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  1. Mister B


    Coaching my 13u team and I, (Asst. Coach), walk up late to hand our line up card to the other HC. (1 hour drive to game) As I'm there I catch the PU discussing how swearing will not be tolerated, and if they hear any, it will result in an immediate ejection. He then went into "Properly and legally equipped" and then a very convoluted explanation about the batter staying in the box for a pick at 3B. Anyway, the swearing thing was the first time I ever heard an umpire spend so much, if any, time on it. I'm pretty liberal on cussing, as long as it's not directed at me or another player directly, but loud enough to be heard in a bout of anger, I'm just going to say, "Watch your language." and let it go. Never had it go further. If it's the result of something, I usually don't say anything. 13 year old drops an F-Bomb after getting hit in the elbow, I figure his parents are usually there and they'll deal with it as they wish. Anyone else place such a heavy penalty on cursing?
  2. Mister B

    Hit By Pitch

    I see too many kids taught to "wear it" and they just stand there and will take a shot to arm or head, or worse, they'll open up and take one to the face or chest. I've got no problem with a player "wearing one" if it's coming right at them, but at least teach them to turn their back to the ball and bend over.
  3. Mister B

    Best Concussion Proof Mask

    So, if the mask takes a foul ball or a missed pitch, is it the same thing?
  4. Mister B

    Breakaway base question!!

    There are a couple sports orthopedics who believe that more than half of the leg injuries in baseball would go away if they used breakaway bases in the upper levels. Our LL uses the Schutt Hollywood. https://beaconathletics.com/store/game-practice/baseball-softball/bases/release-bases/hollywood-kwik-release-base/?utm_campaign=google_shopping&gclid=CjwKCAjw_MnmBRAoEiwAPRRWW4zVmoVPSc26apadlrkeCPqEDl18vwOVnJ7HsI_tqFbNHH1Lar4NchoCwK4QAvD_BwE If the base breaks away, there is a large orange square left. Slightly smaller than the base, but really obvious. it takes some substantial force to knock the base off, but less than breaking a bone. My son broke his leg on non-breakaway. Here's a study, https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/ad91/3b18460464f4561ade25a23c326093fefce3.pdf Could be a savings of $2 billion in healthcare costs annually. The bases only broke away 3% of the time during studied games (approx. 2,000) So it's not like they are flying off, willy-nilly.
  5. Mister B

    Better Mechanics for solo umpiring

    Set up a couple obstacles and work on clearing the catcher to get on the infield. Keep the ball in front of you as you move. You don't have to remove your mask every time. I'll bring my hand up to stabilize it, but it doesn't come off unless I've got time to remove it.
  6. Mister B

    Verbal on IFF

    I was coaching my son's MS team and we were crushing the other team, so I didn't worry too much about it. But bases loaded with 1 out pop fly to F4. The other team had dropped about 50% of the fly balls hit, so I yelled for everyone to go back. The ball was dropped and so my R1, who was still about a third of the way, took off to 2B and was called out. Then the base ump announced 3 outs with the IFF. So I requested time and asked if they had called IFF, both umpires claim to have, but I didn't hear it, my runners didn't hear it and my first base coach didn't hear it. It wasn't worth raising a stink over since we were up by 12 after the first inning. But I know that I make sure that if I'm calling IFF, I'm loud. Got no problem with the umpires, they did a great job. Even expanded the strike zone for my guys after I asked. (trying to not humiliate the other team was really difficult without being super obvious) But I'm bugged that the IFF call wasn't loud, and I don't know if that's me, or if that should be a loud audible call. Granted, I should have known better, but without the obvious call, how are the runners supposed to know?
  7. Mister B

    Fair or foul

    Back in the 80s they wore lab coats and it is an awesome sport if not confounding. Although Rugby 7s has got to be one of the best spectator sports.
  8. What about a walk? R2 took off for 3B, B/R stepped in front of the throw.
  9. Mister B

    Slim Look CP

    Actually wore it under a jacket. (it's youth ball in the Pacific NW) and it was comfortable there too. Opened the zipper a little bit between innings to cool off. 1 man games, so I get a little work out in.
  10. Mister B

    Slim Look CP

    After feeling the breeze blow thru my Shutt HDX on an 80 degree day, I'm not switching anytime soon.
  11. R3 hit by batted ball while on the base, (LL) is R3 out if there was no way an infielder could make a play on the ball? Batter bunts, ball hits the plate bounces straight up and hits the bat again, while the batter is still holding it. Foul, fair or out?
  12. Mister B

    Obstruction Illinois - Illinois State

    Baseball equivalent of the flop. I agree it's a difficult angle to make a final decision. But I do think the catcher had the ball as the runner began his exaggerated avoidance.
  13. Mister B

    USSSA 8U Coach Pitch Tight Bases Question

    Also, at this level too many verbals lead to too much confusion.
  14. Check out surrounding LL Districts and see who's in charge. Out here Oregon District 1 and Washington District 4 put on a 3 day clinic for both LL and then another for the 90" diamond. It's only about $100, but includes breakfast and lunch. Also, if you can work the bases for a couple seasoned umpires, it's quite the learning experience. Ask lots of questions and don't be surprised to get ambiguous answers, somethings we have to figure out ourselves. It's not the same level as HS ball, but can really help develop your confidence. Last year, I worked on a 3 man crew for the Oregon state tournament and we nailed it. The plate umpire was stoked after the game. Everyone was always in the right position. One of the coaches came up after the game and said, "I was going to give you guys a hard time about missing your rotations, but you guys nailed them every time."
  15. Mister B

    Base on Balls

    A walk is not a dead ball, the ball is very much alive. I coached a game where the catcher took off his mitt, with the ball in it and started fussing with his gear. R1 touched 2B and took off for 3B, a horrible throw to LF brought him home and B/R made it to 3B on the errors. The opposing coach, who had previously sent a walked B/R to 2B where he was thrown out, demanded that the ball was dead because his catcher had gear issues on a walk. Problem was nobody asked the umpire for time.