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  1. Balk

    Most travel tournaments, at least 12U and up, use Fed as a base and modify from there.
  2. Runner leaves early on a hit and run

    It's not a smart play IMO - greater likelihood of a line drive double play with little or no benefit if he's not going to third on a hit (which he's not, because he'd be called back to second). Maybe you're less likely to get a ground ball double play, but even with a running jump I would think good fielders could get the lead runner anyway and bad fielders aren't likely to turn 2 consistently anyway.
  3. Batter turning at first base

    Assuming you're talking about a BR that has overrun first base - he has to be making an attempt to advance to second, in the umpires judgment.
  4. Call at the plate

    The plate ump really has to want the help. Had a play in HS playoffs where a kid was coming home and the throw took the catcher up the 3B line where he had to reach up for the ball and back towards home to swipe the sliding runner - the catcher ended up right between the PU and the sliding runner, he called the runner out and then time and pretty much immediately went to conference with the field ump (3 man crew) and they both had angles with no tag, reversed the call. It went against our team, but and some of the fans went crazy, but it worked the way it was supposed to, and I'm pretty sure they got it right. Kudos to the PU and crew.
  5. Yeah pitchers are ahead of hitters at that age usually. 2B and RF get more action than SS and LF with better pitchers throwing. SS of course has other responsibilities so not really a place you can have a poor fielder. I see no problem with positioning stronger players strategically, just not switching mid inning. Not in rec ball or any 'mandatory play' league anyway.
  6. I'd always offer the parent a bucket of balls to work with the kid before/after practice, and that I'd help work with him afterwards too if he was serious about it. Only one parent ever took me up on it, and the kid got time at third second half of the season. As far as switching players mid-inning, it's bad form to embarrass a kid in the name of winning a rec game. In the rec league my kids played in when they were younger, we instructed the coaches not to 'game the system' if it was counter to development and instruction. This was in response to a coach in 7s, where on a hit to the outfield, runners can't advance any further once a ball is thrown into the infield, was instructing his OF not to even turn around, just to fling it backwards, sideways, whatever to get it into the infield. His games were a travesty, not good for anyone and certainly not helping kids to learn how to play baseball. And if it's being done with a competitive team, you have to question why you're not developing and/or drawing more capable kids.
  7. Ball and strikes

    That sounds above and beyond, good for you (and the coaches!). Dont want to beat a dead horse, was just saying sometimes you know you've got a good catcher, you know he knows where to put his glove and your pitcher is hitting the spots and not getting the calls and you just know you're in for a long day when the umpire tells you "you can't see inside/outside." If I'm coaching, that's probably the only time you'll see me sitting on the bench in a live game. But I get what you're saying, a good number of catchers think that 'framing' a pitch that is 2 feet outside is a good thing.
  8. Ball and strikes

    That's my point, if the catcher's setting up on the corner and his gloves not moving than most of those should be strikes, no?
  9. Ball and strikes

    Well yeah but I'm talking about from a coach's perspective, you know where the catcher is supposed to set up for each pitch. If he's that far off, you've got bigger problems than the umpires strike zone - not talking about 12 year olds, but with older kids, they set up right in practice they tend to set up right in games. And if they dont, they dont catch. It's a much bigger part of the game than throwing down to second.
  10. Ball and strikes

    I guess I understand why you can't see in and out from the bench by following the ball, depth perception being less easy to decipher than seeing where the ball crossed the batter in the foreground or background - when I'm most likely to get upset is when my catchers glove is in the strike zone and doesn't move.
  11. does run count

    That is interesting, and more in line with the more common 'advantageous 4th out' scenarios - appeal base running infractions.
  12. OK - it was between his Jersey and chest protector. So they called it right? As soon as I saw it I said 'they're going to give the runners a base' - nobody questioned it, I thought it was absolute at the time - the wording above is what made me question it. So is pretty much anything except the uniform considered equipment? For example: I assume the glove is equipment, correct? If the ball is stuck in the webbing of the glove, do you award a base? What if it's F5's glove, would an R2 be awarded 3B, even if F5 could have still legally tagged him out if he had actually tried to advance?
  13. We had a situation a couple of weeks ago - R1 & R2, no count, no out. Pitcher delivers a pitch in the dirt. Neither R is stealing. Catcher blocks the pitch, and ball gets between him and his chest protector. After a brief moment of not realizing where it was (let's say 3-4 seconds, but it was certainly less than that), he reached in and grabs the ball. The runners did a little 'should I or shouldn't I' dance, but never got more than a step or two further than their secondary lead, and came back to their base. Seemed pretty uneventful until PU awarded both runners a base because the ball became lodged in the catcher's equipment. Your comment above makes me think that he shouldn't have awarded the base - the runners certainly would not have advanced on that pitch if the ball didn't get lodged, they were only considering it because it did, and both decided against it quickly. Rule set is OBR as far as this goes.
  14. Out of baseline

    Sometimes you have to just think "these are 8 and 9 year olds" regardless of whether they're a travel team or a rec team. It's still got to be instructional at that age.
  15. Out of baseline

    I've never seen it called in LL. Seen the batter called out after entering the dugout on a D3K while the right fielder was chasing the catcher's errant throw, but that's as close as I've come to abandonment.