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  1. If the runners hadn't advanced, then this is nothing? I.e. no play to be made, so no hindrance, therefore no interference?
  2. ousafe

    Dropped Third Strike

    Might as well add that this question comes straight from the Mariners-Angels game tonight. In super slo-mo, you could see that Mallex Smith's foot was planted on the ground when the ball rolled into his foot. He didn't kick it at all. But as a result of the ball hitting Smith's foot, Lucroy overran it and couldn't corral the ball. The plate umpire took a lot of heated "discussion" from Servais, surprised he didn't run him.
  3. ousafe

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Did you restrict the HC?
  4. ousafe


    Would be awesome to have an afternoon just for ump training/practice at a facility with that technology. I'd probably travel to get that kind of opportunity!
  5. ousafe

    A couple that have been bugging me.

    R3 is out if he is "touched by a fair ball in fair territory before the ball has touched or passed an infielder." (LL Rule 7.08 (f)) Apply some judgment as to whether the ball passed the third baseman.
  6. ousafe

    ball bumbled out of play

    NFHS game. No runners on, none out. Ground ball to F6. F6 airmails throw on what was going to be a close play at first. Ball bounces back off the fence, and has remained live and in play. Runner crosses first in the meantime. F2, who has hustled up the line to back up, then basically boots the ball when trying to field it, and it rolls under a gap in the fencing, and out of play. To me, once F2 attempts to field the ball off the fence and boots it out, that's no longer the first throw from the infield and I'm no longer using TOP for the base award. Award the batter/runner 3rd. Did I get that right?
  7. ousafe

    What do you think happened here?

    Honestly, I think he snapped his eyes to the bag before actually seeing the release of the throw/toss. Once he took his eye off the ball, he could only assume the play would be made. And that didn't turn out so well for him.
  8. ousafe

    LL Mercy rules

    Yes, as long as your local league has not opted out of these mercy rules.
  9. ousafe

    Ball 4 Balk

    I like the balk - HBP scenario. Some similarities to this case.
  10. ousafe

    First games of the year!

    I'm 4 games in here in Seattle. Had to scrape the frost off my windshield before heading home last Saturday. The turf was green but the grass outfield was kinda just gray. First HS games (JV of course) of my career have been a ton of fun. Way more civilized than select ball.
  11. ousafe

    What mask is this?

    Just wondering which mask this is. Can anyone identify it? Thanks!
  12. ousafe

    Pitching Limits and Umpires

    That makes sense. WIAA actually allows protests based on an incorrect application of a rule up to 24 hours later. That's the part I think is...interesting.
  13. ousafe

    Pitching Limits and Umpires

    Just learned that in Washington state, HS coaches can protest a game up to 24 hours after the fact. (!)
  14. ousafe

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    Been eyeing the TW pads. This got me to pull the trigger. Merry xmas 2 me!
  15. ousafe

    Balloon chest protector mechanics

    Having used the balloon much more recently than that... I'd set up in the slot same as you would normally. Make sure you don't let it slide down and expose your neck. Tuck it inside your throat guard if you have one. Some guys can drape it over their shoulders. I could never do that - it kept sliding off my sloped shoulders. So i used it like a shield on my left arm. Yes it can work like this even to remove your mask, but it is definitely awkward and the dang thing can block your view in the process. I'd use it over the shoulders if i could. Be sure your elbows don't protrude out the sides.