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  1. mwest5575

    Suggestions for CP?

    I wear the 15 Champion with the UL harness and love it. I could see myself getting the Douglas someday when I'm willing to spend the money. Until then the Champion works the best for my needs.
  2. mwest5575

    MLB Balk Rule

    I'm not being argumentative and understand what the manual says, but the rule doesn't say "because" of ball four (or at least not the rule that was posted on this page). So it seems like the manual is changing the rule to me. Result of the pitch was that the batter reached first and all other runners did in fact advance a base. The rule doesn't require it's because of the base on balls does it? I would definitely have made the "mistake" of letting it go without enforcing the balk but I'm just confused why the manual seems to add requirements that the rulebook doesn't? ETA: Is it because once the catcher catches the pitch the play is "over" as opposed to if it's a wild pitch or put in play? So what if the pitch hits the dirt and bounces off the catcher out in front of the plate? If the catcher picks it up before the runner reaches third it's a balk and if he doesn't then you ignore the balk?
  3. mwest5575

    Pitcher Covering Home on Wild Pitch

    Generally a wild pitch leads to the pitcher and runner getting to the plate around the same time. I have a hard time envisioning a scenario where the pitcher is already posted up straddling the plate enough time ahead of the runner to say the runner had a chance to avoid. For me I only call INT or MC if the runner has plenty of time to see and react and does not. Also runners seldom choose to face plant into a fielder, so if the runner takes the worst of the collision (doesn't lower a shoulder or try and blow through the fielder) I am even less inclined to call INT/MC because I'm assuming he didn't have time to react. Thoughts?
  4. mwest5575

    Balk Award

    Batter hit by pitch when runners are forced to advance on the HP?
  5. mwest5575

    Champro Magnesium

    Not to hijack the thread but that's why I disagree the Wilson Aluminum with memory foam is overpriced because of name. I really like the frame and memory foam pads and didn't have to spend any extra on it. Wear it as is for $109. My Diamond masks all have different pads that drove the price up. Having said that I'd be willing to spring $100 on this and put some extra pads or take some off another mask and put on. I think it's a really sharp looking mask.
  6. mwest5575


    If the price difference is an issue I'd get the Aluminum Wilson with the black pads for $109. You can always change the pads later. I tried to wear the Wilson steel and it is just too heavy for me and I wound't consider buying one to save money for pads when the black memory foams are great. If you really want the grey pads another option is to get a +POS zero-g steel mask for $50 and order the Wilson pads you want. I love my POS steel masks and wear them more than anything else I have.
  7. Leather for me. Tan Wilson pads on my diamond and pos leather pads on my two zero g masks. I do have black synthetic pos pads on my black diamond but I will be replacing it with Black and Tan Wilson pads. I really like Wilson leather pads on my diamond masks. If I were to use something other than leather it would be Wilson memory foams. They felt good to me. Not a huge fan of TW.
  8. mwest5575

    Black Jackets Fading

    I use a garment bag. I also turn everything inside out to wash, umpire uniforms and work clothes. A lot of clothing labels recommend this on their tags. I have found over time that it keeps the outside of my clothes staying newer looking longer.
  9. mwest5575

    New Mizuno mask

    I had the chin guard taken off of one of my diamond masks and couldn't be happier. Poor mans mizuno I guess.
  10. mwest5575

    MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    So yeah, this will be my next gear purchase. Been looking for a second CP for busy weekends. I like the upgrades. Anyone who ends up with one willing to post some pics wearing it? Curious to see how it fits on a taller frame.
  11. mwest5575

    Shin Guards

    I just bought some to wear for summer ball and LL. Thought I'd be clever and used them for a varsity scrimmage because I could throw them on easily under regular pants for the one inning I had on the plate without changing out pants. That part worked great and they are a pleasure to wear. However I took a direct shot to the shin and it really hurt and left me with a goose egg. I won't make that mistake again. They are great for what I bought them for but I won't use for anything over middle school again. Even for an inning.
  12. mwest5575

    Equipment Suggestions?

    Another vote for champion cp. That's what I wear for high school and have worn for some college scrimmages with no issue. Great value and imo offers the best look as it's contoured and not bulky. I also use and like the diamond mask. I was able to purchase the mask alone and added leather Wilson paths. I like that combo a lot and spent less money than the big league version. Yiu might also want to check out +pos zero gravity mask. Hollow steel is very light, nice pads, and a very good looking mask similar to Wilson, Nike, etc. you can purchase of their website for as little as $50 and this mask is my current go to.
  13. mwest5575

    End of game situation

    Even with that case play deleted I still think (atleast with the wording in FED rule book...I'm not as familiar with OBR/NCAA) that the runs should score. Runners are entitled to their four bases, and the only thing that I can find that would seem applicable is the force out/not reaching first issue. Especially since each individual runner is entitled to four bases and are not being "pushed" around the bases by the BR or anyone else for that matter. Since the rule says that each runner is entitled to move four bases, I don't see anything that should prevent every runner who legally touches each base to score. Introducing some level of timing into the play (I guess that is what the MLB reasoning is) seems like a stretch to me. FED seems much more reasonable. (And I don't find myself saying that very often!)
  14. mwest5575

    End of game situation

    Well I'm not expert but scoring the run under FED rules seems intuitive to me. As you point out the ball is dead so a timing play doesn't make sense. The only thing I see in the rules/case book regarding dead ball has to do with force outs/not reaching first. That doesn't apply here. The base award table entitles each runner and the BR to four bases for a "fair batted ball over fence." So the BR is out but the other runners are by rule entitled to their four bases. The BR reached first and no runner was forced out. Done deal.
  15. mwest5575

    FED OBS/MC rule

    Thanks maven. I agree the slow motion threw me off but moreso the camera angle. A view from 3blx would have definitely made it easier to see.