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  1. Nutty Buddy Question

    After several different variations of trying the NB as described above I've decided to go with the Shock Doctor with Jock. The NBs floating design just didn't give me the confidence I needed behind the plate. I like my junk covered and secured and protected always. The NB when in the Hands on knees position for me would uncover the jewels at the bottom and when you have them uncovered gravity takes over... then they are susceptible to being crushed with contact. I found the NB with Jock outside compression to be the worst protection and the Jock and NB under compression to offer the best but still falling short to the Shock Doctor with Jock because everything stays where it should (fully encapsulated behind cup) even when down in the squat position for delivery of the ball. That being said I have a standard "Trophy" and a flex "Mongo" Nutty buddy for sale never used in a game if anyone is interested.
  2. Took one off the inner thigh last night and these would've prevented the ball size mark left. Ill try them out. Paypal me your info and I'll get a payment to you later this evening. Busy long day with work and games. Thanks Sold
  3. +POS

    Just wanted to say this about Dan and the +POS crew. Bought something from him a couple weeks ago and I wasn't completely satisfied with it. His willingness to make it right was appreciated and not only did he allow me to return it for other merchandise he shipped the new item that had had a MSRP higher for an even swap. No complaints here and I have no reservation of doing business with them again!
  4. WTB Douglas CP 13" or 15" Black

    @gnhbua93 just curious if you have what I'm looking for and willing to part with it for the right price? I can't pm you it says you don't take pms?
  5. WTB Douglas CP 13" or 15" Black

    Kinda depends on condition and whether its a 13' or 15".. Lets talk... I tried Pm-ing you but no dice
  6. Looking for a back up. Might look at a 13" but would like to find a 15" in good shape not needing reworked. I know its a shot in the dark but if you have please pm me.
  7. Latest NB plate shoes - Cleaning

    For my patent leather zigs I use "kiwi" quick shine. Can be had at Walgreens or CVS. It's a sponge with liquid kiwi reservoir and a plastic cap. You just remove cap.. brush shine and go. Stores nicely in bag.
  8. Masks - jackets - pants - shoes

    Ill take #2 Wilson Dyna Lite w/ TW pads per our PMs/convo Pm Inbound
  9. FS: 16" Douglas Shins

    Ill take them per our pms. Thanks!