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  1. WilsonFlyer

    Base running after being awarded two bases

    We may not always quote a specific rule number when we respond here, but generally speaking, the answers here are correct? Why? The expertise here would astound most people. We strive to "get it right" and we'll call each other out (get that?) in a heartbeat when an incorrect answer or interpretation is given. I dare say that everyone here has learned at least something by being here as often as most of are. We are quite fortunate to have a community like this of like-minded and like mutual interest professionals where, for the most part except in time of jesting; egos get checked at the door. Come here anytime and you can get your question(s) answered. If it's baseball related, you'll get a straight answer here. Guaranteed. You may not always like the answer and you might not always agree with it, but the one thing you can count on it that it will be right in the end, and usually pretty early on. Forgive our somtimes sarcasm. It's part of the job. Don't be a stranger.
  2. WilsonFlyer

    Base running after being awarded two bases

    If the pitcher called timeout before his throw to second and it was granted, the question is moot. This is not a live ball appeal. Assuming no time out, you may call it "weird baserunning" but it doesn't change the fact that the baserunner must touch all bases on an award. Runner out. The end. It's not about the baseline. It's about touching ALL bags in the award.
  3. Somebody ought to make a musical out of that!
  4. WilsonFlyer

    Run scored on double play

    I've seen this done appearing to be on purpose by offenses betting on the fact that they will find an inexperienced umpire that will allow run to count.
  5. I'm still confused over the whole thing. I don't call anything from A anyway unless it's fair/foul down the line, and certainly never with a two-man crew. BTW, for any of you that actually can get from B or C to A to make a call, and I'm still not sure why you would, be sure to look to your right. There's a freight train coming down the tracks.
  6. WilsonFlyer

    Does run count?

    He was not forced to 1B. Therein lies your answer. This is a classic example of what we call a "time play." If the run crosses before the out, the run counts. It all depends on what happened first.
  7. WilsonFlyer

    Stepping out of the front of box

    He said y'all already had one foot in the box. Yes.
  8. WilsonFlyer

    Catcher's forearm protection in minors

    OK. Y'all can joke about it all you want, but I'm about tired of taking forearm shots. Shut up and take my money. Where do I buy these???
  9. WilsonFlyer

    hit by pitch

    Not sure I'd want to pick up that stick by the dirty end.
  10. WilsonFlyer

    Umpire Interference with catcher/runner

    If action had ceased and the PU had simply called "Time!" as he should have, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Seriously though. I can't believe you guys are actually advocating and essentially defending an umpire placing himself intentionally into "harm's way" during live play of a baseball game. This is a cluster-you-know-what not only waiting to happen, but creating n excuse for it to happen. Maybe the dirty plate would wait, I'll give you that, but creating a situation intentionally that could produce a horrendous situation as a result seems to go against the entire philosophy of why we are supposed to be there in the first place. You guys are trying to defend an action (or lack thereof in this case) that you shouldn't be defending to begin with, especially with a runner on 3B. With a two-man+ crew and runners anywhere else, maybe, but to try to defend not calling a 25 second TO here is ludicrous at best and downright asinine at worst.
  11. WilsonFlyer

    Umpire Interference with catcher/runner

    And I always call time once all motion has ceased to clean a plate. It doesn't take but a second to put the ball back in play either.
  12. WilsonFlyer

    What is the Correct Call

    Wait. What? This is a newbie section?
  13. WilsonFlyer

    Out or foul tip

    I was always told that a foul tip goes "sharply and directly to the catcher's mitt." I always thought that language came from a rule somewhere since it is language people don't normally use in normal everyday conversation. Now I'm starting to wonder. Regardless, that's the way we define it in our organization, so no; this would not be a foul tip to me if I was behind the plate. {Ducks for cover.}
  14. WilsonFlyer

    Out, return runner or other

    We'd probably be amazed at how many catchers at lower levels that don't realize that's a live-ball situation even with nobody on also. Well, at least not until it's too late like in the situation outlined above. Lots of people take walks very "casually" and shouldn't. Lots can go wrong as above demonstrates. Certainly not on us. Just furthering the point to the question with regards to the runner attempting 2B and why.
  15. WilsonFlyer

    Wilson Shin Guard Comparison

    I hate to do it again, but I have to say this. I bought a set of F3's based solely on reading this thread. I have a set of Honigs that my supervisor gave me when I started and since then, I've owned and used both the Wilson Golds and Platinums. I worked my first plate game with the F3's last night and guys, I won't go back. These things are incredible. Seriously. The others are good, but these things are a step above as far as comfort goes, and they look and feel just as safe as either of my Wilsons or the Honigs, though I confess I haven't taken a shot to them yet. Just throwing that out there for the sake of history.