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  1. Cap Creasing

    Definitely gave me the more professional look on the field. Thanks.
  2. Ump life harness

    Look guys don't even waste your time with any harness but the UmpLife harness for the west vest. Fits great, doesn't ride up, long enough straps, just all around awesome. In my opinion that is. And if anyone wants to try the flex harness I do have one that I never used because it was too short. I'm a little south of Atlanta if you want to swing by.
  3. Ump life harness

    Thanks @JSam21!
  4. Ump life harness

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction for purchasing the ump life retro fit harness for my west vest gold? And for those that have used the harness which do y'all recommend? The elastic or the webbing one? Thanks.
  5. Hey Razzer. I was searching on google for an alternative harness for my west vest gold and cam across your design. I would love to purchase one from you for this season. If you have any details that would be great.  Thanks.