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  1. Thatsnotyou

    HS JV Game EJ on Friday

    Everything non-varsity should have a time limit. Drop dead would be even better. Encourages pace of play, kills the three hour sloppy baseball game, and you’d likely get more umpires willing to do them after work etc. I also wish HS would go to more of a tournament rule, something like 15/3, 12 or 10/4, 8/5.
  2. Thatsnotyou

    Some Sort of Record..

    Yeah, you don’t restrict a coach in an 8 year old game (any game?) for yelling bullSH*#, especially after stomping out on to the field.
  3. Thatsnotyou

    Ejecting Fans

    I don’t think @beerguy55 talks enough. His posts are interesting, logical and funny.
  4. Thatsnotyou

    Ejecting Fans

    I see what you're saying. At the same time, if you don't put a stop to something that's over the line, it will only grow from there. More comments, louder comments, more people jumping in. Before you know it, the circus has come to town. Once it crosses a line, I put an end to it so we can get back to normal.
  5. Thatsnotyou

    Ejecting Fans

    Well, no, but whatever you want to think is fine by me.
  6. Thatsnotyou

    Ejecting Fans

    This is nonsense. And if you're just having someone else deal with it prompted by your instruction, it's just semantics. The reporting mechanism on the high school association website even shows this:
  7. Thatsnotyou

    Loose player equipment

    I used the term "toss" loosely. It's not a far toss. It's usually a cross between a toss and a slide, just to make sure I get enough distance that no one (including myself) will step on it when it stops its slide. It's either straight behind or towards the side of the defensive team (if 1B), as to not hit the on deck guy. I've also held it on occasion.
  8. Thatsnotyou

    Loose player equipment

    Bad break. If I can get to it right away, I always try to grab the bat and toss it behind me or to the side so this doesn't happen/one of the players doesn't turn an ankle stepping on it.
  9. Thatsnotyou

    Ejecting Fans

    On site, sure. Somewhere around the entire athletic complex or in the building, I’d say. At the field at all times? No. To be clear, never thrown out a fan at a HS game. Travel ball is an entirely different game. It’s not frequent, but I’ve had some through the years. People will say the damndest things in travel ball.
  10. Thatsnotyou

    Bunting infraction

    Shouldn’t need to, certainly. Maybe the catcher blocked him or he knew he missed it and needed a way to get it.
  11. Thatsnotyou

    Bunting infraction

    Never would. Had a partner come for help after a coach went nuts over it. His foot was squarely on the plate.
  12. Thatsnotyou

    Bunting infraction

    This isn’t true. When a RH batter runs across the plate, I can’t see the pitch and it’s beyond obvious that he’s out of the box. It’s also pretty easy to see a batter that is stepping on the plate with his right foot. I can’t help but see it at that point. You can also see some of these violations as a BU, especially in B/C. You can see a guy’s feet east/west pretty easily.
  13. Thatsnotyou

    Ejecting Fans

    If I eject him myself? Yeah, I will wait to make sure he's leaving. If he's delaying at all, I go to the coach of that team. Most times when I've ejected a fan, they've left. They may continue to yell as they grab their seat back or whatever, but at long as they are leaving, fine. If they play the "I'm not going anywhere" card, it's right to the coach, no need to talk back and forth. It's not really any different than waiting for a coach to leave, except you don't have the head coach there to help you, since it's the same person. I wait until the coach leaves after an ejection. I don't re-start the game while they are slowly packing their stuff while still yelling from the dugout or making comments. Let's get the trouble completely out of the area, then we'll continue. I'd rather take my shot at ejecting and him leaving and be done with it. If he doesn't, then I keep going down the list of procedures. That's when the coach can be used, or site management called from the soccer field, etc. But I don't see the need to drag that out right away. And to me, it's still semantics. I think it's more awkward to grab the coach, walk to the fence, and point at the guy in the red pullover. If it's just a "get the fans under control," I try to use the coach or game management, if any exists. I don't "talk to the fence" in that I don't have back and forths with fans, or warnings, etc. But simply ejecting a fan as you first move, to me, isn't talking to the fence.
  14. Thatsnotyou

    Ejecting Fans

    I get why people say "don't talk to the fence," but in some cases, I think you have to do it. At a typical HS game, there simply is no "game management". And a travel game, absolutely no game management. It's you and the coaches. Maybe there is a trainer around, but that's about it. If there is an AD, outside shot he's there, but I wouldn't even know it if he was and if he is, he's likely popping in and out amongst the other 15 activities going on at his school that day. What am I going to do, delay a game 15 minutes so game management can be summoned to tell them the secret that X dad needs to leave? That's creating more of a scene than what's necessary to that point. If I need to get the fans/a fan to calm down, I'll usually try to use the coach. But if the coach is already fuming/been warned or whatever, how's that going to go? Not great. Kind of a tough spot there. You're throwing gas on a fire. Ejecting a fan? Depending on when it happens/what I see/what my partner sees, I'll do it myself. If they don't want to leave, I'll get the coach involved. If I'm standing near the backstop and grabbing water and someone says "you're F*#King horse SH*#", I'll turn and tell them to leave. Why would I take a shot from a fan that close, then proceed to walk all the way to the dugout, explain to the coach what happened, bring him over to the fence, and then point him out? That just seems odd. Like "I'm telling!" If he doesn't start moving, I won't argue or talk from there, and I'll grab the coach. But I'll sure let them know he's gone. I disagree that fans aren't our responsibility. Agree with @beerguy55, this is semantics.
  15. Thatsnotyou

    Great photo in Club 34 in Lakeland, FL

    Watching the plate touch?