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  1. BobUmp

    EJ Number 1

    First One of this Year: 12U Tournament, OBR rules with NFHS Slide/avoid for all bases.. Both teams from out of state, OK baseball, pitchers throwing strikes, batters swinging bats, fielders making plays.. I am PU. R3, 2 outs T6: passed ball, R3 makes a break towards home, catcher recovers ball right away, run down ensues, ball gets back to catcher, he steps into baseline to apply a tag, and R3 TRUCKS him, both arms make a pushing motion. I call TIME, he's OUT and he's EJECTED HC from 3B box barrels down like Earl Weaver, but I get my Stop sign up before he arrives and he controls himself and is respectful while i explain he neither attempted to slide or avoid contact, so he is an out and an EJ.. All pretty Vanilla, EXCEPT R3 is crying... He has wandered to the gate to go off the field and his mom is there to hug him HC asks me if i could explain to him why he is ejected and i agree. i toss his pitcher a new ball to start warming up for next half inning and head to the gate for a conference with R3, HC, and MOM.. First thing i say is "I'm NOT mad at you.. Noone is MAD... You just did not attempt to slide legally or avoid contact with the catcher, so by rule you are out and ejected. This rule is in Middle School when you start playing MS ball, so it's a good lesson to learn now" Somehow i get out of the "conference" unscathed, and R3 even shook my hand for some unknown reason... man, i do love umpiring the younger guys as much as i love the higher levels, just for different reasons.. May the rest of my EJs this season go so smoothly.. PS, later in the same day, I have the plate for a 13U tourney game, with a "nationally ranked" 13U club which are the VT. During WARMUPS before first pitch top 1, I had to warn their bench and coach and read the riot act for taunting the pitcher of the HT DURING WARMUPS. Somehow, I got out of that game without an EJ.. I had to fill out an EJ report on the website anyways for the earlier EJ, so I had no issues doing two..
  2. BobUmp

    Breakaway base question!!

    HS game, bottom of 1st, R3 on 3rd, R1 on 1st, no outs, and its possible the HT will win by a big margin (undefeated vs a 2 win team).. Due to rain (what a surprise), we are on a town field that is all turf, with bases that are NOT anchored.. Steal of 2nd to get a throw to second for a possible steal of home, i am in B.. Throw goes down, F4 alertly steps up a few steps receives the ball and guns it to third to try to get R3 diving back. as the ball is caught, R3 is heads-first sliding back to 3rd, reaches out, and I can clearly see from my angle now about two steps toward 3rd from high end of the working area that his fingers pop the base an instant before the tag is applied to his arm - bag moves, then the tag.. bang bang.. bag jumps about 3-4 inches, so i did realize that, in real time, if your eyes go from tag to hand, it looks like he didn't reach the base yet... i safe him, call time immediately, and ask for the 3rd base coach to fix the bag position.. The Defensive dugout on first base side are moaning and groaning.. DHC asks for time and asks to come out to me, I grant it.. He says something like "come on Bobby, we aren't lasting long if we can't get these obvious ones, he was obviously short on the slide, were you blocked out or something?". We are standing basically where i called it from, and I explained to him that the fingers popped the base back, and that, although the loose base created bad optics, i had it all the way and the base moved from him hitting it before the tag got down. he said Ok and walked back so i think he may have bought it, but i won't know for sure until ratings are published i guess.. Thanks loose bases...
  3. BobUmp


    Maybe we will adapt.. We will be sitting in an environmentally controlled computer/video room, maybe working from home remotely, observing with the camera and laser systems, and remotely entering our calls on a screen by buttons. Of course, if the strike/ball computer locks up, or the fair/foul laser becomes un-calibrated, or a camera goes down, we would have to be certified to be the onsite technician to get them up and running ASAP.. maybe for being the technician/play reviewer/replay official, we get 200 bucks a game, or maybe 75-100/hr.. A bargain for a technician that is on immediate call for onsite repairs.. We could even do multiple games at the same time if we are working remotely, with a slight delay on judgement calls like tag-no tag, safe-out calls, for a slight discount on the rates.. We will be rich!! Of course our equipment purchases become computers, screens, tools, maybe digital multimeters, and lots of coffee... Not as cool as the latest japanese throat guard... Another plus, if the "system" or one of our judgement calls is getting business from the parents behind the backstop, we just press our mute button.. Also if a coach starts arguing about a rule, we display on his Heads-Up-Display Oakleys the rulebook citation..Of course he would actually have to take the Oakleys off the top of his cap and don them to see the HUD...
  4. BobUmp

    Mask Opinions Requested

    Another option to the F3, I think, is the ZR0-G steel. I use them with TW pads. I have an all-black setup that is sharp looking - looks almost like a Nike if Nike had black frames. i know you said in your original post that you don't like TWs, BUT: 1) they are lightweight 2) they are washable, so are great when it gets warm - washing machine, then air-dry 3) They are designed to disburse the force. Combined with the steel frames that give, those dead-on shots have been a non-factor for me for a couple of years now. And my setups are under 16 oz. I like the setup so much that come Memorial Day here on Long Island (HS ball complete and warmer weather in) I normally use/rotate three mask setups: All ZR0-G frames: Black frame/ black TWs, Silver frame/black TWs, and Charcoal frame/tan TWs..
  5. BobUmp

