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  1. ousafe

    Throwing the bat

    LL minors game, the handle of a thrown bat went straight back horizontally and into the eye opening of the catchers mask. Freak occurence, but the catcher took a nasty hit to the bridge of the nose. A good bit of blood and he developed a pretty big knot. It looked bad and considering our recent focus on concussions, it was a bad outcome. Ever since I've been pretty firm on "warn, then sit" any player that I deem dangerous.
  2. ousafe

    Schutt Scorpion leg guards

    Fwiw, I love my Wilson platinum shins.
  3. ousafe

    Off topic - but enjoy

    Wow! Thx dd
  4. ousafe

    Insurance null and void IF?

    @BigUmpire sorry to bring this back from the dead, but what were the answers from NASO and ABUA?
  5. ousafe

    Interference on Batter?

    Re: OP ... FWIW, little league has this covered with the rule requiring the batter to "...vacate a congested area when there is a throw to home plate...".
  6. ousafe

    Hello from WA

    Here's the (old) 2018 schedule of clinics held by the LL Western Region: http://www.eteamz.com/llbwest/news/index.cfm?cat=234302 My guess is they will do something similar next year. They will probably update their web page in the fall. I did the week-long clinic in Feb 2017 and it was excellent. 7 days, 14 hours a day. Classroom work dissecting rules, plate mechanics in the cages, base mechanics/rotations in the field. Written and on-field exit exams. Lots of great feedback and instruction throughout the week. About 80% small diamond, 20% big diamond work. Cost for the whole week was less than $400, including food and bunk house lodging...super bargain. I also did the outreach clinic in Seattle this past March, which was very condensed but also excellent.
  7. @BT_Blue Yes, I have done searches (here, with the google option as @Thunderheads recommends) as well as plain old google. But even so, I have not found anything definitive. The "odd colors" thread was interesting though. I won't assert that a style guide doesn't exist here...but sorry, I was not able to find it. BTW, I just saw the Salmon Creek LL 11U all stars at 11U LL state.
  8. I only recently became aware of some shirt designs being considered "softball umpire shirts" (e.g. powder blue body/collar with red/navy collar stripes, or powder blue body/collar with navy and white collar stripes), and others being for baseball. On a related note, there are some undershirt color combos that are okay (e.g. red under black), and others that are not. Is there a style guide somewhere? At this point I'm only doing LL, but I'm not excited about being mocked by my peers for wearing a softball shirt for a baseball game.
  9. ousafe

    Hello from WA

    I strongly recommend the LL Western Region umpire school in San Bernadino. Usually in February for a full week.
  10. I've been taught to first signal fair or foul, then catch or no catch, on fly balls near the foul lines. First, is that correct? If it is, does anyone know why? It seems that the more important mechanic is catch or no catch, so it would seem proper to signal that first.
  11. ousafe

    base award on ground rule double

    The (incorrect) argument was that R2 should only advance as far as forced (so to third base only).
  12. LL tournament. R2 only. Ground ball hits outside corner of 3rd base bag and bounces under a gate out of play. Fair ball, ruled as a ground rule double. R2 had not reached 3rd base when the ball went out of play. What is the correct base award for R2? In our case, R2 was awarded home.
  13. ousafe

    Common Acronyms

  14. ousafe

    Coaches jawing at each other

    I'm used to coaches being upset with umpires, and the game management associated with that. But I'm not used to coach on coach action. 10U tournament (of course!), 3-man championship game. But I ran into a situation today where a base coach took exception to the play of an opponent, and was accusing the opposing manager of teaching his kids to play dirty (or something like that). I actually have no idea what the beef was about. I didn't see any dirty play. But between innings the jawing started, and they had a heated exchange. I got concerned when I heard one coach telling the other coach "let's go, let's go". We had a bit of a goat rodeo as the defense was coming onto the field. I asked them what was going on, and both coaches told me "we're fine", but then returned to jawing. I got the tournament director's attention and said we had an issue. They continued to talk and then parted ways without any punches thrown. But not thanks to anything I did. We got the new half inning started quickly enough, but everyone was definitely agitated after that, including the fans. My sense was that there was some bad blood from a previous game that I was not a part of. I obviously need a playbook for this situation. What would you have done?
  15. ousafe

    No sht fair

    AAA game in Tacoma, I noticed the crew never used the out mechanic on obvious fly balls. That crew was very crisp in every regard. So I concluded that must be the instruction they're given.