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  1. @mbkcoach i sent you a pm
  2. Ill take the AA @mbkcoachwhat shape is the padding in?
  3. Douglas Chest Protector vs. Team Wendy West Vest

    @JDavis225 what size is the platinum?
  4. Dremel an SSK belt

    Can you dremel the lacker off an ssk belt and still use polish to keep it shiny?
  5. The old style new balance base shoes with white bottoms size 10. Asking 35 includes shipping. Will PM photos
  6. ISO ridell power

    Looking for a power. Will pay a premium for it.
  7. Nike Ti Black-Riddell Power-Wilson items-etc

    Very interested in the ridell. @acpar72
  8. Equipment Bag Debate

    I use the ETECH 2.0 ebag because it has a deeper and wider bottom compartment than the motherlode so i switched to that. The bag holds just as much as when i had the wilson but this bag is 7 inches shorter, very organizable with moveable velco dividers for the bottom and 2 large zip pockets. Its great for me since im always traveling. Breathability is ok, i leave it partially unzipped for travel and then take out my plate gear in my next city.
  9. Mask Porn?

    Mizuno mask with TW and the shovel. I also have the spyder throat guard.
  10. Throat Guard

    Carlos torres uses the wilson bucket with a 6 inch throat guard on the outside of it. Look him up if you want a photo.
  11. Why is this umpire smiling?

    I use TW and wilson memory foam. The wilson pads are much softer but i think TW handles shots better.
  12. Mizuno Shovel

  13. Mizuno Shovel

    I love my shovel but it took me finding it on a japanese version of amazon and a buddy of mine shipping it to me. Might have really been the last new black one.