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  1. Mister B

    Car storage

    We have an older Scion XB, since it's the family car, I can't modify it for Umpiring, but it's a really great rig. Good gas mileage, lots of space. We got ours used from CA, so the original owner had the back windows tinted very dark. It's a PITA to back up at night, but it's nearly impossible to see into the back of the car at any time. The back seat splits, so you can fit 3 in the car with plenty of room for gear. Plus it's actually pretty fun to drive. With the back hatch up, you can sit in the back and have a canopy. I have a friend who's 6'4" who prefers to ride in the back seat, as it's one of the few cars that he can fit in the back seat. Both legroom and headroom wise.
  2. Mister B

    Future Nike Apparel?!

    The above is a batting cage jacket.
  3. Mister B

    Equipment question

    I'd recommend the Diamond to start. But with different pads. But I'd also suggest trying on a couple. While I wouldn't hesitate to wear my Diamond in a game, I prefer my Honig's lightweight, it's an ounce or 2 heavier, but I think the eye opening is slightly larger. Could also be the round bars vs. rectangular.
  4. Mister B

    Unusual activity warning

    I keep meaning to ask about this. If your host offers Cpanel, you can get a free SSL cert. Not being secure will hurt your performance in Google, although it's not like there is a huge amount of competition out there. Personally, I appreciate the security. Keeps it from feeling like somebody is reading over my shoulder.
  5. Mister B

    New Diamond CP

    I used my Schutt HDX for fall ball and the one thing that really stood out to me was that when I took off my CP, my shirt wasn't drenched in sweat. Seemingly, I had more energy as well. How would you expect these to be during the summer?
  6. Mister B

    Throwing the bat

    For LL minors and under, our local rule is that the first throw is a light warning. The second time, if it doesn't hit anyone, they get another warning. The third time, or if they hit the catcher or umpire the coach is presented with the choice of sitting the player while batting or letting the player be ejected. Honestly, I've never gotten to that point, but if I had a coach choose the ejection, he'd be gone and the assistant would get to make the choice. Had a player let go of the bat on the backswing and somehow the knob of the bat went thru the fence and then was stopped by the barrel. Directly at the parents in the bleachers, a couple people almost soiled themselves.
  7. I put gel insoles in my 3n2s and they made a huge difference.
  8. Mister B

    Has anyone ever had a 4th out appeal call?

    nevermind on mine as well. Gotta stop posting on less than an hour of sleep. I know I've used it, and the outcome was the same with the umpire and other coach not realizing it, but can't seem to remember the beginning. I think the excitement of being in a situation to actually use it only to not need it, was a huge let down.
  9. Mister B

    Has anyone ever had a 4th out appeal call?

    Used it once in a game as a coach. R1 and R3, ground ball to F6, R1 falls going to 2B, so F6 takes his time tagging the base. R3 scored before the out. B/R gave up, so he never touched 1B. Was screaming at my guys to get the out at 1B. Luckily a couple of them were actually paying attention when we talked about the advantageous 4th out. Turns out it didn't matter as neither the umpire nor the other coach actually knew the rule and didn't count the run in the first place.
  10. FED ruleset. B/R pops up along 1BL, F1 charges to catch the ball. Side-steps to avoid colliding with B/R. Gloves the ball and then drops it. Was about 30 feet from the plate. B/R was called out for interference. From the stands, I thought F2 would have had a better play on the ball, but never tried. Who do you protect?
  11. Mister B

    Breakaway bases in FED

    Last year, the anchor we use for our 50/70 bases broke, and so I replaced it. Multiple usages are not that difficult. Our LL field was cut for both 40/60 and 50/70. The top of the metal anchors were set about an inch below the clay. We used the mushroom plugs in the anchors that weren't being used. The Schutt's have a metal post that drops into the anchor. On top of that is a pad that has many rubber fingers pointing up, with a slope going up. The base drops on top of that. The fingers provide some resistance, but the base will release if hit hard enough from the side. The anchors are the same used for the "permanent" bases. And the costs between the breakaway and permanent aren't that prohibitive. $150 more for a set of 3 breakaways. Most people spent more than 3 times that on a bat.
  12. Mister B

    Breakaway bases in FED

    First, I'm not looking to sue anyone, the game started and it was dry. We are in the Pacific Northwest, so rain happens and it started misting. This does reinforce my preference for natural fields. I have a note into the league and organizer regarding supplemental insurance. I know LL covers some on field injuries so I thought I'd check. The break away base question is just me wondering why they wouldn't be required in FED, where safety is supposedly a priority. It's like the guys who ride motorcycles with a really nice helmet while wearing only shorts and flipflops. Especially after reading that research. Plus, the bases on the field were 2 part bases, so just me being curious. As for the Schutt, I don't know if they are the best of all, but they were the best of the 3 that we tried. And after watching the LLWS, I think they work better than the Rogers (AD Starr) The Schutt had some tooth, so they didn't pop off any time somebody slid, but if you hit it hard the top part did release. Haven't tried the magnetic bases, I'd be curious as to how well those work.
  13. Mister B

    Breakaway bases in FED

    Field is in great shape, the turf was wet and he was wearing trainers as he just got done pitching. His foot slid on the wet turf and then got jammed into the base. He was playing at Harmony Park. Not looking for help from the rules, just clarification. Our LL uses the Schutt Hollywood breakaways and those seem to work the best.
  14. Mister B

    Breakaway bases in FED

    My 12 year old was playing fall ball JBO here in Oregon and they use FED rules. On a steal of 3B he slid on the wet turf and his foot got caught. He ended up with a fractured tibia. I know the bases are 2 part bases much like the breakaways that we used in LL, but these have never seemed to come apart. I've kicked them hard to try and shift them into proper alignment and they don't move. The question is, with all it's safety rules, does FED require breakaway bases? From what I read, it allows for breakaway, but says nothing about requiring. I'm not looking to sue, I just figured that everyone seems to pay for insurance, and we have a fairly high deductible, so any little bit to help cover our costs would be great. As I don't think this is going to be cheap. But I also thought that FED would require breakaway bases. Note: the breakaway bases used in this last LL WS were horrible. A strong breeze would have moved those. Thanks.