2" with a tall torso, I find that 13" is too small for me. Personally I went with a 15" All-Star S7 but, Douglas and Champro also have larger sizes with more hard shell coverage while Force 3 and Schutt have the extensions on the abdomen.
  5. My association has a season ending meeting in June after the playoffs. I have a feeling that this is going to come up at some point in our meeting.
  6. Whoops, just saw my mistake, don't know why I typed Chuck.
  7. That's the John Daly I'm talking about. He's got the best pants game in the PGA.
  8. As well as on the Champions Tour if you are Chuck Daly.
  9. AtlUmp


    In my area the association uses arbiter to assign games. At the end of the season they take the schedule and bill the schools what they owe the association and after collecting the money then gives us checks to cover our pay for the season.
  10. AtlUmp

    All Star System 7 CP

    I'm planning on it, just have to wait for my finances to allow it.
  11. AtlUmp

    All Star System 7 CP

    I love my All Star, been using it for 3 years of HS ball and have not had any problems with it. As a larger guy the only thing that could make it better is longer straps on the harness.
  12. AtlUmp

    Mask Porn?

    My current group Wilson Aluminum with TW pads Mizuno with TW pads and spyder TG I think the third is a Wilson dynalite that I had powder coated silver and added memory foam pads.
  13. AtlUmp

    Hello from Atlanta

    I am an umpire living south of Atlanta. I have lurked on here reading the forums as a way to get better and learn more about umpiring. Posting this as a way to try and get more connected and actually interacting instead of just reading other's post on this forum.