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  1. Umpire43

    Iso nike titanium

    @JDavis225 you have a couple?
  2. Umpire43

    Iso nike titanium

    @BT_Blue willing to work on a price.
  3. Umpire43

    Iso nike titanium

    Looking for the frame.
  4. Anyone have a small majestic convertible for sale?
  5. Umpire43

    All black allstar mag

    @gnhbua93 there was nothing wrong with the mask, i actually found it really light and comfortable, just felt really big on my face and i didnt need a 3rd mask.
  6. Umpire43

    All black allstar mag

    @Thunderheads please lock it up.
  7. Umpire43

    All black allstar mag

    Only used in one game, not shots taken. Asking 175 obo. I couldnt get photos to upload so i will pm them upon request.
  8. Umpire43

    What throat guard is this?

    Looks like the one fielden culbreth uses.
  9. Umpire43

    All American v. Champion

    I switched from a champion to an all american. The foam is more memory foam so it molds to your body better and to me i felt like it had more protection.
  10. Umpire43

    One lucky guy

    I have to say i got lucky stumbling across these this year.
  11. @Jbpump15 what douglas? And @jwclubbie how low would you go for the nike ti?
  12. Umpire43

    Gerry Davis's mask

    After a quick google search i found the product.
  13. How do you guys wash the team wendy pads on a chest protector? Same as the pads with a machine wash or hand wash?
  14. Umpire43


    @klcullipher8 his wasnt the TW retro fit. Just a regular one.
  15. Umpire43


    @umpstu can you send me the photos?