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  1. NicNag

    Douglas Custom Gear

    Nice cp!
  2. NicNag

    System 7 CP Mods

    What size Chicago screws are y’all using? 3/8, 7/16 head size? I’m trying to repair a vest of mine. Thanks
  3. NicNag

    Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    Thanks for the info now that I’m in the same damn predicament
  4. NicNag

    +pos chest protector

    Thanks @BCBrad and @eagle_12 does anyone have the direct number for the pluspos guy?
  5. NicNag

    +pos chest protector

    I ordered the refurbished cobra2 chest protector from pluspos and am really ticked off cause I have not received any conformation about my purchase. I used PayPal and it took a few days for the payment to process. And still no confirmation from them. I logged in my account on there website and it is still saying that I have the two items in the cart ready to purchase (which was purchased through PayPal). I have the PayPal confirmation but nothing from pluspos. I have emailed pluspos twice now and tried to call the number but it is automated of some cable service (wrong number). Does anyone know how I can reach them or what I should do? Thanks.
  6. NicNag

    +pos chest protector

    Which vest is it @catsbackr ? How much? Just wondering cause I am interested in a back up longer vest then my west vest.
  7. NicNag

    +pos chest protector

  8. NicNag

    +pos cobra2

    I was looking at equipment reviews and came across this video review and as thinking of purchasing a second vest. I use the West vest gold and love it but am wanting something a little bit longer on coverage. Just a thought after I saw the 16 inch length and the sale price on there website. I am almost the same size as the man reviewing the video 6’3” 230lbs. Any thoughts out there? Thanks.
  9. NicNag

    Cap Creasing

    Definitely gave me the more professional look on the field. Thanks.
  10. NicNag

    Ump life harness

    Look guys don't even waste your time with any harness but the UmpLife harness for the west vest. Fits great, doesn't ride up, long enough straps, just all around awesome. In my opinion that is. And if anyone wants to try the flex harness I do have one that I never used because it was too short. I'm a little south of Atlanta if you want to swing by.
  11. NicNag

    Ump life harness

    Thanks @JSam21!
  12. NicNag

    Ump life harness

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction for purchasing the ump life retro fit harness for my west vest gold? And for those that have used the harness which do y'all recommend? The elastic or the webbing one? Thanks.
  13. Hey Razzer. I was searching on google for an alternative harness for my west vest gold and cam across your design. I would love to purchase one from you for this season. If you have any details that would be great.  Thanks.