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  1. Might want to consult the LL casebook called "Make the right call". Your league UIC or league president should have a copy to share with you.
  2. R2. RHP in set position. Pitcher wheels toward 2nd in a sort of jab step motion. Both feet end up on the home plate side of the rubber. The free foot did wind up closer to second base than where it started. Pitcher feinted but did not throw. I had nothing. Coach claimed it was a balk because the free foot had to clear the rubber (i.e. end up on 2nd base side of the rubber). What's the right call?
  3. I spent a bit of time researching this last night and also couldn't find a distinction. Approved ball list is here: https://www.littleleague.org/tournament-resources/approved-balls/ There is no categorization by division in that list, but some balls are noted as "Sr." - it doesn't look like a determinative distinction though.
  4. @SJA You are right. But it is intended to provide context and aid in correct interpretation and application of the rules. Ignore it at your own peril.
  5. Get the coaches names at introductions. Good eye contact and firm handshake. Write the names down on lineups, if not already listed. Let the game come to you, and let it become what it will become. Try not to overthink or pre-judge. When you are amped up, breathe and be sure to maintain your excellent, deliberate timing. Most of all, have fun!
  6. Yes! WR week long school is great and an amazing value. Mark and company are the best! And yes it fills up quickly.
  7. Welcome @AngryOsito! Tons of great advice and rule knowledge here. Just be aware that baseball has several rule sets, and you have to know which one you are reading about. LL rules derive from OBR (MLB rules), but are not always the same. You can get into trouble taking stuff you learn here onto a LL field with out corroborating with LL rules. Other rule sets of note are Fed (high school) and NCAA.
  8. ^^^^ this. Excellent quality.
  9. Your first responsibility is judging fair/foul. Tell your partner "I'm on the line!". Make sure you get a good view - the catcher may initially be in your way. Since you have a runner in scoring position, make sure you don't get too far away, so you can cover any potential play at the plate.
  10. ousafe

    Base Running

    Fess up Rich, is this your tactic?
  11. They all think they're Manny Machado.
  12. Had a 12u softball tournament championship game with a 1:40 no new inning cutoff. I'd started my stopwatch with the first warmup pitch. Bottom 5, visiting team celebrates last out like they've won the game, and I grab my stopwatch and it reads 1:38. Took a few seconds to get everyone's attention that we were still playing! I showed the VTHC my still-running stopwatch, and confirmed with the Scorekeeper. The result at the end was the same, but the girls got another inning of play in. So +1 on the stopwatch idea.
  13. Sure sounded to me like she had it as a missed call, and talks about Eddie taking advantage of his "second chance". Someone should tweet at ESPN's Linda Cohn that she, like Cora, got it wrong. (No Twitter for me.)
  14. Typically 10u. Could be some 11s, if inexperienced.
  15. ousafe

    Squeeze out fo box?

    Disagree. I've been taught to call it, then enforce as follows - "Balk!" <stuff maybe happens> "Time! That's a balk." then award: "You - second base!" (with a jaunty step and point from the runner to the awarded base).
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