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  1. Little League dropped a visit, but I don't think F2 visits count. Nor should they, as they usually only take a couple seconds and the majority of the time settle down F1 enough so that he doesn't walk the next 4 batters. And those 4 walks usually add about 30 minutes to the inning.
  2. Thirsty Pitcher

    During our LL District Tournaments, it can get hot. Coaches are told at the beginning of the game that F1 or F2 can request time and ask for water. When approved, a bench player can bring out a water bottle and hand it to whomever requested then retreat to foul territory. Water is passed around, if necessary, and bench player retrieves bottle. Anything other than that is charged as a visit. Still get coaches walking out of the dugout with a water bottle telling us, that his pitcher needs water.
  3. Football reconditioners or repair places?

    Schutt is all about air flow. My son has an Air Max batting helmet and it's not as hot as his old Rawlings. It has the blue TPU padding that allows the air to move around the inside of the helmet. It also cools off quicker than the foam. It's more than just holes.
  4. Interference

    It is interesting because it seems to award the defense for not catching/bouncing the ball. I have a feeling this happens very rarely at the MLB level.
  5. Baseball Rules Myths - Busted

    Last year, we had a couple LL games where a strike was called because the batter didn't pull back the bat. Considering that most of the batter's are in the bunt stance, I don't know how that meets the definition of a strike.
  6. Interference

    If it's unintentional INT right over the plate would you call INT or Tangle/untangle? If the BR is between F2 and the ball, we can't expect him to disappear and it's not a batted ball, but a thrown ball, correct?
  7. NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Our little league has a bunch of those. They weigh like 5 pounds and are hot as hell in the summer.
  8. With all this money being spent on lawyers and lawsuits, you'd hope their officials are making at least $100K/year.
  9. So if the batter lifts his foot to avoid being hit by the pitch, the ball hits the bat and goes foul, do we have a foul ball or is the batter out?
  10. Infield Fly, Interterence, or Both?

    If we call the batter out on the IFF, we could have offensive interference, but since the batter is out already, I would think of this as being spectator interference, dead ball runners return unless the umpire(s) determine that the interference hindered a play on another runner, then that runner would be out. But I'm not seeing that in the OP.
  11. LLWS 2018

    Congrats from the west coast.
  12. Regardless of the time they might shave off of the game, if they save 3 minutes, they'll find a way to cram 3 more TV commercials in.
  13. Safe or Out

    He was safe, because that was the call and I have no power to overturn it. But what I did learn: Pay attention to the ball. It looks like the throw is coming from short center. If that throw was off the same amount in a different direction, U1 would be seeing stars. I think I would have stayed in foul territory on that hit, probably better angle and the ability to move to see the tag. Moving in screws up the angle and potentially puts you into the path of the ball or the B/R. I do agree that he did make a move to 2B, and that he was called safe by a missed tag.
  14. Navy blue plate coat

    I got these for my patches: https://www.amazon.com/totalElement-Magnetic-Fastener-Adhesive-10-Pack/dp/B00EHK287M/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1510952855&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=name+tag+magnets&psc=1 I use the adhesive to stick the magnet to the patch and then reach inside my shirt to attach the other side. Nothing gets stuck to the shirt. You can also cut them out of boxes that have them and they are smaller. Usually find them on electronics or fancy soaps.
  15. Quick Tip Videos

    At our LL District camp, they showed a bunch of videos of plays that could or could not have been called interference or obstruction. They didn't tell us what the call was and we barely touched on what we thought. As somebody who is still early on in their experience, I would find it extremely helpful to see examples and some discussion on what the call was, and why it was called that way. I also think including all rulesets in the topics would be extremely helpful. Even though there isn't a chance in hell, I'll work an MLB game, knowing how their rules differ from LL does help when dealing with a coach or a fellow umpire who isn't quite sure. I also think positions and roles would be a good one to see. Thanks for doing this, I can't fathom the amount of work it will be. I'd suggest asking for $10/year donations to cover the cost.