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  1. BobUmp

    What if You KNOW You Don't Know A Rule?

    I'm 6 years in, about 140-180 games per year, so approaching but not quite at 1000 games, and would summarize this topic here: 1) Make sure at any level you are doing you know the base awards, dead ball tables, interference and obstruction, and pitching rules fully. Ruling on these in real time decisively and with confidence helps you keep control and manage your games with much less angst and trouble, and the coaches will tend to respect you more when you prove knowledge in these areas. Maybe i should add in to know fully the league or tourney specific rules as well, or else respect will be hard to get at the field. 2) mechanics, timing, judgement on fair/foul, catch/no catch, safe/out, ball/strike will be a continuous improvement effort over your entire career, and will need to be worked on every game you umpire 3) Throughout each season, reading through the case book at intervals (i kindle it, and read it when i travel for my other job, and i have a hard copy i read in the hammock over the summer when I'm goofing off), as well as places like this forum for cases that arise in games, helps you move up the experience curve by reading other people's experiences and how it would relate to the rules applications 4) my first 300 games or so over my first 3 seasons i would write down one or two things that either occurred in the game or "almost happened" or "what if this situation happened" or something I needed to improve with mechanics, then look them up and work on them. I still do it now, but not every game - now if something unusual happened or "could have happened" i will note it and look it up to make sure i know the rules that would apply and how to apply them. That should get you through most of the situations in fairly good shape as you gain experience and knowledge. Now for fun, some examples of some rules I blew over the years that I had to look up afterward and realized i botched: 1) Rec league, HS age: batter for some reason switches batters boxes for the third time in same at-bat. It was annoying to the pitcher, the catcher, and, frankly me so I tell him he needs to declare which box he is going to hit in and stay there for the entire at-bat. I KNEW I did not know the rule, but faintly recalled that the pitcher needed to declare, so the batter must have to also, no? The batter questions me at first, I insist, and he buys it and complies. NO complaint from any coach, so I get away with it. I note it in my notebook, look it up, and I am dead wrong. 2) Little league, my second year: batter bunts, a really crappy mostly dirt field. Ball goes up, lands in foul territory up 1B line, hits a big rock, bounces into fair territory, and hits the BR in the leg in fair territory. I call time, foul ball. Defensive coach questions me that shouldn't he be out, but clearly he is unsure. i state that bad bounce off the rock made it inadvertent, so foul ball. he buys it and the kid whiffs for strike three next pitch. i note it in my notebook, look it up, and I am dead wrong. not only wrong, I am making up new "inadvertent" rules 3) My third year, i think, 11U Tourney ball, OBR rules: Two outs, R1 on 1B. Defensive Coach calls time and comes out to ask us a rules question: He wants to send his pitcher to the outfield, and bring in a new pitcher for the next batter. but he wants to bring his original pitcher in from the outfield to pitch after the next pitcher. My partner is PU and UIC. He is unsure, so calls me in for a consult. I say that it is legal to do so, as long as the old pitcher is reinstated as the pitcher before the inning ends, and per the Rule 3.03 comment, he can only flip him once per inning. Since there are two outs, he is taking a chance, because if the new pitcher gets the third out, the inning is over, and the old pitcher cannot return as a pitcher. Both my PU/UIC and the coach buys it, and he keeps the old pitcher in as pitcher. He induces a groundout on first pitch to end the inning and i get away with it. i make a note, look it up, and boy did i botch that one.. I completely made up a rule!
  2. BobUmp

    Cold weather and Team Wendy's pads

    Same here as most -- Couch Cushion Wilson Leathers in the cold, and TWs for the rest of the time....
  3. BobUmp

    West Vest customization

    Nice Mod, I did a similar thing with my Platinum a couple of years back, before I switched to a Schutt XV. Used a Diamond Ix3 extension with velcro. it worked fine, but damn those things are hot and sweaty! I had gotten tagged and bruised with a shot, and put the mod on the next day. I would post a pic, but I traded it away a year and a half ago after i wasn't using it anymore, preferring the Schutt XV and my backup Champion P200 most times over the big ole Platinum. i just bought a second Schutt Adams XV from @wolfe_man that he modified the gap plate a little on, so my Champion will probably be traded away by seasons end, if i can get it to smell halfway presentable!
  4. BobUmp

    You Make The Call

    i'M LATE TO THIS PARTY.... this looks like the venue i work at during spring/summer/fall tourneys.. MOST of the tourneys held there are run under OBR (MLB) rules, with a few exceptions, including the FED "slide or avoid" rule at any base (mainly, take out slides at second, FED applies) and FED fake to third is legal. This OBS (or lack there of) would be interpreted under OBR not FED for this tourney, most likely. That being said, my judgement at speed and after review would have been definitely OBS under FED rules, and, although not as obvious, I would have had OBS at speed under OBR as well, being that the catcher hopped into the baseline early even though he was receiving a throw from the right side, and had a chance to catch it clean and move into the baseline with the ball in plenty of time to apply the tag.
  5. BobUmp

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Fine transaction with@acpar72. Great communication and he shipped immediately.. Thanks again @acpar72!
  6. BobUmp

    Out or foul ball?

