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  1. Go Navy Beat Army

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

    This year was my first year using a bucket, All Star System 7 2500. While I felt more protected, I didn't really like it. I felt confined; restricted even. Every time I took it off, the lower pads would rub my cheeks. Not a very good feeling. I didn't have any visibility issues whatsoever. Writing notes was irritating, because I didn't want my helmet on the ground and refused to sit it on my head like a football player. I also felt that a belt clip would just be one more item to keep track of. I like the skull cap idea, and had already started looking at skull cap options to wear with my mask. Then I saw the Unequal Uncap. It's pricier than a skull cap, buy may be an option. I'd have the look of a traditional hat with substantially more protection. Has anyone tried it?
  2. Go Navy Beat Army

    Dangling Throat Guard

    Last year, I wore a Schutt XV with the Madd Maxx modification. I had it up nice and high on my throat. Didn't wear a dangler at the time. Foul ball went from the bat, glanced off the catcher's mitt, grazed the bottom of my mask, and hit the foam baffle (neck line of the Schutt XV) just below my Adam's apple. Everyone in attendance went, "oooooooooooooooo." Both coaches came out of the dugout to check on me. I had a knot in my throat and difficulty swallowing for an hour. I ordered a dangler that night online. I will not get behind the plate without one. Lesson learned.
  3. Go Navy Beat Army

    What Mask Does 45 Wear?

    I recently took a shot off the very top of my chest protector, just below my throat. No plastic. Just foam. A foul glanced off the bat and straight to me with the freshman (hs) catcher being no help. The ball barely grazed the throat extension on my mask. I believe a longer throat extension would be perfect and allow me to ditch the dangling throat guard I added after taking that shot. Is 45's mask custom? I know a welder.
  4. Go Navy Beat Army

    Stealing Home with Two outs

    I've been looking through the rule book for this answer and can't find it. Bases loaded. Two outs. R3 attempts to steal home. While sliding into home plate, he is hit by the pitch. What are my options?