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  1. HCueds

    Mask Porn?

    Woah there neighbor, I mean it is unthinkable... unless you put a shovel on it. If UA had the blue w/ black pads I’d experiment w/ my Mizuno but eh
  2. HCueds

    Mask Porn?

    The link isn’t working for me, and now I’m really intrigued
  3. HCueds

    Ebay finds

    Agree, slightly shocked (but not surprised) So couldn’t find a manufacturer to create a knock off. Whoever does buy it could be a dude and look into finding a professional 3D print guy though.
  4. HCueds

    Ebay finds

    Who would’ve thought about 3D printing it. glad we’re all trying to get the ball rolling lol
  5. HCueds

    F3 V.3 CP

    @Thunderheads sold, plz lock it up
  6. HCueds

    F3 V.3 CP

    It just feels weird around my armpit/chest area. Definitely like the low profileness, and that I could adjust the fins/shoulders but it was bugging me the entire game I wore it.
  7. HCueds

    F3 V.3 CP

    Bought a F3 cp, used it one game here in AZ... so we’ll say about two games. It’s not that heavy and pretty low profile. PM for pics and to make an offer
  8. HCueds

    Mask Porn?

    “I love golllllld”
  9. HCueds

    Mask Porn?

    Mizuno Ti
  10. HCueds

    Mask Porn?

    Little project I’m playing with
  11. HCueds

    Mizuno Shovel

    If it looks cooler than the current Zett, and cost around $30-40... Sheesh, I’d probably be in for at least two.
  12. HCueds

    Ebay finds

    Someone ask So
  13. HCueds

    Mizuno Shovel *idea*

    As a collective of all the cool dudes on here, we could totally do this. But how do we make it even cooler?
  14. HCueds

    Mizuno Shovel *idea*

    Would it be feasible to have a Mizuno shovel replicated via a 3D printer. I don’t know too much about the process, but it came to me in a dream lol.
  15. HCueds

    Evans Signature

    Hey guys, my buddy has his own line of ball bags and some shirts. Check it out if you want evanssignature.com (not paid to do this, just sharing)