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  1. humanbackstop19

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    So, with this being a reviewable call when technology permits, is this now an acceptable play for a crew to get together where the technology is NOT present at the lower levels of college baseball (ie - DII, DIII, JUCO, NAIA)?
  2. humanbackstop19

    Tag-up Responsibilities

    CCA Manual has it the responsibility of U1 to observe both tag ups in this scenario. 7.7.4: Pg. 90: Fly ball to CF: Catch - "U1 observes both R2's tag up at second base and R1's tag up at first."
  3. humanbackstop19

    Quick pitch or no

    There's no way that P is in compliance with FED/NCAA with the non-pivot foot. Even in 2-man, the BU should be able to see that.
  4. humanbackstop19

    Verbal OBS (FED) - Was I right or being OOO?

    Had this happen a few years back as a SS yelled "back, back. back" to R2. This is after warning him he could not do this. I called out the OBS and killed the baseball after the P stepped off the rubber. DC came out. Compared it to a fake snap count by the defense in football. Crisis averted.
  5. humanbackstop19

    Quick pitch or no

    Timing of being a quick pitch or not, the new NCAA rules for both the windup and set positions have him in an illegal pitching position. If he's in a windup, his non-pivot foot has to be at or behind the front edge of the rubber with shoulders facing the batter. If he's in the set, his shoulders need to be facing the respective foul line at the time of stopping and his pivot foot parallel and in contact ot the rubber. Ruling: Balk if anyone was on base, ball on the batter if not. No more warnings.
  6. humanbackstop19

    Base shoes question

    NIKE VAPOR SPEED TURF MEN'S TRAINING SHOE Tried these out last year and LOVED THEM. Enjoyed the NB MU950's, but they wore out after the first year. https://www.hibbett.com/nike-vapor-speed-turf-mens-training-shoe/X1121.html?dwvar_X1121_color=0201&cgid=#q=nike%2Bturf&lang=default&start=11
  7. humanbackstop19

    2019 NCAA Test Question

    Missed this on first try. Question #29: Which of the following situations would create a charged defensive conference? a. An infielder comes to the mound to use the rosin bag and engages in a conversation with the pitcher. b. In a possible bunt situation, the first baseman walks to the mound and confers with the pitcher. c. A coach goes to the mound, visits for a few seconds, then signals for a relief pitcher to enter the game. d. The catcher is crossed up by a pitch and requests to visit the pitcher to clarify signs. His team has not used up all their allotted charged conferences. e. a and b. f. a,b,and d.
  8. humanbackstop19

    2019 NCAA Test Question

    That's exactly why I'm asking. Making sure I didn't miss something like I did on all the charged conference situations.
  9. humanbackstop19

    2019 NCAA Test Question

    Question #34: A team receives one extra defensive and offensive charge conference for each extra inning played. True or False? Rule 6 -Sec. 5-f reads: If the game goes into extra innings, the team will receive one extra defensive and one extra offensive conference plus any unused conferences from the first nine innings. According to this rule, the answer is false. Just checking to see if I missed anything at the clinics, as I was unable to attend due to weather.
  10. humanbackstop19

    Throwing the bat

    Our association in Iowa has made on emphasis on limiting unreasonable ejections and keeping players in the game for acts that do not meet a criteria of "malicious" or "unsportsmanlike". In this case, the initial infractions, in my judgement, did not meet this criteria. However, once an official warning for the specific act was given and the act repeated itself once more, I felt I had grounds to eject.
  11. humanbackstop19

    Throwing the bat

    Good approach. First player I ever had to dump in high school was because he threw the bat - 4 times - hitting the catcher above the shin guards twice and myself in the hip another time. I caught the HC between innings with an informal warning the second time, a formal warning after the third time, and finally an ejection after the fourth. Each time I addressed the safety issue we were facing. Now, the batter did reach first on the play involving the fourth throw. But, there is no rule requiring an out. I allowed the sub for the ejected player, just as in any other case. I even allowed the coach to make it look like a simple substitution without causing any unnecessary confrontations. BUT, made it clear it was an ejection.
  12. humanbackstop19

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    So mechanically speaking, did the PU line up the play at the plate correctly before worrying about the follow-up throw to first. Is there another way to take this type of potential double play scenario with the lead force at home AND line up for potential RLI? Furthermore, could the RF umpire in this 6-man crew have input on this type of play?
  13. humanbackstop19

    Another Force play slide INT video

    I'll chime in. I see NO FPSR INT in this play. 1) The runner must make contact with the fielder beyond the base for it to be an illegal slide. I've got contact in the baseline (directly between bases) prior to the base. At the very least, it's on top of the base where F4 took the throw in a kneeled position (which the rule is only violated if the fielder is "standing"). 2) The timing of the slide is late, but according to the case book in 2017, irrelevant. 2017 NFHS CASE BOOK - 2.32.1: "With a runner on first base, a ground ball is hit to F6, who throws to F4 covering second. R 1 slides late at second, stays in the baseline, but makes contact with F4 who is in front of the base, who overthrows first base. RULING: Providing the slide is legal, and the contact is not malicious, there is no violation." I place blame back on coaches. F4 should have been coached to get in front of the bag to take this throw. He should have been stretching like a first baseman from the corner of the bag towards home plate, because a double-play was not going to be possible. If F4 was in this position and R1 still makes contact, we've got an easy call.
  14. humanbackstop19

    Another Force play slide INT video

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/mwYUZJMfsXYaY1zL7 This one is a little different. My main question is: If the runner is safe, how can there be force play slide interference? I cannot find a FED citation that supports this, but it is cited in NCAA.
  15. humanbackstop19

    Force play slide INT video

    Anybody have force play slide interference here? This play ended a State semifinal in Iowa with the tying run on second base at the time of the pitch. https://twitter.com/KWhiteOWH/status/1022915170761420800?s=03)