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  1. Set Position

    Thanks guys. Had it come up in a game yesterday and I thought he was good with any part. The opposing coach didn't think so and reading the rule again didn't provide much clarification. Guess I should have checked the casebook.
  2. Set Position

    6-2-3 says "he shall come to a complete and discernible stop with the ball in both hands in front of the body and the glove at or below his chin." Is the highlighted phrase referring to the top of the glove? Or would any part of the glove at or below the chin make it legal?
  3. shape up or ship out

    This is my first year umpiring, and I'm in NC. Our assignor has mentioned many times that this isn't a license to go canning coaches. He also mentioned that an AC on 1B watching a banger and going "No Way!!" Or some similar outburst Is NOT protesting the call and ejectable under the rule. I think the worst part about the rule is that a coach can't talk to the BU about anything, all contact must go through the PU.
  4. Does the run score?

    Thanks guys. Knew I was thinking too hard about it. Sorry to ask something so readily apparent.
  5. Does the run score?

    FED test question. I'm 99% sure I'm just overthinking it but can't find an example. With the bases loaded and 1 out, B5 hits a line drive to the right field fence. R3 and R2 both score, but R1 is thrown out at home. B5 safely arrives at 3rd, but missed 1st base. The defense properly appeals B5 missing first. i want to say no runs because the third out was made by BR at first. But the 2 runs scored before the second out was recorded so I'm lost.
  6. Just ordered a pair of combos. Might have ordered base and plate if I hadn't just got a set of factory seconds snotty poly-wools. One had the wrong tag on the inside and I couldn't find the defect on the other. Love my adidas golf shorts and hoping these are similar. If I like em it may be easier to convince SWMBO I need plate and base after I have some game fees in the bank!
  7. NC First Year Umpire

    I appreciate it man! I'm signed up with Ron and he's great. A lot of really great guys and training opportunities with the association. They just had an on-field clinic last Saturday instructed by 3 guys in our association that call games for the ACC, MEAC, and Big South. Rain scared some people away so there were only the instructors and about 10 guys there. I'm doing my best to soak it all in and ask the right questions. Thanks to @kylehutson on the tax advice too. I'm planning on just saving all my receipts (and now recording my mileage) and letting a professional prepare them with me and my wife's other income. I figure he'll know how to squeeze a buck better than I do.
  8. NC First Year Umpire

    Thanks for the tip. I have Adams all-star mask, shin protectors and chest plate along with 3n2 plate shoes and reebok base shoes. Not great stuff but should work for while. 4 concussions ended my college football career so I'm considering getting a nice hockey style mask sometime soon if you have any suggestions. As far as mileage goes, what's deductible? It was my understanding that driving from home to the game site didn't count.
  9. NC First Year Umpire

    Thanks. And I definitely will! Forgiveness comes easier than permission right?
  10. NC First Year Umpire

    Hey Guys! I'm 23 years old and signed up for my first season with my our local high school association. I also signed up with a booking agent that covers rec, travel and showcase ball to try to get more games in. (SWMBO is going to kill me if I keep dropping money before I get paid) I did 12u and 10u rec ball my Junior and Senior years of high school and am looking forward to getting back into it. I've been reading the forums here and it's been really beneficial. Anyways I just wanted to introduce myself here. If any of the vets out there have any tips or sage advice for me I'd love to hear it. Hope everyone has a great season.
  11. Who has the tag, and where does he go to see it?

    I'm just starting out and was at a clinic Saturday where an ACC guy suggested dropping deep down 1B line extended and keeping an eye on third out of your peripheral.