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  1. SSK Japan Mask

    I like those “faded” pads on number 70.
  2. Father's Day Masks

    Just saw this and when I hit the link, they had sold out. Thank you so much for the opportunity though. You guys are the #1s!!
  3. Father's Day Masks

    @JimKirk @Scott K possible exclusive blue pads?!!
  4. Father's Day Masks

    Never mind... he just got some nice looking blue pads.
  5. Father's Day Masks

    Angel Hernandez switched full time to that mask.
  6. Are these all the same mask?

    Thanks Scott! Also, thank you for clarifying what happened with the jackets. You guys are still and will be the #1 out there.
  7. Are these all the same mask?

    Thank you! I honestly had not noticed that.
  8. Are these all the same mask?

    Thank you very much!
  9. I’m sure you all could help me sort this mess out. Are these all the same model? (The one with the black pads on UA looks like it has a longer chin guard and glossier) And if so, why does Tumpane’s look huge?
  10. Thanksgiving Traditions/Awkwardness

    That is just great-definitely memorable and hilarious!
  11. Thanksgiving Traditions/Awkwardness

    That sounds amazing! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving this year as well!
  12. It’s been a stressful week guys and gals, so I thought it would be fun to share some of those awkward/funny T-day traditions or events. I’ll get it started: I remember this Thanksgiving when I was about 5 or6. There was a sliding door that was the only path to the backyard (where the party was at). Well, either people had drunk too much or forgot their glasses because that door was smacked about 25 times that day. People were walking having full-on conversations with the people on the other side and then BLAM! Anyways, by the end of the day everyone had a migraine and some, judging by their actions, probably had a slight concussion. The moc is now officially open!
  13. @Scott Kennedy you know you guys are awesome and managed to get us the real deal shirts. This site sold both of these models but the only thing they have left is XX, plus I’d rather buy from a company I trust. Is there any way you could get these and make them available to us? Thanks and keep up the great work!!
  14. Now, before I come across as a jerk or WAY too optimistic person, I had hopes that someone out there in this huge community of ours had a cool CP such as the Power or a Douglas that wasn't in the best condition and they are willing to part with for a LOW or what they think is reasonable. As you all know, my league has this "Rule of 18" where an umpire cannot behind the plate unless he or she is 18. Well, I will be 18 just a few weeks after the Spring season starts, SO... HOME PLATE HERE I COME!!! I wanted to wear something that would celebrate such occasion/achievement, I, still can't believe it, was gifted my dream mask by one of my favorite players and I was looking to see if one of you out there could help me complete the "set" with the CP. Thanks again and I apologize if I come across as snobbish, SD
  15. Wilson trade!

    Looking to trade unused Wilson mask since I don't see myself putting it to use in the near future. Thanks! oji185]