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  1. Time between games

    I get a fee per game. Don’t know or care about how the sausage was made. Should be 2X for two games. Most tournaments are 2X, 3X etc. There is a documented shortage of officials in all sports around the country. Probably time to not get cute with “travel fees”.
  2. Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    Sent two photos via PM. Tried to upload here multiple times but kept getting an error.
  3. Haha. Not knocking it, just pointing out the hypocritical nature of their comment. I totally get using that for little guys.
  4. Time between games

    I don’t know how anyone determines a travel fee or what it equals, but if one game is X, two games should be 2X. You can slice it any way you want, but the “you didn’t travel twice” is nonsense. Is there a wait around fee for the time between games?
  5. "I'm a traditionalist" "Is that so? Do you have button up shirts too? Outside protector for this game?" They say it in such a way that implies that we're the odd ones for not following some sort of code. We're rebels for wearing colors that, I don't know, are worn by everyone else, all the way up to MLB.
  6. That loud on a regular travel field? We’re quickly past the ignore stage here. Hand up with “that’s enough”. I’ll let coach determine the course from there. Any more and we’re into a formal warning. I didn’t see the first pitch, but judging by the zone tracker, I’m guessing he’s more upset with that one than the second one.
  7. Time between games

    This is one of the reasons I’ve stopped working HS doubleheaders on Saturdays. I’ve heard of quite a few other guys doing this as well. I don’t understand how is this an accepted practice, especially for guys doing two underclass games by themselves.
  8. Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    I use a Wilson 6” with the snap straps and it seems to work just fine.
  9. Time between games

    Do you think it’s kind of a no harm no foul ask? Or will a coach take offense to it, report it, whatever? Like I said I’ve only seen it once.
  10. Batters interference, what is a play

    I have always been taught that an aborted throw is a play. A pump fake, a ball into hand and coming up, etc. He/she doesn’t have to purposely throw it off their ear hole to draw a call (and I’d prefer they don’t). Show me that you were going to try to make a play, is all.
  11. Infield Fly with Tagup

    Agreed. It’s just so easy for the plate guy to watch the tag at 2nd if it’s a ball in the V. I always do. I’m starting to move towards third anyway, and since I don’t have to track the fly ball as aggressively (looking for first contact and timing) I may as well watch that runner in-line with the catch so I’m watching something. I can probably see the runner on first as well, but he’s generally halfway or whatever and not tagging, so not a huge issue.
  12. Chirping Assistant

    Unless it’s a travel game, in which case even though you walk to the plate and likely right past one of their dugouts, you’ll stand at the plate for a minute or two wondering whether anyone will join you. Sometimes I even make a game of it, seeing how long it will take to figure it out - but only if we’re ahead of schedule. Then you have to call for the head coaches, letting them know you are in fact done inspecting the plate.
  13. Time between games

    For HS, second game is generally a JV game for us, so we tell them we will be back in 15 minutes to start, and I don’t mess around at the car. I hate sitting around for a half hour. It’s a long enough day as it is. Change, come back, let’s go. If I’m solo, or the same guys are playing in game two, let’s go in 10, I probably won’t even leave the field. Smart coaches will send their next starter to the bullpen in the 7th (and sometimes we talk about this in pregame of game one). I had one summer HS DH earlier this summer where both coaches agreed that “we will start the second one as quickly as you want.” Five minutes after the first ended, we started the second. I’m general, no one preps the field for the JV game, so that’s a non-issue. There was one time a few years ago where I worked with a respected vet who clearly had done this move before...told the coaches that he’ll start the JV game behind the plate almost immediately upon conclusion of the varsity game while I go change. I came back and started the bottom of the first while he changed into base gear. So we had one umpire for an inning or maybe an inning and a half. Worked great. No one said boo. Only time I’ve ever done it, but I want to do it again. Has anyone else ever done something like this? None of us really do this for the money at the HS level, but I’m not getting paid to stand around for 30+ minutes while you grill out. It’s just wasting time with an already long enough day. Let’s get this second game going ASAP. But some teams, even at a tournament where the game before ended early and they’ve been hitting in cages for an hour and/or playing catch, still feel like they need 30-40 minutes, and they aren’t allowed to take infield per tournament rule. For what exactly do you need all that time?
  14. Even 90º+ Gets to the Best of Us

    Someone pretty high up in my association said he “cringes” when he sees someone walking to the field with a cooler or jug etc. Said that “you can survive two hours without water” and that “hydrate beforehand.” This isn’t MLB, I don’t have someone bringing me water every inning if requested, towel, etc. I have to take care of myself, although some teams/coaches will ask to help (and I will take them up on if needed and it’s 90+ out. Sure, pro umpires don’t walk on to a field with water. I’m not a pro, and I don’t have the personnel to help me. What are my options? Prove I’m “tough” by walking on to the field with nothing? What is this, 1990 HS football when coaches thought water was for the weak? What is anyone’s real thought when they see someone with water/cooler/whatever? Is it really “this guy is weak, he needs water” and/or “this guy probably sucks”? I think any reasonable person would be thinking “OK good, umpire has some water to help take care of himself out here”. Lastly, I’ll call a better game and have better focus if I’m hydrated. You can’t simply hydrate before and call it a day. PS I wonder what the “no water truthers” thought about Wendelstedt wearing a towel around his neck the entire game and not keeping the lineup cards. Oh, and he ducked into an air conditioning room between innings. Pound sand indeed.
  15. Dropped third strike dead ball.

