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  1. mwest5575

    You Get An EJ! And You Get An EJ!...

    1. I had to make a decision in that moment of how to handle the situation. I managed to shut him down without causing a big scene that inflamed the rest of the coaches and parents. If he had continued I would have ejected him. As I said in a high school or other game where we work together as an association and the coaches are around long enough to develop and follow "rules of engagement" then it's obviously different. It's one of the reasons that makes travel ball less enjoyable to me. You are dealing with coaches/assistants/(dads) who don't care about that kind of stuff, aren't trying to advance career-wise, aren't interested in developing working relationships with umpires they will be working with for a while, face little to no repercussions from being ejected, and frankly would rather cause a scene and get thrown out anyway. I understand the "if you don't they'll never learn" thinking and I felt guilty about it. I guess from a practical standpoint I didn't think the mess was worth it given this guy was most likely not going to learn or change his behavior. I reserve the right to be wrong here. 2. You are correct. I should have said "becoming not worth it" as I have never done much and am finding myself doing less and less. It's a different animal for sure. IMO you have to have a different mentality for travel ball than school ball. I'd be curious to hear other's opinions.
  2. mwest5575

    Baseball Rules Myths - Busted

    Says an umpire never! Seriously though, I actually agree with you about the ties. There are definitely plays that are close within thousandths of a second. Simply saying there are no ties in baseball is shirking our responsibility (IMO). In an age of replay where there are plays so close that even slow motion replay can determine what happened first claiming a philosophical position that to the 0.000001 second it wasn't a tie is not helpful. I actually am on the other side of your argument about the tie, though. I thought the older rule sets read in a way that suggested ties go to the fielder. Something to the effect that a runner must reach a base to which he is forced before he or the base is tagged by a fielder holding the ball. (Something like that.) Anyway, I think it's the runner who is in jeopardy of being put out until he legally attains his next base, and I like the advantage going to the fielder (I am an umpire after all). My point is that I agree with you about needing to figure out a rules interpretation on simultaneous tags/touches. I don't know that the rules need to specifically state it, but make sure the rules are consistently worded and maybe a Comment clarifying "apparent simultaneous plays" or something. I also agree that the current rules quoted seem to indicate the tie goes to the runner (even though I would argue the spirit of the rule is the opposite). Interesting thread.
  3. mwest5575

    Equipment question

    You will be happy with the Diamond. I prefer Wilson pads to TW (I'm sure I'm in the minority) and I use both leather and the memory foam pads in my Diamond masks. I have a Big League set up and I like it just fine. I guess it comes down to what you find a good deal on. I prefer the Wilson pads though. I'm sure you could find a used frame and pads and come out cheaper than a new BL. My other favorite setup is is the +POS Zero-G frame with Wilson pads. You can get a frame only for $39 or with serviceable black pads for $50. I know some people have problems with ordering from POS but I never have. I use Diamond and POS masks all the time and I think they are not only great buys but some of the best setups for any level of baseball. I personally don't like the Dyna-Lite. I have one and even stripped the vinyl off but it's still too heavy for me after having gotten used to the Diamond and POS setups (both are really light!). The F3 is cool and I'm sure very protective but also too heavy/awkward feeling for me. Just my $.02
  4. Two years ago I was on the bases for a high school game. R1 stealing on the pitch and ground ball to F5. The runner clearly reaches second and rounds and I wheel around and get the out at first. F3 throws ball back to F1 and suddenly there is a lot of excitement going on and I can't figure out why. F1 goes to throw ball back to F3 and then I see R1 trucking it back to first. I had no idea what was going on and no one really did, offense or defense. So R1 slides back into first and I have to give an awkwardly demonstrative safe call. It was the weirdest thing. Then defensive coach comes out and says he doesn't think R1 retouched second. I got together with my partner and neither one of us had any idea as we had no reason to be looking that way. So I went to the coach and said "Coach if he wants to be at first base that badly we're going to oblige him" and left him there. Everyone was so confused we just moved on... ETA: Forgot to say, later on I was chatting with he shortstop and he said the runner damn near ran through the grass on his way back but he thought it was so funny he just let it go.
  5. mwest5575

    You Get An EJ! And You Get An EJ!...

