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  1. slo8140

    Samurai Throat Guard

    He currently has my Force3. Hoping to get a shipping confirmation of it coming back to me soon. College season is winding down and I want to be able to use it. He has a new order form, but I don't know how to get it. I used the old one from his site. Price went up a bit...but the work he gets done is always good.
  2. I have a pair of the Smitty 4-way stretch charcoal pants. Purchased from Ump-Attire last spring. They are new with tags still on them. Combo Pants Size 40. $55 shipped anywhere lower 48.
  3. slo8140

    15" Black Douglas

    Yes, I know that Douglas is back in the game of selling protectors. I have a lightly used 15" Douglas that I am looking to sell. It has probably been worn for about 10-15 plate games. It is in exceptional condition. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I prefer a 13" protector personally and when I bought it from Douglas all they had left were 15" a couple of years ago when they were unloading old stock. I will probably get a 13" but I need to get this one out of the collection first. Currently it is if fitted with a Delt-flex, but I would be willing to put the standard harness back on it if the buyer desires. It will probably go up on Ebay, but I wanted to give you guys first shot. Feel free to ask questions here and PM me an offer.
  4. slo8140

    Officials Depot vs Ump attire

    I saw an Officials Depot jacket this weekend. It looked good. I did not put it on, but the guy wearing it really liked it. He is friends with the guy that runs OD. It looked a little shiny compared to the Smitty. I am really interested in the one @razzer is putting out. He says the fabric is great. Not sure what size to order through. I still have a XL Majestic that I wear if I use it on the plate (love it) and a L Smitty (which I hate) that I wear on the bases. I got too skinny to wear the Majestic on the bases.
  5. Selling the shoes for a friend. He would like to get them sold. Make me an offer. Ready to wheel and deal. Someone with a wide foot has to be hiding out on here. They are in perfect condition.
  6. Several Used, but in Great Condition Items for Sale. New Balance V3 Plate Shoes Mid-Cut Size 10.5 4E- Worn for approximately 5 games. Excellent Condition. $125 $115 plus shipping. Force3 Umpire Tights w/Kevlar Protection Size XXL- Worn a couple of times. Excellent Condition. Just not for me. Don't wear them, so Idecided to sell them. $40 $30 plus shipping. Paypal friends and family for payment. Will ship promptly after payment. Message me with questions. Pictures of all items will be up later today or tomorrow.
  7. slo8140

    MLB Special Masks RWB & Camo

    The pads are what I really want. You are right about the mask....would look better with black pads on the blue mask.
  8. slo8140

    MLB Special Masks RWB & Camo

    At a clinic I attended in January an MLB guy auctioned of his RWB one for UMPS Care. It went for between $300-$400. Interesting look. Guy that bought it lives in Shreveport, LA I would not pay that much, but I would love to have one of the blue ones. Like the look.
  9. Still have the shoes and the tights with Kevlar pads available. Make me an offer. Maybe we can work a deal.
  10. Prices adjusted. Ball Bags are sold. Let's move this stuff.
  11. @Thawk I sent you a couple of messages. Still want the ball bags?
  12. Used XXL Majestic Therma Base Jacket This jacket has the black and white stripes on the shoulders. Jacket is in excellent condition. It got too big for me and I was I able to find an XL. $70 plus shipping
  13. slo8140

    XXL Majestic Thermabase for Sale

    I can get you a shipping quote this morning. i never really wore it on the plate much, but it is roomy. You could if you wanted to. I used to wear XXL shirts on the plate and bases. This jacket fit similarly to those. Now I have gone down a size.
  14. slo8140

    Majestic Thermal Jackets size XL

    @JSam21 I just made a separate post for the jacket. Aski $70 plus shipping. Excellent condition
  15. Yep. They are yours if you want them @Thawk I will send you a dm.
  16. slo8140

    Majestic Thermal Jackets size XL

    I have an XXL with Black and white stripes that I am about to sell.
  17. slo8140

    Majestic fleece-lined jacket

    I am also very interested. My XXL is now too big. would love an XL Majestic.
  18. Knowing that my Ump-Attire Ball bags would eventually fade, I bought a pair of the new Smitty ones last year. They are nice, but don't work well for me. Today I found out that you can still get the Ump-Attire ball bags...all three styles from the manufacturer. Beulah Hester was the originator of the Ump-Attire brand and produced the many of the products that were sold on the Ump-Attire.com site. She sold the site to Jim Kirk in 2006, but continued to make the products for the website. For one reason or another, their agreement ended in 2016. Thus the products were no longer available at ump-attire.com You can find out more about here company and purchase the ball bags here: http://www.ua-usamade.com/ball-bags/ She also sells them on Amazon. They are out of the XL size right now, but more are expected next week. I put my order in for 2 black ones via email and they will ship as soon as the are produced.
  19. slo8140

    NCAA Exam Thread

    The NCAA wants you to see the play as legal. Hard one to understand, but it is what it is.
  20. slo8140

    NCAA Exam Thread

    Yep...that is what they were wanting you to think.
  21. slo8140

    NCAA Exam Thread

    It.turned out to be irrelevant. Don’t like this test question.
  22. slo8140

    NCAA Exam Thread

    I understand your reasoning and it was close. But I would trust my answer.
  23. slo8140

    NCAA Exam Thread

    I think you need to go with your gut...
  24. slo8140

    NCAA Exam Thread

    Don't make it harder than it is...see the red above