    Almost blinded thanks to sunglasses

    I like Matt's original post.. Prioritize the fair/foul, then catch/no catch, then tag ups/touches. Take your sweet time IMO... You can get a few more steps closer, and had he dropped the ball he would be retrieving it, popping up, and aiming before hauling it to home or another base, so you will have time to get back for any plays and react.. On the "show me" comment, in a HS Varsity game last year, I was BU, 2 outs with R1, routine attempted steal of second on a poor (thick dirt, dry, big dust storms on slide plays) infield. Throw was accurate and beat the runner by a mile. 2B catches ball cleanly, steps off 2B towards the head-first sliding runner to lay a tag on his backside a ways off the bag. BIG dust cloud, I wait... Guys are jogging off, 2B is two steps jogging off, I tell him to show me the ball, he displays his glove closed up, tucks it under his armpit and continues jogging... I stand up to give the out hammer, but luckily look over once more at the prone runner, and see a ball half buried in dirt between his legs.. I stop myself half into my hammer, step closer, and sure enough its a ball! I stand high again and start signalling "Safe! Safe! Balls on the ground!" I turn around to the 2B, who is circling back with a big grin on his face.. You almost got me number one-four!!
  6. BobUmp

    ball bumbled out of play

    You just beat me to the post! What MUDISFUN said!!
  7. BobUmp

    ball bumbled out of play

    The first attempt to put out the runner was the throw that stayed in play off the fence. If that went out of play by itself, then the BR gets second, and all others are two bases from TOP. Once a second play was made on the ball in live territory, and booted out, the BR gets two bases from the time it was booted. Since he had previously acquired 1B, he gets awarded to 3rd..
  8. BobUmp

    ISO: Plate Coat, Black, 44L

    I'm happy with the Out West Plate Coat I have.. High Quality IMHO - I wear suits often for my "real" job.. The pockets are perfect size also.. 3 buttons, so you can do the one button deal at various heights to get the correct look with your CP (I use the middle button with my XV)..
  9. BobUmp

    Being stupid got me hurt

    A couple of us were just talking this up the other day! I agree, they should start introducing and prototyping the robo-ump at 9U-11U (pre-middle school).. The kids, who are used to computers making gaming decisions via video games, would not only adapt to it quickly and easily, but also be less stressed about it at the plate than having some (in my case) 6 foot 3 giant black-outfitted grown-up, who is getting yelled at by all the daddy-ball coaches and half-drunk moms, standing there judging him/her for every pitch. They would also find all the "back-door cheats" in the system faster than even a pro player!. For instance can you lob a Giant EUPHESS pitch in that crosses the 3-D plate of the computer and calls a strike going practically north-south? well, an 11 year old would find out very quickly! Can you create a new "scrunched up" stance that tricks the computer into giving you a six inch height for your strike zone ? A ten year old would be flexible and smart enough to experiment!
  10. BobUmp

    I Left. Here's Why

    Sorry to hear about Jonathan's hard decision, but everyone has their limits, and you can't let caustic negative people lower your life quality. Enough is enough, and you know when you've had enough. Hopefully you are able to follow your Pastor passion more, and instead of it being a murder, it turns into just a (hard) push into another direction for you.. Everybody who officiates has stories like these, I imagine. Someone once told me that 90% of all people are good, positive people.. 10% are A-holes.. Unless you are in a very rural area with less than 10 people, you are going to encounter them every day, so deviate from the Aholes and spend your time and energy on the good people... With that, that's where you probably had gotten your enjoyment of officiating: you as an official are legitimately helping those "good" kids and coaches and parents be able to take their competition to the highest level they can. If they take the officials out, or only have officials that can be harassed, cajoled and intimidated into subjective calls, the level of play and competition degrades. So most of us work and train hard to be the most consistent, timely, rules saavy and in-position official we can be to help up the quality of the game for the "good kids". Problem is, sounds like it got way unbalanced for you, where the Aholes were taking over and degrading the whole thing to the point it was affecting you not only on the the field but off the field as well. Well, they made their own bed, and pooped in it then. By chasing away you and I'm sure other good guys and gals, they will degrade their game to the point that none of their "superstar' kids will go anywhere with the game, and may give it up just from the stress those same Aholes probably dump on their own kids.. As for the level of nonsense changing throughout the years, I think it was always there, at about the same frequency. The only big difference is with technology, Aholes and bullies have many more resources and power to attack and belittle more good people faster and in front of larger audiences...
  11. BobUmp

    What if You KNOW You Don't Know A Rule?