    That ball is not dead, umpire and umpire coordinator are incorrect - unless your specific league rules say otherwise.
  16. What do you think? OBS in FED or NCAA?

    I’m thinking the opposite. To me, it appears to maybe, possibly NOT be OBS only in super slo-mo. Live with no benefit of replay I think it would be really hard to not have either safe (as Davis had originally) or obstruction.
  17. Going flash sale

    $25 for a $70 fleece-lined jacket was just too good to pass up.
  18. 3-2 steal, ball 4 mechanic

    The discussion here is really if there are 0 or 1 outs. With 2 outs, there's no call at 2nd on a steal unless something absolutely ridiculous happens. I feel like when I've seen this in MLB, they look in to the plate for a "what do you have"...and the PU knows to tell him it's ball four or signal an out at the plate, then the base umpire turns around and goes from there.
  19. UIL State Tournament Batter interference

    Video isn’t great, but he doesn’t call time right away. He signals a strike, and appears to call time as the throw gets somewhere out near the base (albeit wild). At that point he knows the throw isn’t retiring the runner. I don’t have an issue with the timing here after watching it a few times. He did not kill it right away.
  20. UIL State Tournament Batter interference

    Live with? Isn't it dead when the throw doesn't retire the runner? Enforcement of penalty was wrong, but time was more or less correct, no?
  21. Called a Bad Game, How to Recover

  22. Called a Bad Game, How to Recover

    Next game, next big moment, next time you need confidence...tell yourself that you are bigger than the moment, the moment isn’t bigger than you. That may come off as cocky, but it’s not supposed to. Have confidence, know that you can handle it and do a good job. The moment is not too big for you.
  23. Rookie Tips

    This is really good advice. I’ve made an effort to relax myself, talk to myself in big spots, step back and take a breath, etc.
  24. Rookie Tips

    At the youth level, I don’t really feel the need to see pitches. An 11 year old isn’t a) throwing hard nor b) throwing some wicked curve I need to take a look at. Personally, I use the warm up pitches for a few things: 1) it’s my warm up too. Most games I’ve been sitting in an office all day prior to the game, so I like to get my eyes warmed up, track the ball, think about timing, actually call the pitches in my head, etc. 2) get a look at release point so I’m not surprised on pitch one or taking a full batter to find it. 3) take a look at any offspeed he may have. I like to see a curve ball in warm ups first so an especially good one doesn’t “buckle me” and have me missing it early. 4) talk to the catcher. Ask him what pitches he may have or at least something like “anything crazy I need to look for?” Usually they’ll just say “Nah, fast curve change.” Or “he has a pretty good curve he throws a lot.” I also build some rapport there based on how much they want to talk. How their season is going, the weather, whatever. Just something to open a dialogue, hopefully have us “working together” back there from the beginning. 5) finally, it looks good to everyone else out there. I think it shows coaches and players (even fans) you’re ready to go, you’re taking it seriously, you have experience, etc. sets a tone. Perception is reality. Anything 14+ (I mainly do varsity hs), I do this. I also do it with relief pitchers as time allows (especially if we go from a RHP to a LHP), or I see a side armer in there, or s guy is coming in with the game on the line late in the game, etc. I’m trying to give myself the best chance to get pitches correct. Early in my career I didn’t do this (I didn’t know I should do it), and there were times I’d miss a pitch early because I was surprised by something. Catchers know you are back there and they will block for you. Again, 11 year olds throwing wildly I don’t really need to see. YMMV
  25. 0-2 purpose pitch

    The pre-pitch setup (too far) off the plate, with a dead-on placement/touch outside from there, is just the worst after you ball it. "CMON WHERE IS THAT?!" "JOHNNY IS THAT OUT?!" Then you have to rely on old Johnny to hopefully shake his head yes or motion outside. Coaches just don't pay enough attention to his catcher's (or even my) pre-pitch setup, as I'm going to follow him towards the outside corner if he moves there. The guy doesn't have his glove in the middle of the plate on every pitch. Sometimes you really just want to say "Mike, did you not see him move before the pitch? He set up off the plate to begin with."