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  1. @boyinr i was worried about that. I used to wear the 15.5 platinum, i guess i need to switch to 14.5 f3.
  2. I have a medium majestic. I can send you some photos
  3. My shin guards seem to slide up during the game and leave a gap. Im wearing 16.5 shins and the low cut new balance shoes. The straps seem to be as tight as i can get them and still buckle them
  4. I have a medium majestic convertible for sale. Has part of an ACC logo on the front pocket that will have to be removed and number outlines on the sleeve. Asking 70 including shipping.
  5. @JDavis225 you have a couple?
  6. @BT_Blue willing to work on a price.
  7. Anyone have a small majestic convertible for sale?
  8. @gnhbua93 there was nothing wrong with the mask, i actually found it really light and comfortable, just felt really big on my face and i didnt need a 3rd mask.
  9. @Thunderheads please lock it up.
  10. Only used in one game, not shots taken. Asking 175 obo. I couldnt get photos to upload so i will pm them upon request.
  11. Looks like the one fielden culbreth uses.
  12. I switched from a champion to an all american. The foam is more memory foam so it molds to your body better and to me i felt like it had more protection.
  13. I have to say i got lucky stumbling across these this year.
  14. @Jbpump15 what douglas? And @jwclubbie how low would you go for the nike ti?
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