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  1. 2018 School Roll Call

    Same to you, let us know how it goes
  2. 2018 School Roll Call

    Hey guys/girls, I’ll be attending the Academy this January. Would love to hear if anyone else is going to either school
  3. ‘Fonzie’ Mask

    @Thunderheads sold! lock it up, pretty please
  4. ‘Fonzie’ Mask

    Bump, $175 shipped. Looking to get rid of this to help pay my travel expenses to school
  5. ‘Fonzie’ Mask

    $200 shipped for the mask obo
  6. ‘Fonzie’ Mask

    The 2nd
  7. ‘Fonzie’ Mask

    Slighly used Jim Evans Maximizing the two-umpire system. Has stain on back. $35 shipped- SOLD and a Mizuno 122 w/ tg both stripped and Powder coated Matte black *no harness* slightly used gray pads (5-6 games). PM me an offer and we’ll see if we can work something out.
  8. Mask Porn?

    Mizuno 122, striped and powder coated matte black w/ SSK tg also pc’d. Im playing around with the mask pad combo, but I’m probably gonna stick with this or the fonzie look
  9. Anyone have one they’d be willing to part with for a decent price?
  10. PUC/Indyball b4 Pro-School?

    I’m really comfortable with the fact that I’m going to be rebuilt as an umpire. The thing that I don’t want to happen is if I have to go a second time. The reason I’m thinking about 3man and Indy ball is that if work well enough and get offered a job Ill have “greater” experience to separate myself from the pack if I get to the evaluation course.
  11. PUC/Indyball b4 Pro-School?

    Hey all, so I decided not to go to pro school this upcoming year back in June. I figured I’d be better off waiting it out another year and getting some more experience in. I feel like another year of all the levels I call would definitely help me. Especially since I started learning 3 man, and going out and working some D1 fall intersquads. And then it hit me, why not attend PUC and get a better grasp on 3 man while trying to earn a job working independent ball for a season before going to pro school. Ive talked to some minor league buddies and have gotten some mixed reactions about it. One thinks the experience would definitely help, and another thinks it’d be a waste of a year (but he really wanted me to go to school this year). I’m gonna ask another what he thinks later on this week, but just wanted to get some more opinions from you guys. But ultimately I just might do what my gut tells me. Also if any of you work or have worked in an independent league what’s your take on it
  12. No worries hahah, did you not like my creation
  13. Hey that’s my hand!
  14. Mask Porn?

    Okay, so if use a knife just make sure you don’t have a really heavy hand. And after you get some done you can kinda pull it off. and I just slapped these pads on the nike frame while my TW pads are washing.
  15. Mask Porn?

    What I do is I pick at the stitches of the patch (around a corner) with an exacto knife until you got enough playroom to start cutting and picking more. Kinda easy after you get it started i have to cut a patch off some gray pads, I’ll post a pic in about two hours