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  1. No sht fair

    AAA game in Tacoma, I noticed the crew never used the out mechanic on obvious fly balls. That crew was very crisp in every regard. So I concluded that must be the instruction they're given.
  2. Backswing interference?

    This kinda shows it: https://www.mlb.com/video/baker-wieters-on-5th-inning/c-1862985083
  3. Game 5 ALDS DTK punch out

    Doesn't the punch out communicate the out call? BTW, what is the MLB plate mechanic for D3K?
  4. Game 5 ALDS DTK punch out

    Yep you did.
  5. Ok - it is LL tournament time. I have precious little experience with managing a lineup card since we use CBO exclusively during the season. Does anyone have any good resources on how this should be done? Or a system that can be explained in a comprehensible way? It seems like a "dark art," and everyone has their own personal solution. Thanks!
  6. Cheering or Jeering?

    How do you manage it if they don't stop? I.e. what consequences come into play?
  7. Ball thrown in dugout

    To make things complicated - how about when managers have been told to keep dugout gate/doors closed, but it goes into the offensive team's dugout with the gate (inappropriately) open? Do you give the offensive team the base award that results because of their transgression (having gate open)?
  8. safety base

    This is indeed the case for LL - rule 7.15(g). (majors and above) In case of uncaught third strike, batter-runner and defensive player may use either white or colored part. It does not require one or the other to be used in that case.
  9. LL Coach

    For our league, a catcher's mitt is required (our interpretation of 1.12 and definition of Catcher in 2.00).
  10. Dropped third confusion

    FWIW, Little League (Western Region) teaches our umpires in this situation to emphatically call (and signal) "He's out! He's out! He's still out!" Seems like it takes away an opportunity for a "deke" play, but that's what is taught.
  11. Ball hits bat second time

    Little League majors game, RH batter bunts up first base line. As he's headed to first, the ball kicks up and hits the bat, which is still in his hands. To me it looks like at least one foot is out of the box, probably both. Ball definitely hits the bat (not vice versa), and there was no intent on the part of the batter to hit the ball again. What's the call and what are the material judgments (in/out of box, location of ball, something else)? And related, what if a bunted ball ricochets off the plate straight back up and hits the bat a second time and goes fair? Thanks!
  12. Ben Zobrist

    Anyone care to critique West's choice of positioning on that call? He steps toward the infield from 3BLX. I guess I'd love to know why. I'm a relative newbie, but I would have expected him to be more toward the point of the plate (catcher's glove side). And he was also very close, basically on top of the play. Is that optimal? (FWIW, I think "nuthin" was the right call.) Here's the video (great overhead replay of the collision right at the end of the clip): http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/63106348/v1210607583/ws2016-gm6-russell-doubles-two-runs-score-in-1st
  13. Slid too early?

    10U (LL minors) game. 0 out, pitched ball gets away from F2. R1 tries to advance. Throw from F2 to F6 at the bag takes F6 two steps from second toward first. R1, slides way early and into F6, who is crouching to field the throw. R1 is stopped well short of the bag upon making contact with F6. The ball arrives about the same time as the runner (maybe a bit later). F6 digs the ball in the dirt (nice play) and tags R1 lying next to him. It could easily be argued that R1 would never have made it to the bag, had there been no contact with F6, because he started his slide so far away (these are small kids and don't slide far). It appeared that R1 initiated his slide because he was taught always to slide when there was a chance of a collision at a bag/plate. He absolutely should have run around the fielder, but he chose to slide instead. What's your call? What's your call if R1 dances around F6 but still gets tagged before reaching second? As a spectator, I thought it might be OBS. But I'm not sure if F6 is absolved of OBS because the throw took him into R1's path. But F6 could have more easily caught the throw if he'd taken a step in toward F2, catching the ball at his knees on the fly instead of in the dirt. In my mind it seems wrong to absolve OBS because of a poor throw on the part of the defense. And I'm not sure how to think about the "he wouldn't have made it to the base with that slide anyway" argument.
  14. Batter interference on a walk - Fed

    Newbie question: My understanding is that offensive players can be a Batter, Batter-Runner, a Runner, as well as "any player on the offensive team"...like the guy on deck. In OBR, do the rules apply exclusively to those categories? E.g., rules referencing "Batter" do not apply to a "Batter-Runner", rules referencing "Runner" do not apply to "Batter-Runner", etc. Are all codes consistent with this? I'm probably overthinking this - but I'm suddenly a little confused. It seems to me that a Batter-Runner should also be subject to rules for Runner (BR is subset of Runner)?