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  1. Why was anybody forced once the line drive was caught (OP), assuming it was in the air, of course? R1 wasn't forced anywhere, unless he tagged up at 1B and went for second and even then, he'd have to be tagged. I obviously missed something. Y'all lost me. (Never mind. NOT caught would be the key here. )
  2. WilsonFlyer


    There's a question in there somewhere. I guess.
  3. Are you sure the count was 3-2? OP said it was 2-2 and that matters if he called it a ball.
  4. IMO, the runner is more likely to catch a pitcher (an untrained pitcher) off-guard in this situation and draw a balk. Aside from a safe call at the plate or a hit, this is about the only good outcome a coach could expect from trying this. Not a very high percentage play at most upper levels where balks are called, again; IMO.
  5. This doesn't answer your question but in addition to, people have asked me for years why I don't do "weekend ball." This is why.
  6. He's right up top ya know.
  7. Wow. Judgemental much? That's pretty harsh. Tough call in a tough situation. Easy to watch it all in replay and slow motion and see the error. Not so much in real time. Casting the first stone kinda thing.
  8. I doubt these guys will end up on the Braves' coach's Christmas card list.
  9. And EXACTLY why I don't do "weekend/pay to play" baseball.
  10. WilsonFlyer


    My bad. Read too much between the lines.
  11. WilsonFlyer


    Why wouldn't IFF be in effect?
  12. WilsonFlyer

    Hit By Pitch

    By rule? Be prepared to get your hands dirty if you pick up the stick by that end.
  13. What if he had tagged 3B and not the plate?
  14. Interesting choice of verbiage on the ruling. "...while the ball is dead."
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