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  1. ISO Black Majestic Thermal w White Stripes Size Large

    Not a Majestic, but I just picked up a 3n2 cold strike version on Walmart.com for $39. Just wore it first time the other day and felt same as Majestic I tried once, with addition of pockets, which Majestic coat lacks.
  2. 2018 NFHS Exam

    IN the case of coaches' interference with the runner rounding third, that question is almost exactly what was on the NCAA exam in 2017. The NCAA ruling it IS interference, the runner is declared out immediately, and ball remains live. The rationale is because the runner slipped and then collided with the coach, the coach aided in stopping the runners' momentum. It need not be intentional to be interference. NFHS may see it a little different. But, the coaches' box is not a sanctuary. In my judgement, he needs no avoid interference with HIS runner just as he needs to avoid it with any fielder.
  3. Follow Through Interference

    May be stretching, but how about 8-5 (l) under When runners are out?: "The individual attempts to score when the batter interferes with the play at home plate provided two are not already out." I know this is a reference to R3 stealing home, but, if the follow thru hindered to the extent that perhaps his glove went flying or cracks the C in the back of the head, I believe this applies in the modified case that the infield was drawn in and the ball hit traveled directly to F4 with the intent to come to the plate with the baseball. If you do pull the trigger on INT, I think you bang the batter-runner out and put R3 back on third. Call R3 out and prepare for armageddon from the OHC.
  4. NCAA Exam Thread

    Totally agree with you on liking FED and new OBR standards!
  5. NCAA Exam Thread

    So in this play, we need to examine the hypotheticals. If the runner had deviated his path to avoid any possible collision because the catcher had been blocking the plate illegally (prior to ball in dirt circle or 60 feet) do you call the obstruction then? If the answer to that is, YES, how is this a legal play as the questions asks? I believe in that case you would have to call obstruction because the plate was blocked and in no way can we say the "act of fielding" took the catcher into the baseline - He was already there.
  6. NCAA Exam Thread

    Agreed! The throw took him away from the direction of home plate. The NCAA wants "the act of fielding" to take the catcher towards the base path in order for it to be a legal play. If the answer is "True", they just complicated matters even more so.
  7. NCAA Exam Thread

    First, thank you NCAA for not flooding the exam with batting out of order questions. With that said.....let's go over Question # 44: The current batting line-up is Abel, Baker, Charles, Daniel, Edward. Charles, who had batted leadoff the entire season, is put in the third position for this game. Charles, expecting to lead off, bats first (not realizing he is listed third) and strikes out. Baker comes to bat next and doubles. The home team head coach appeals that Baker batted out of order. · a. o Rule Baker out and bring Daniel up to bat. · b. o Rule Baker out and remove him from 2B and bring Charles up to bat again. · c. o Rule Daniel out, remove Baker from 2B and bring Edward up to bat. · d. o Do nothing as this is legal. Baker is the second batter on the line-up card and the second batter up in the game. I initially thought it was legal. However, I changed it to ruling Baker out and bring Daniel up to bat (Answer on here). Anyone agree/disagree?
  8. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

  9. Online Clinic

    I ran into the same problem. All the videos/slides have a locked icon on them.
  10. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    The bottom pic from Jimurray is from the NCAA video on 3/21/17. That particular video proclaims the play 100% legal on the catcher's part and mirrors the Contreras act identically. So, NCAA, perfectly legal to block plate as they are in act of fielding the ball, whether the ball takes them into the path of the runner, or not.
  11. Starter uniforms for rookies

    I wore charcoal Nike golf pants all this past summer and the only comments I got on them were how good they looked. They have a flat front, but were perfect base pants for the hot/humid days in late June/early July.
  12. ball bags no interior pockets

    The Smitty XL bags, like blue32 recommends, have much smaller inner pockets and do not get in the way. I only use them for my indicator on occasion and leave my brush in the main compartment. Great size, too. I had as many as nine baseballs in my 2 bags this past weekend working a college fall game.
  13. TCU - NC State balk

    I agree. I've got nothing. The hand wiping on the pant leg before coming set is awkward, but not a visible violation. Ballsy call in this type of situation and very surprising a 4-man crew in a Regional Final does not get together on this one.
  14. Seeds

    Big League Chew!!!! Nothing else comes close, ha
  15. Between Innings

    Every memo in Iowa reminds of of keeping good pace of play. I address it at every pregame conference when I work the plate. On the bases I keep a stopwatch either out in my hand or dangling at my side. That lets coaches know we're keeping enforcement consistent. At 50 seconds between innings from the first infielder taking his position (not exactly the rule) I begin walking from shallow RCF towards the 'A' position. This signals to my partner that the next pitch is the last warm-up pitch.