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  1. Runners advancing on throw into dugout

    I see my mistake, the rule says, "...makes a wild throw on the first play..." and the comment says, "...where a first throw by an infielder..."
  2. Runners advancing on throw into dugout

    I thought it was first throw from the infield. It's ToT if all runners advance to the next base before the ball is thrown.
  3. Delayed call puts runner at disadvantage

    Why wouldn't we say, "Ball's out, no tag!" With a point. I do agree that it's the runner's responsibility to have some idea of what's going on.
  4. LL mound visits

    Sometimes it takes a couple times to click. If being a good umpire was as easy as reading the rulebook, there wouldn't be as much of a shortage. Talked to our UIC, he said to chase them off the field with a warning. If they don't listen, charge them with a visit.
  5. Focus

    I've been trying to pick one thing I'm lacking in and focus. I really need to get better at watching the ball all the way into the catcher's glove, so one inning I'll really focus on that. Another inning, I'll work on my timing.
  6. LL mound visits

    The inning started when the third out was recorded. According to 8.03, they have one minute from the time they take the mound. I believe you were looking for "time out" Isn't it a dead ball during a time out? The part that confuses me is when are coaches are allowed on the field? Can they be out there during preparatory pitches? Perhaps immediately after a pitching change, but I would say no during a changeover. Typically, we are pretty lax on this during the regular season, but in the final couple of weeks we like to buckle down and prepare coaches for Tournament play,
  7. First one this year

    "My zone is in the book. You should read it." I've had a couple groans on pitches where the catcher reaches across the plate, but no complaints. I had a couple parents ask about high pitches after a game, not in a confrontational manner, but more curiosity. When I explained how the zone worked, they were all surprised that it changed for every batter. So when the 5' tall catcher reaches up for a pitch to a 6' batter, it still could be in the strike zone.
  8. LL mound visits

    So recently LL reduced the number of mound visits from 3/inning to 2 and from 4/game to 3. On a per pitcher basis. At a recent district meeting, it was mentioned that a coach being on the infield, in fair territory, would get a warning or be charged with a visit. During the tournament, coaches won't be allowed on the field unless they get permission from the umpire. Base coaches can't come out until the throw down. This has been met with some resistance. The rules state "in one inning" and since I'm not aware of any breaks in time during or between innings, I would agree that it should be counted as a visit. I have one coach that claims that it happens during "dead ball" time, to which I responded, "all mound visits are during a dead ball." How is this treated at other levels? Anybody with specific LL knowledge?
  9. Softball pitcher required days of rest?

    I had a couple guys trying to use 24 hour blocks instead of calendar days. So if he pitched at 10 am on Saturday, he'd be eligible to pitch on Monday at 5, "That's more than 48 hours rest."
  10. Regional Game

    Really good pitching?
  11. Rookie Tips

    I'm still fairly new myself, but at the youth level, I'll see the PU set up behind the catcher during warmups. I did that twice and I found that even the most accurate guy during warmups throws differently with a batter in the box. I feel, I'm better off not thinking about it, relaxing and counting pitches.
  12. Watching umpires while I watch my son

    See my post above.
  13. Watching umpires while I watch my son

    We have a similar conversation. We mandate that our coaches umpire league games. Every year, somebody claims it's too much demand. (I coach 2 team, am the VP of operations and umpire 3 different levels) I'm not one of them. Every year, we decide that we'll pay umpires for Fall Ball as a trial and by the second week, nobody can stand the paid umpires. I'm far from perfect, but some of the guys we have been sent are really questionable. We had a plate umpire pass out during a game. Another changed his call because one of the coaches yelled at him. A neighboring league uses paid umpires and they've had a bunch of no shows this season. During an interleague game the PU did the plate meeting from a printed list. etc. Every year we eventually decide that the coaches do as good of a job if not better than the paid guys. And it doesn't cost us a couple thousand per season.
  14. Watching umpires while I watch my son

    We are so short on officials that games are being cancelled.
  15. How Would You Handle This?

    To address the second part, with less than 2 outs, I would think we'd have an infield fly. Don't know how to handle to INT on that.