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  1. How do you guys wash the team wendy pads on a chest protector? Same as the pads with a machine wash or hand wash?
  2. ISO TW CP

    @klcullipher8 his wasnt the TW retro fit. Just a regular one.
  3. ISO TW CP

    @umpstu can you send me the photos?
  4. ISO TW CP

    @umpstu gold? And photos?
  5. ISO TW CP

    In search of a team wendy chest protector. If you are willing to sell im willing to work a fair price.
  6. All american fit

    Bought it from a guy on facebook, he had it but never wore it because he had several other CP.
  7. All american fit

    I just got a new all american CP in 13. Has anyone had an issue with the wings feeling like they are jabbing you in the armpit?
  8. FS Black Douglas CP 13" (65.00)

    How do the pads look?
  9. @mbkcoach i sent you a pm
  10. Ill take the AA @mbkcoachwhat shape is the padding in?
  11. @JDavis225 what size is the platinum?
  12. Dremel an SSK belt

    Can you dremel the lacker off an ssk belt and still use polish to keep it shiny?
  13. The old style new balance base shoes with white bottoms size 10. Asking 35 includes shipping. Will PM photos