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  1. JeBa

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    Maybe it's just me or the TV camera angle, but it seems that the plate umps are making a concerted effort to call balls / strikes based solely on the catcher's glove location after the pitch is received, instead of the path of the pitch thru the strike zone. I know glove location sometimes can be an important characteristic or tool for helping to judge the pitch...but man, a lot of pitches looked awfully good (inside/outside) to be counted as a ball. Jeff
  2. thanks guys..must the short height factor . I've previously only worn Fechheimer, their waist rode a bit high too....but not as much as the Smitty poly spandex Jeff
  3. Does anyone know what brand / model of umpire pants they are using in the 2018 Little League World Series? I like the Smitty Poly Spandex pant material from Ump Attire....(I have a pair of the plate pants).However, the crotch is very long & the waist tends to rise high into my mid section.The pants worn by the LL World Series officials seem to provide a better fit - visually.....maybe I'm just too short Jeff
  4. JeBa

    Douglas Custom Gear

    is this the same Smitty/Douglas chest protector? https://www.blowyourwhistles.com/collections/chest-protector/products/smitty-by-douglas-chest-protector ........I know it doesn't have the gap protection near the armpits (neither did the refereestore item) - but price is better at $189. Jeff
  5. JeBa

    New Balance Plate Shoes

    thanks for the input. what about the 3n2 patent leather low-cut plate shoes - any thoughts? Apparently these 3N2 shoes only come in D width - I'm typically wide (2E) - would these 3N2 shoes still be suitable...or size up? thanks, Jeff
  6. JeBa

    New Balance Plate Shoes

    Hi all, Re-opening this old topic about the New Balance 460v3 plate shoes. I'm considering these as new plate shoes - but I'm very concerned about the large areas of mesh/cloth fabric on the shoe being very difficult to keep clean or that they's require brushing & washing after each game....(if brushing is constantly required - seems that the mesh/cloth fabric would be damaged or deteriorate after awhile). Now that these have been in play for more than a full season - what's been your experience with the V3 (quality, field performance, cleaning). Maybe the previous 460v1 (v2?) plate shoes were better in some aspects? thanks, Jeff
  7. JeBa

    Anyone used the All Star FM4000 Mag?

    oops - sorry - didn't pay attention to the "MAG" part of the thread title. I knew my mask was hollow steel.....and I'm still really liking it. Jeff
  8. JeBa

    Anyone used the All Star FM4000 Mag?

    Sorry if my photos were too large - didn't know how to edit them for this forum. other notes for your refernce - my previous mask (& current spare) was/is a 2001 West Vest w/2 tone pads....(now recoated by Tony at Maskit & with +POS zero-G pads). Jeff
  9. JeBa

    Anyone used the All Star FM4000 Mag?

    You mean this mask? I added the Mizuno throat guard and am in my 1st season with it - I give it very high marks for fit, comfort & protection. However, I have not taken any extreme shots directly to the mask yet....uh-oh, sure jinx now ;-) Jeff
  10. JeBa

    Curious...Riddell Power clone?

    Based on the USPTO filing date, I believe Joe West's patent would have expired 4/10/2015. But it's cool to review this historical patent document. Jeff
  11. @JimKirk - any possibility of the Poly-Spandex pants also coming in a flat front style soon - maybe just the base pants version? thanks, Jeff
  12. JeBa

    Need new plate shoes

    I went to a local New Balance store to see if they had the MU460v3 shoe (just to try on) - of course they don't stock it. But they suggested trying on a pair of the New Balance #627 steel toe work shoe to verify size & fit, to be able to order online. If they're right, based on the comfortable fit of that shoe, the MU460v3 size should match my normal work shoe or New Balance running shoes, size 11 - 2E width. Now I'm trying to decide if I should splurge on new plate shoes.
  13. Looks like Ump-Attire has a lot of the Poly-Spandex sizes back in stock. Looks like a lot of positive reviews, so I ordered a pair of the plate pants yesterday...(along with some other items that needed replacement). I'm hoping that they'll come out with a flat front base pant version of the Poly-Spandex soon.
  14. JeBa

    Mask Porn?

    I had only read on Umpire-Empire about issues with the +POS mask frame (MiLB warning)....not the ZR0-G mask pads.
  15. JeBa

    Plus POS

    photos posted over on the Mask Porn thread today.......