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  1. That seems high to me. I'd drop the chest plate to where it was. Then look at it while you're wearing your mask. You could try softening up the plastic and bending the inside front corner of the shoulder down slightly.
  2. Unsportsmanlike Conduct Ejection

    If he was ejected from a LL playoff game, he's out for good.
  3. Hello from WA

    Email Joe and Fred (on the 60 foot flyer, ousafe link) and let them know you are interested. You should get an email from them in mid-January reminding you to register. For $100, it's a deal, considering they feed you. Especially if you live in the area. We have a couple guys who carpool up from Portland.
  4. Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    I'd like a 4" throat guard like that.
  5. Coach Buckets

    Then he has no reason to be out there.
  6. Hello from WA

    There's a weekend clinic in March, held in Vancouver, WA. Sponsored by Western Regional. I believe Jim Joyce was there last year. I couldn't make it.
  7. Coach Buckets

    He should be in the dugout or being charged with a visit.
  8. I just got mine as well and no ladderlocs on the lower straps. Not a big deal. This CP is made to fit a wider person. I'm 5'9" and 180 pounds. and I had to work to get it to fit me the way I'd like. I removed the belly protector as well as the rib wings, and biceps. then I pushed the shoulders way under. Probably needs some heat and moulding, but I'll get there. We'll see how it handles a hit. My old V-Sport had memory foam encases in vinyl, so it took a hit really well, but it was really hot. I'll see if I can get some photos later this week.
  9. Balk-batter hits ball everyone freezes

    Was R1 thrown out at second?
  10. One of my favorite stories: http://www.espn.com/college-sports/columns/story?columnist=hays_graham&id=3372631
  11. Imitation is a form of flattery I guess...

    I've got the All-Star on my old V-Sport, and I love it. I also appreciate that the delta is hollow and allows some heat to escape as the V-Sport has no ventilation in the front. Just picked up the new Schutt and I'm working on getting it fitted to me correctly.
  12. Your first mistake is working anything under kid pitch. You're not an umpire, you're a target.
  13. LL obstruction at 1B

    And herein lies the issue. BR is not touching 1B without some kind of hard contact. F3 is on the line, so he is blocking some of the runner's lane and he's standing straight up so he's blocking the majority of the base, unless BR makes a wide turn to 2B he's not going to be able to touch 1B. I realize that touching 1B is not a requirement for a safe call, but this situation puts the runner at a distinct disadvantage. Finally, since the throw was made and caught, there's no RLI. Can't tell you the number of times I've seen F3 catch the ball with both feet on the base. This seems like the perfect level to use the rules to enforce good mechanics as well as safety.
  14. Run counting on force out

    Never know when there's going to be an errant throw. Gotta watch for any opportunity for an out.
  15. LL obstruction at 1B

    F3 was set up straight down the line before the throw was even made. I stayed out (like I should), so I had a view of both the ball and F3. He had to reach back towards the infield to make the catch. BR was slowing down before he trucked F3 and put out his hands to brace for contact. He was 2/3 the size of F3. So any collision would have been worse for him.