    May I add for the guest that it is only an infield fly if the ball is fair. Infield fly rule does not apply to foul balls. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  7. BobUmp

    Adams XV-HDX received today thru hibbetts

    I'm adding my two cents in. I have an XV with the T-hooks and modified with a Delta Flex harness that I love, and this season I was able to trade my old WV Platinum CP (and threw in a Honigs frame) for the new Adams XV with the Adams 4 point harness. I am admittably larger than most at 6 ft 3 and weight in the 230s, so I keep the ab extension on the CP, but lose the biceps extension. It's been very humid and warm here in NY this summer, so if didn't start sweating when warming up and stretching pregame, I definitely will be sweating from my first move up the first base line following a runner being put out. I find the Adams harness very adequate at my size. Now, I tape every strap off once I have it fitted right, and I shaped the shoulder areas with heat just as I did on my XV CP, but it is very adequate with that stock harness. Mid to upper 80s shots, no problems. Collar bone area, no problems. That extra side piece is perfect for my size, since my chest is kind of broad. And I wear a whole size smaller uni shirt than I did with the Platinum, which helps with my presentation behind the plate making me look more athletic in my moves, and not like a tank from WWI. While protection and price point were why I originally went XV, one of my favorite features is the fact that I can remove the padding and throw them in the wash, then air dry them.. I also splurged this season and got F3 shins, which also have the removable pads that I can throw in the wash.. They all go in the wash with my TW mask pads, and I'm the best smelling individual (by far these hot days) at the plate! Smell Ya later, catcher! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  8. BobUmp

    6A UIL Championship Collision

    Did he get tossed? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  9. BobUmp

    Mask Porn?

    This year I'm matching up with: Navy shirt = Silver Diamond AL with Navy two tone Allstar pads, Navy Honigs harness, Navy Honigs throat guard, Diamond visor Black Shirt day games = Black Wilson AL with Tan TWs, Wilson WV harness, Wilson throat guard, and diamond visor Black Shirt night games= Silver PlusPOS ZROG, with black PlusPOS harness and TG, and black TWs Powder Blue Shirt = Black PlusPOS ZROG, with black PlusPOS harness and TG, black TWs, and diamond visor Cream Shirt = Charcoal PlusPOS ZROG, with black PlusPOS harness and TG, black TWs, and diamond visor Or, for lower level ball or really hot sunny weather, bronze PlusPOS AL with black PlusPOS harness, PlusPOS visor, Tan TWs and Mizuno TG My backup rig is my original Diamond AL pewter with Diamond harness and TG, and black TWs Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  10. BobUmp

    ISO Force3 CP shoulder caps

    I added little dabs of Gorilla Glue to the velcro on the hard shell, and it seems to hold well. Give that a try. Nothing beats washing the padding in the washing machine! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  11. BobUmp

    ISO Force3 CP shoulder caps

    If I was Frankensteining a CP I would try to velcro the base padding and the hard shells. That way it is machine washable whenever it gets sweaty. One of the big reasons I love my Schutt so much. Whenever I feel its getting offensive, right into the washing machine it goes, and comes out smelling brand new.. My two cents. Good luck! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  12. BobUmp

    Balk - Dropped Ball

    Ok, taking a look at the NFHS Rule book for you, so I can quote directly : 6.1.1 states "the pitching regulations begin when he intentionally contacts the pitchers plate." That's what I meant by pitching position in my above quote. 6.1.4 states "Each legal pitch shall be declared by the umpire as a strike, ball, fair or foul hit or a dead ball. A pitch dropped during delivery and which crosses a foul line shall be called a ball. Otherwise, it will be called no pitch. A pitch dropped during delivery with at least one runner on base would be a balk if it does not cross a foul line." Dropped during delivery indicates dropped while pitching regulations are in effect, which indicates he is in contact with the pitchers plate during the drop. 6.2.5 states" It is also a balk if a runner or runners are on base and the pitcher, while he is not touching the pitcher’s plate, makes any movement naturally associated with his pitch, or he places his feet on or astride the pitcher’s plate, or positions himself within approximately five feet of the pitcher’s plate without having the ball." This is NFHS, but the OBR is very similar to what I quoted here, excepting the five feet without the ball statement and some other small minutiae. Now I am guessing in your example the pitcher may have been straddling the bag briefly while he gets himself into set position, so you feel he was not violating 6.2.5 by simulating pitching movements when not in contact with the rubber. And he dropped the ball before his foot was on the rubber. That would be nothing, according to the rules, if, in your judgment, he did not violate 6.2.5 and in your judgment he did not yet contact the pitchers plate intentionally when he dropped the ball, so per 6.1.1, the pitching regulations were not applicable yet. I hope this helps Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  13. BobUmp

    Balk - Dropped Ball

    Pitching position. If he's straddling and simulating pitching position, like taking signs or other deception, that's a balk in itself, don't need a dropped ball. That's also why if it crosses the foul line it's a pitch and a ball. Almost had my first ball call on this on turf two weeks ago in a 13U game. The pitcher went to put his hands together coming to a set, and the ball went flying out of his hand and slowly rolled to the third base line. By some miracle the R1 never took off. All were mesmorized I think! It slowly stopped inches from the line, and I balk him.. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  14. BobUmp

    High School Playoffs

    Wow, Jersey sounds like fun... Section XI is Suffolk County, Long Island. We have enough umpires to cover games and such, but can always use more, like e everywhere else. The playoffs assignments are first: you are Varsity level, determined by a two year average ratings, and a promotion procedure. Second, you met all the trainings and tests and mandatory meetings requirements. Third, meet minimum number of Varsity games worked that regular season. Fourth, ratings. In our case, top 12 who qualify get in. Finally, availability and Section assigns us, including assigning the Plate/UIC for each game. There is a proposed update to the regulations for application next year that first year Varsity umpires can not work playoffs their first year, so I basically just got in before that takes effect! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  15. BobUmp

    High School Playoffs

    My first year Varsity in NYS Section XI. And I made the cut (playoff assignments are made by Section XI based on coaches ratings) for playoffs. Today had U2 in a three man assignment for an elimination game. I lived up to the term "rabbit".. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk