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  1. humanbackstop19


    The NCAA has stated in general terms they WANT the high strike called more, but you get sniped from every dugout every time we do. I agree it needs called more. However, for me it is much tougher to stay consistent in due to batter height ranges. But, I'm trying, ha.
  2. humanbackstop19

    What's The Call?

    Is there any code that specifies the ball must "pass" the fielder in the direction of the outfield fence? In the OP, it seems like the ball did pass the first baseman, just in the direction of left field coming from foul territory. If a batted ball can become fair in this direction, what cements this as not "passing" the first baseman and his initial play on the ball? Nonetheless, this is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  3. humanbackstop19

    Dropped Ball/OBS

    On that particular video, NO, I do not think there was OBS. The catcher had secure possession of the baseball prior to blocking off the plate. The force of the contact on the slode deviated the runner, with nothing malicious, making everything legal. I thought it was great timing by the umpire to see the clear path the runner before contact and the drop after contact to hold his call.
  4. humanbackstop19

    Question about enforcement

    The formerly illegal set position with the pivot foot "hanging" of the rubber was the one I admittedly refused to enforce, specifically for the reason they changed it. Every single mound varies to one degree or another (even to the point umpires in our state have pointed out the illegal heights they are reaching with potentially dangerous slopes). If ever asked, I cited field conditions (usually the massive hole opening up in front of the rubber) for the reason I was allowing it. As far as the windup, address it before if you can and with the HC if it continues. If it's obvious, call it. If it's in doubt, refer to the HC that somebody is going to nail them for it whether they've been doing it all year or not.
  5. humanbackstop19

    Washington, Mo high school game

    I follow CCA, which has us in C for both R3 only, and R2 & R3. Dropping into B with 2 outs is something I saw some college guys doing in 2-man and tried it. Recognized the practicality of it. I've brought it up to assignors and supervisors at clinics and after explaining they said they have no problem with it. Less than 2 outs I always stay in C now.
  6. humanbackstop19

    Washington, Mo high school game

    I'll go deep B with R2, R3 with 2 outs only. Reasoning is I still have the angle on the pick at third (principle of angle over distance in 2-man) and a better view of what I believe is the more likely back pick with 2 outs at second base behind the trailing runner. One step back or forward depending on the infielder taking the pick and I get a REALLY nice view of the play. Also get a better jump getting into position on any routine ground ball going to first on a ball put in play. It's a preference, but know it's still on the uncommon side of things.
  7. humanbackstop19

    U2 in 4 man positioning

    On a lot of MLB fields the cut of the infield grass (turf in this case) runs deeper, almost into the baseline itself. If that's the case here, he may not be as shallow as it looks. A MiLB instructor moved me up more shallow into this type of spot at a clinic last fall. Keeping your shoulders square with the 3B dugout, you're simply a step right and back and you're in perfect position for a SBA.
  8. humanbackstop19

    Lodged Ball

    At plate meeting I'll often address these types of possibilities and instruct coaches to tell OF's NOT to dig for a lodged ball in a fence or other obstruction. We WILL kill the ball and WILL go out to check the situation. I also advise offense to keep running until we kill it. That way if we check and there is no lodged baseball, it's fair game for the offense. If it's lodged, we play it by rule and place runners as needed (in FED 2 bases from TOP).
  9. humanbackstop19

    runner missed bag, appeal, scoring

    This is a time play. Both runs score. In no way was the batter runner "forced" to second base if he stretches this to a triple. If they properly appealed a miss of first base, then you erase the runs as that was the only force play in this OP.
  10. humanbackstop19

    Balk and Catcher Interference on a Steal of Home

    So, if R2 is out at the plate, the out stands. We then still enforce the CI and award the batter first. R3's run still counts. Correct?
  11. humanbackstop19

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    He also got the save on the mound.
  12. humanbackstop19

    Preseason excersizes

    Healthy does of squats and lunges for plate work, with a good mix of cardio exercises (jog-sprints at a 3:1 rate are my favorite). The cardio helps the endurance both physically and mentally to keep focus in long lackluster games.
  13. humanbackstop19

    HBP Strike 3 again

    The beginning movement of the back knee, it was part of the swinging motion. However, GREAT CALL seeing the slight pause in the back leg and additional movement into the pitch. In this case, in the batter's box or not, the hitter did more than "freeze" and made an intentional motion to be hit by pitch. See ya! I do like that this is a reviewable play now and they stuck with the PU's judgement on the initial call.
  14. humanbackstop19

    Need Pants!

    There is a slight stretch to the material as they are 8% spandex. Very similar to a modern golf pant. In essence, they feel more like an athletic style pant than a dress pant.
  15. humanbackstop19

    Need Pants!

    The plate version - no comparison: Smitty Poly Spandex all the way! They stretch and breathe a lot better in warmer temps and are surprisingly solid in cooler weather.