    Daddy ball is the worst. The only time I'll talk with an AC is I'm in A and he is coaching first. As long as it's respectful and he stays in the box I'll answer a questions or respond quickly. And I'm talking so casual a conversation nobody in the ballpark knows it's even going on but me and him. Anything argumentative, animated, or outside of the coach's box and he gets an immediate stop sign. Travel ball dads are the worst as the ones that know the least get put out at first, where they are in front of everyone and way too close to me to be arguing incessantly. Had a fall travel game a month or so ago and the FBC didn't like a close call at first. It was awkward looking but my PU had the same thing I had and even the HC from the dugout knew I had it. FBC chirped a bit and I let it go so I did the same. Next inning a banger at first and once again I nailed it (according to my partner). At this point the FBC swings around at me and holds up two fingers and yelled "That's two you've blown on us, blue" and stomped around clearly showing me up. HS or up I would have dumped him but I didn't. In retrospect I probably should have. At the time it didn't seem worth stirring up the parents when nobody on the bench or in the stands understands coaching decorum anyway. Around here travel ball is just not worth doing for me because of the coach/dad attitudes.
  6. mwest5575

    In field fly

    I've gotten to the point that all I yell is "Infield Fly" and keep my hand pointing up whether it's close to the line or not. I just think it's too much hollering and nobody hears what we say anyway. I swear it seems like IFF causes multiple arguments from varsity down every year. I figure "Infield Fly" and mechanic is sufficient. If it falls foul then I call foul and we go back to bat. If the coach complains I remind (teach) him that the rule says "if fair." If the ball drops fair I loudly shout "batter is out" several times. I think less is more in this and most cases.
  7. It's useful and I do it for Legion patches but I'm really not a fan for all the reasons listed. I guess from the stands you can't really tell but on the field it is a sloppy look imo. But we all do it for Legion games around here. I wish we'd bag the patches and just go with the logo on hats. I don't mind buying a $20 hat for a legion season. I have heard some of our D2 college assignors here are pushing for this as well.
  8. mwest5575

    Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    It's too bad so many people have problems with them. I have two POS masks and I think they are the best thing going out there, especially for $50! A black Zero G frame with tan Wilson pads is my go to mask. The two orders I've made came through quickly with no issue, so I was lucky.
  9. mwest5575

    Epic Sports.com. Ever had any issues?

    Seems like I've ordered from there twice and had no issues. Items arrived in a timely manner. I order from UA 90% of time because their customer service/shipping/return policy are all top notch. I think Epic had something overstocked and was selling for a really low price and another time they had something I wanted to try that UA didn't carry. I would order from Epic again for a good price.
  10. I'm glad NC is pretty laid back about uniform stuff. Our association has a lot of college guys so everyone has a lot of shirts/jackets and stays pretty up to date. As long as it's black (occasionally polo blue) we can wear what we want as long as we match. I think it feels good to go out on the field looking good and up to date. The teams do so I'm glad we do too.
  11. mwest5575

    New New Balance Shoes?

    I don't want to hijack this thread. Would someone post a link to a thread discussion about running shoes guys might be wearing on the bases. I know there must be one, I'm just terrible at searching the forums. Thanks!
  12. mwest5575

    New New Balance Shoes?

    Based on the reviews on UA I must be in the minority here, but I wear the 950s and I find them uncomfortable. They are light but I find them to be lacking in the cushion department. My feet are always sore after wearing them. Maybe it's just me but they don't feel as comfortable as NB's other running/training shoes. So that would be my suggestion. I'll give the new models a look when they come out, but in the mean time I'm looking for some black running shoes to wear on the bases. I'm done with the 950s.
  13. mwest5575

    Suggestions for CP?

    I wear the 15 Champion with the UL harness and love it. I could see myself getting the Douglas someday when I'm willing to spend the money. Until then the Champion works the best for my needs.
  14. mwest5575

    MLB Balk Rule

    I'm not being argumentative and understand what the manual says, but the rule doesn't say "because" of ball four (or at least not the rule that was posted on this page). So it seems like the manual is changing the rule to me. Result of the pitch was that the batter reached first and all other runners did in fact advance a base. The rule doesn't require it's because of the base on balls does it? I would definitely have made the "mistake" of letting it go without enforcing the balk but I'm just confused why the manual seems to add requirements that the rulebook doesn't? ETA: Is it because once the catcher catches the pitch the play is "over" as opposed to if it's a wild pitch or put in play? So what if the pitch hits the dirt and bounces off the catcher out in front of the plate? If the catcher picks it up before the runner reaches third it's a balk and if he doesn't then you ignore the balk?
  15. mwest5575

    Pitcher Covering Home on Wild Pitch

    Generally a wild pitch leads to the pitcher and runner getting to the plate around the same time. I have a hard time envisioning a scenario where the pitcher is already posted up straddling the plate enough time ahead of the runner to say the runner had a chance to avoid. For me I only call INT or MC if the runner has plenty of time to see and react and does not. Also runners seldom choose to face plant into a fielder, so if the runner takes the worst of the collision (doesn't lower a shoulder or try and blow through the fielder) I am even less inclined to call INT/MC because I'm assuming he didn't have time to react. Thoughts?