    I'm 6 years in, about 140-180 games per year, so approaching but not quite at 1000 games, and would summarize this topic here: 1) Make sure at any level you are doing you know the base awards, dead ball tables, interference and obstruction, and pitching rules fully. Ruling on these in real time decisively and with confidence helps you keep control and manage your games with much less angst and trouble, and the coaches will tend to respect you more when you prove knowledge in these areas. Maybe i should add in to know fully the league or tourney specific rules as well, or else respect will be hard to get at the field. 2) mechanics, timing, judgement on fair/foul, catch/no catch, safe/out, ball/strike will be a continuous improvement effort over your entire career, and will need to be worked on every game you umpire 3) Throughout each season, reading through the case book at intervals (i kindle it, and read it when i travel for my other job, and i have a hard copy i read in the hammock over the summer when I'm goofing off), as well as places like this forum for cases that arise in games, helps you move up the experience curve by reading other people's experiences and how it would relate to the rules applications 4) my first 300 games or so over my first 3 seasons i would write down one or two things that either occurred in the game or "almost happened" or "what if this situation happened" or something I needed to improve with mechanics, then look them up and work on them. I still do it now, but not every game - now if something unusual happened or "could have happened" i will note it and look it up to make sure i know the rules that would apply and how to apply them. That should get you through most of the situations in fairly good shape as you gain experience and knowledge. Now for fun, some examples of some rules I blew over the years that I had to look up afterward and realized i botched: 1) Rec league, HS age: batter for some reason switches batters boxes for the third time in same at-bat. It was annoying to the pitcher, the catcher, and, frankly me so I tell him he needs to declare which box he is going to hit in and stay there for the entire at-bat. I KNEW I did not know the rule, but faintly recalled that the pitcher needed to declare, so the batter must have to also, no? The batter questions me at first, I insist, and he buys it and complies. NO complaint from any coach, so I get away with it. I note it in my notebook, look it up, and I am dead wrong. 2) Little league, my second year: batter bunts, a really crappy mostly dirt field. Ball goes up, lands in foul territory up 1B line, hits a big rock, bounces into fair territory, and hits the BR in the leg in fair territory. I call time, foul ball. Defensive coach questions me that shouldn't he be out, but clearly he is unsure. i state that bad bounce off the rock made it inadvertent, so foul ball. he buys it and the kid whiffs for strike three next pitch. i note it in my notebook, look it up, and I am dead wrong. not only wrong, I am making up new "inadvertent" rules 3) My third year, i think, 11U Tourney ball, OBR rules: Two outs, R1 on 1B. Defensive Coach calls time and comes out to ask us a rules question: He wants to send his pitcher to the outfield, and bring in a new pitcher for the next batter. but he wants to bring his original pitcher in from the outfield to pitch after the next pitcher. My partner is PU and UIC. He is unsure, so calls me in for a consult. I say that it is legal to do so, as long as the old pitcher is reinstated as the pitcher before the inning ends, and per the Rule 3.03 comment, he can only flip him once per inning. Since there are two outs, he is taking a chance, because if the new pitcher gets the third out, the inning is over, and the old pitcher cannot return as a pitcher. Both my PU/UIC and the coach buys it, and he keeps the old pitcher in as pitcher. He induces a groundout on first pitch to end the inning and i get away with it. i make a note, look it up, and boy did i botch that one.. I completely made up a rule!
  12. BobUmp

    Cold weather and Team Wendy's pads

    Same here as most -- Couch Cushion Wilson Leathers in the cold, and TWs for the rest of the time....
  13. BobUmp

    West Vest customization

    Nice Mod, I did a similar thing with my Platinum a couple of years back, before I switched to a Schutt XV. Used a Diamond Ix3 extension with velcro. it worked fine, but damn those things are hot and sweaty! I had gotten tagged and bruised with a shot, and put the mod on the next day. I would post a pic, but I traded it away a year and a half ago after i wasn't using it anymore, preferring the Schutt XV and my backup Champion P200 most times over the big ole Platinum. i just bought a second Schutt Adams XV from @wolfe_man that he modified the gap plate a little on, so my Champion will probably be traded away by seasons end, if i can get it to smell halfway presentable!
  14. BobUmp

    You Make The Call

    i'M LATE TO THIS PARTY.... this looks like the venue i work at during spring/summer/fall tourneys.. MOST of the tourneys held there are run under OBR (MLB) rules, with a few exceptions, including the FED "slide or avoid" rule at any base (mainly, take out slides at second, FED applies) and FED fake to third is legal. This OBS (or lack there of) would be interpreted under OBR not FED for this tourney, most likely. That being said, my judgement at speed and after review would have been definitely OBS under FED rules, and, although not as obvious, I would have had OBS at speed under OBR as well, being that the catcher hopped into the baseline early even though he was receiving a throw from the right side, and had a chance to catch it clean and move into the baseline with the ball in plenty of time to apply the tag.
  15. BobUmp

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Fine transaction with@acpar72. Great communication and he shipped immediately.. Thanks again @acpar72!