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  1. Half Swing Appeal Rules

    Several Q's here. 1) Does a half swing mean for the time being, it has been ruled a ball? 2) Does a checked swing technically mean it has finally been ruled a ball? 3) Does the offense ever have the opportunity to check on a half swing that's called a strike? 4) Depending on the answer to 3, is this consistent among all rule codes? I would really like the rule refs, casebook refs, or umpire manual on 3/4 in FED if the offense can never appeal. Neither my son who plays HS nor I can find it. Thank you all in advance.
  2. Runner on 1st steals and batter hits grounder right up the middle that doesn't touch the pitcher, then hits the ankle of the runner after he slides into 2B. No one had a chance at a play. From the way I understand the rule, he's still out for INT. Is this correct? Seems unfair.
  3. Dropped 3rd

    My son's head coach tells the catcher to step on the plate after a dropped 3rd with bases loaded. If I understand the rule correctly, this only comes into play with 2 outs. Is it a force? At every base? I guess I've always heard that the batter may run after a dropped 3rd with two out or with no one one 1st. If it creates a force play with a man on 1st and two outs, it seems the batter MUST run. His forced teammates have to run, right?
  4. Hidden Ball Trick

    I’m a mere Asst Coach learning the game as I go, and I have a question or questions about the hidden ball trick. My son was in a game where his head coach told him to step off the bag at 2nd base because he knew the shortstop was hiding the ball in his glove. When the shortstop tagged him out, the umpires called time and called a balk, and sent him to third base. I took from the context that it had something to do with the pitcher being too close to the rubber.