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  1. Thatsnotyou

    LLWS 2018

    Found on the front page of MSN: http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/watch-umpire-gets-in-way-during-walk-off-at-little-league-world-series/ar-BBMcuUX?ocid=ientp
  2. Used but in good shape. $30 shipped.
  3. It's odd that faking receiving a throw isn't illegal, if that's the rationale, because as soon as a base runner thinks a fielder is in position to get the throw on a steal, he's going to slide. The damage has already been done. He's not waiting for a tag attempt to start his slide.
  4. Thatsnotyou

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    Kids that are the size of 14 year olds are throwing gas on too tiny of a field. There’s zero need to call a wide zone. They don’t need the help. It’s hard enough to hit most of these guys.
  5. Thatsnotyou

    Caveat Emptor-A Force3 Story

    It took me all of 30 seconds to adjust, and that's the first time I had to do it in 2 years. If it wouldn't adjust back easily enough/always moved, that's another issue. You can buy a 100K car, it's still going to need maintenance and have a part shift or need adjusting.
  6. Thatsnotyou

    Caveat Emptor-A Force3 Story

    Meh. Gear sometimes needs adjustments or fixing.
  7. Thatsnotyou

    Caveat Emptor-A Force3 Story

    I recently noticed that this happened to mine. Using the photo above, that little silver piece was all the way to one side, meaning the one mask was all the way to one side. Not sure if you’re having the same issue. Couldn’t move it using my hands. I took a small folded up towel, put it over the side of mask, and lightly hammered that part of the mask so the mask would be centered again and that piece would be in he middle. Not sure if it will happen again, but it was a relatively easy fix for me.
  8. Maddon said postgame that he understands the rule (doubtful, and if so why are you out there). He’s every travel coach out there when it comes to rules. He doesn’t know them, and every call against his team is an awful judgment call. It’s embarrassing.
  9. Thatsnotyou

    Botched Appeal Attempt on R3 Leaving Early

    And if I call time to clean the plate, I'm depriving the runner on 3B from possibly advancing home if the shortstop overthrows the pitcher from 10 feet away. On and on it goes. Again, OP is OBR, I said FED.
  10. Thatsnotyou

    Botched Appeal Attempt on R3 Leaving Early

    Sure, but relaxed action to me (when wanting to call time) means the ball is in the infield and the base runners are standing on the base, so not depriving them anything but running into an out.
  11. Thatsnotyou

    Botched Appeal Attempt on R3 Leaving Early

    Agreed, though in FED, with relaxed action and a coach hollering at me about leaving early or what they want to appeal or even walking towards me, etc, I will sometimes just call time and ask them what their question is and get the dead ball appeal out of the way.
  12. Thatsnotyou

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Great transaction with @Thunderheads Shipped quickly, good communication, and item was exactly as promised.
  13. Thatsnotyou

    Botched Appeal Attempt on R3 Leaving Early

    @MadMax, I just feel like the vast majority of players/coaches/fans don't understand how to appeal, even if OBR. They think the only way to appeal is to always get on the rubber, then step off, etc. You'll have coaches yelling "we're going to appeal 3rd, Timmy get on the rubber," etc. Meanwhile it was just a SAC fly, no one else on, the ball is clearly still live.
  14. Thatsnotyou

    Apparel n' Equipment Guide v2

    I’m not familiar with a nutty buddy compared to a “normal” cup. Thanks for explaining.