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  1. How is that “inconclusive”, which is the only explanation here to stick with the call on the field? If you can’t get that right with replay, why bother? That’s embarrassing.
  2. Thatsnotyou

    Better Mechanics for solo umpiring

    They have eyes, they can see you are by yourself. You’d have the same “out” if you explained what you saw/couldn’t see after a specific play. All you are doing pregame is setting up an excuse to miss a call and showing a lack of confidence in your own game. I think it comes off terribly. When I work one man, there’s a good chance nothing actually happens that I can’t see, and I’m going to try my best to get everything, even if the steal of 2nd is tougher. If I miss obstruction at first since I was watching a catch in left field, I can explain that at the time easily enough. To me it just sounds like “I’m by myself so I may blow some calls, oh well”.
  3. I’ll bring back whatever is in my ball bag. It’s your problem after that, mr director. Related, I hate the tournaments that want you to keep some sort of score sheet, record the score and have both team managers sign it and return it to HQ. No thanks. I’m an umpire, not tournament management. I don’t need to be chasing down managers after the game. My job is over. I need to get off the field. I always just have the home team coach take it.
  4. It may be hard to see it if the stride is up towards the pitcher (you may figure this out if he’s on the front line prior to striding, easy tell), but it’s really easy to see it if it’s towards the pitcher AND first base. He’s now really in my line of vision. I had a guy do this trying to hit outside pitches.
  5. Thatsnotyou

    Smitty Body Flex Shirts

    Wish there was a polo blue with the black collar.
  6. Thatsnotyou

    Twist on Hidden Ball Trick Wins Game

    Meh, I’ve seen better
  7. Thatsnotyou

    Better Mechanics for solo umpiring

    I disagree with this. Just comes off as setting up excuses for potentially missing calls. Just address something if and when it comes up.
  8. This. So much this. I refuse to pick them up as well. If it’s high school (this rarely if ever happens) I’ll say please throw them to the catcher or bring them to me next time. If it’s travel, I’m a bit more...loose with my wording. When I sense the disrespect, I’ve straight up told them that I have hands and/or I’m not a dog. The majority of the time it’s out of disrespect. Inning ends, here comes a hard grounder towards the plate. Wtf? So hell no I’m not picking them up. This isn’t fetch. I’ve played absolute dumb when I’ve seen them coming and let them roll right past my feet. When a ball goes out of play should I roll one to your pitcher? Just chuck it out there along the ground?
  9. My take is always get off the field as quickly as possible. If I’m walking off by the home team dugout, I drop them near the entry way or right in front of the dugout. If I end up walking near the coach on the way out, I’ll just hand them off. I don’t seek, but if he’s there, he’s there. If the home side is opposite of where I’m exiting, I’ll usually take a few steps over towards that dugout and lightly toss them near towards their dugout. I’ll usually do that from well off/behind the dirt circle, and make sure I’m not tossing near anyone. Not from in front of the plate as seen here and not with a lot of force. Looking to make it a bit more subtle.
  10. Thatsnotyou

    Review: Under Armour Men's Ultimate Turf Trainer

    Any idea why? I really like the shoe.
  11. Thatsnotyou


    I’ve moved and I’ve had partners move. I’d rather see well from B than be battling in A. B and C are OK with runners on, so it should be OK with no one on.
  12. Thatsnotyou

    Ever heard of this mechanic?

    I have not. Fascinating.
  13. Thatsnotyou

    Force 3 V3 Chest Protector - any reviews?

    I have the f3 shins and mask, but I’ve been hesitant to go to the chest protector due to the “box” and fit issue I’ve seen brought up here and elsewhere (UA website for one). I’m only 5’9” 150 so I need something slim. I currently use the Wilson gold and don’t feel unsafe despite the couch cushion padding. I want the best protection, but haven’t been convinced to replace the gold with the f3. It’s also not a cheap investment if it doesn’t work out.
  14. Thatsnotyou

    IF's F Bombing Partner

    And that’s a ridiculous semantical argument that won’t get anywhere with me. “I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to my assistant coach.” Oh, sorry, in that case, what you just said about me (while screaming it) is irrelevant. Carry on! It’s our job to listen and hear everything we possibly can, even if not directly at us. It is my/our business. Doesn’t mean we act on everything.
  15. Thatsnotyou

    IF's F Bombing Partner

    Last week I was in short RF between the top and bottom of the 1st, when I heard the SS tell the 2B that "this umpire (my partner behind the plate) is F*#King ass". I didn't eject, though I thought I'd be well within my rights to do so (HS rules after all). I did let it be known that I heard him and that it better stop immediately. I told him to knock it off and watch the language. He didn't say another word, thankfully.