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  1. Regardless of the time they might shave off of the game, if they save 3 minutes, they'll find a way to cram 3 more TV commercials in.
  2. Safe or Out

    He was safe, because that was the call and I have no power to overturn it. But what I did learn: Pay attention to the ball. It looks like the throw is coming from short center. If that throw was off the same amount in a different direction, U1 would be seeing stars. I think I would have stayed in foul territory on that hit, probably better angle and the ability to move to see the tag. Moving in screws up the angle and potentially puts you into the path of the ball or the B/R. I do agree that he did make a move to 2B, and that he was called safe by a missed tag.
  3. Navy blue plate coat

    I got these for my patches: https://www.amazon.com/totalElement-Magnetic-Fastener-Adhesive-10-Pack/dp/B00EHK287M/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1510952855&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=name+tag+magnets&psc=1 I use the adhesive to stick the magnet to the patch and then reach inside my shirt to attach the other side. Nothing gets stuck to the shirt. You can also cut them out of boxes that have them and they are smaller. Usually find them on electronics or fancy soaps.
  4. Quick Tip Videos

    At our LL District camp, they showed a bunch of videos of plays that could or could not have been called interference or obstruction. They didn't tell us what the call was and we barely touched on what we thought. As somebody who is still early on in their experience, I would find it extremely helpful to see examples and some discussion on what the call was, and why it was called that way. I also think including all rulesets in the topics would be extremely helpful. Even though there isn't a chance in hell, I'll work an MLB game, knowing how their rules differ from LL does help when dealing with a coach or a fellow umpire who isn't quite sure. I also think positions and roles would be a good one to see. Thanks for doing this, I can't fathom the amount of work it will be. I'd suggest asking for $10/year donations to cover the cost.
  5. wrong name on lineup card

    We played a team this fall that had 3 #22s. One of them was named Kayden and another named Caiden. Another team had 2 #19s both named K. Jones. Thank god it's fall ball. Although I did hear 2 different coaches argue that the base coach is not allowed to leave the coach's box.
  6. Research Needed for Graduate School Project

    I'll take the survey, but how does it know who's foot touched the base first? Also, with all technological advances, if we rely on it, we will lose that skill when the technology fails.
  7. GA Contacts

    I'd start here: http://www.littleleague.org/learn/about/contacts.htm Most leagues are unorganized and you'll spin your wheels trying to find info. Start with the regional office and work your way down. If you find out who the local district UIC is, he should be able to set you up with a league. We have a couple local leagues who are completely unorganized. I've had umpires from other leagues ask if they can work our games, because they prefer our coaches.
  8. Nope, barely have time to watch the world series.
  9. All New equipment NEEDED!

    I've got the 3N2 non-patent and they are very light. I've heard that they may not be as durable, but much of that has to do with care. I wipe mine off after every game and let them air out in between. I would suggest added support on the inside as they don't seem to have much of an arch. It actually works out nice as my insoles fit in quite nicely. If I were looking for a new mask these days, I'd probably be looking at the Force 3. Oh and sorry about the loss. Insurance?
  10. Looks like Stroman's hitch comes after the ball has been pitched. Got no problem with that. His quick pitch was illegal. I think all the kids want to have a unique motion like Kershaw. I just think, it better happen every time.
  11. My thoughts on the 2017 World Series

    It could be the ball. https://www.si.com/mlb/2017/10/29/world-series-baseballs-leather-justin-verlander-yu-darvish-ken-giles-kenley-jansen
  12. Many 12u LL teams here play on 50/70 fields for the experience and most (non-LL) tournaments 11u and up are on 50/70 fields. I will usually call time, tell the pitcher that if he deviates from his normal delivery like that with runners on, he will get balked. (not for LL majors) although I know a couple kids that will be playing 50/70 next spring, so I did talk to them about extra pitching movements. If you want to add a little hitch to your pitch, you better do it every time. I did have a quick pitch that I called as an illegal. Batter wasn't ready, pitcher, never looked at the batter until he was throwing. The coach said the batter was in the box therefore he should have been ready. Plus how could his pitcher know he wasn't ready as he wasn't looking.
  13. Gurriel's action and punishment

    Not related, but at one point in his career, Michael Jordan was making $100K/hour. (That's one of the reasons his golf wagers weren't a big deal to me, because it was comparable to you and I betting $20) With bonuses for post season play, I'm sure Gurriel isn't far off of that. I also liked the way Darvish handled it, and I liked that he pulled the Houston fans into it. When my son found out, he was happy to be a Dodgers fan. (my son is se asian) I also know that we did this as kids and although we didn't mean to cause harm, it may have. We were all kids looking to have fun. And now that I know better, I think we as adults need to change this attitude. I feel it's one of the reasons were are in the mess we are.
  14. Force3 Defender doesn't help here....

    Sorry to keep this alive, but just wanted to mention that number of stitches doesn't mean much. More stitches leaves less of a scar. I had a 7" cut after surgery on my achilles and only 8 stitches holding it closed. The doctor said I was too old to worry about glamorous ankles.
  15. I didn't see what happened, but reading about it, I just can't help feeling that the punishment, especially in today's climate, is a cop out. I think a one game suspension, during the Series, would have been more of a force in the changing of attitudes. 5 games at the beginning of next season is not a punishment. The might have well, thrown in some free massages and a trip to the Bahamas. And while I have a feeling that many of you might feel differently, I believe that disrespecting another human or race, is a hell of a lot worse than "disrespecting" an inanimate object. Just curious as how others feel.