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  1. JSam21

    New New Balance Shoes?

    @JimKirk I remember you guys posting about meeting with New Balance awhile back talking about new shoes... is there anything you could let us know about those? After 4 seasons and a level advancement it is time for new base shoes and I wanted to wait to pull the trigger if they have something new coming out.
  2. JSam21

    Home-away uniform.

    The uniform can say whatever it wants on the front as long as they are a different color from the other team.
  3. JSam21

    45 ft. running lane violations

    Depending on the rule set, the rule isn't there to help the defense make a good throw but to allow the defender to field a quality throw.
  4. Ahh.. yes... great debate points there. You said you had to buy a rainbow of colors... I've worn nothing but black and polo blue for the past few years. But it is obvious that you don't want to actually have a discussion about this topic. It is obvious that we are entering a crisis when it comes to a shortage of officials... If this is one way to get new guys to come in, then I welcome it. It would also force guys to get new shirts that desperately need to get them. Overall it sounds like a win-win to me.
  5. Ok... so why not try to eliminate an excuse if we can to recruit new umpires?
  6. When it was developed it was the colors of the NL and AL... with NL having the powder blue shirt (now the "softball" shirt) and the AL having the red shirt as their alternate. So in a way, yes it was to be a "patriotic" motif.
  7. I also worked in Illinois last year and their shirts are embroidered... with the matching hat I thought they looked great
  8. The issue with what Missouri has done is that all they said is the uniform must be black. They didn't standardize WHICH black shirt the uniform should be. I know in the rules video last year the vertical stripe and the older style black shirts were the only two shirts shown, making me think that those are the only two approved shirts... i.e. no gray panel shirts will be allowed. I wish MSHSAA would just actually make a uniform shirt with the logo on it and get it over with. Also I hate blank hats...
  9. JSam21

    Custom Chest Protectors

    This post is 9 years old...
  10. JSam21


    And now NCAA
  11. Well this post originated in May and the user that posted it hasn't posted since... so I'm thinking the chances of you getting ahold of him are slim.
  12. JSam21

    2019 Changes

    So I was at a camp this weekend and we were applying the 2019 rules... only had one dead ball strike... for strike 3... and the coach came unglued. I just have a feeling that we are going to get a lot of practice on our report writing the first few weeks of the season.
  13. JSam21

    Type A or B OBS...

    Well then... There is your throw to another fielder in a try to put out a runner. But... Awarding R1 home on this, while it could be justified in the book doing so, would open up a huge can of worms that you don't need to. I would treat it as Type B and keep R1 at 3rd. Now if F2 makes the throw to 3rd.... We are sending R1 to the plate.
  14. JSam21

    Type A or B OBS...

    How did the catcher get the ball in your play?
  15. JSam21

    Type A or B OBS...

    The pump fakes by F2 towards R3 have, in my opinion, started the rundown since F2’s actions were an attempt to drive back R3. I’m awarding R3 home and sending the BR back to first
  16. I've always found it funny that the people paid the least to be on the field are the only ones expected to be perfect.
  17. JSam21

    Forum idea

    Would it be possible to get a health and fitness forum? With the focus on umpires being more fit and trim, especially at the upper levels, I think it would be a great idea to share work outs, diets, stretching routines, etc.
  18. JSam21

    Ebay finds

    Not I but the gap coverage is important
  19. JSam21

    Weight Loss Group

    So coming out of the Mid-American Umpire Clinic, the biggest thing on my evals was Appearance/Weight that was going to keep me from college baseball. So I've made myself a goal of losing 50 lbs in the next 6 months. I do have a gym membership and have began to track my caloric intake with My Fitness Pal, trying to keep it between 1800-2000/day. What other steps would you guys suggest? Money is fairly tight for me so the $100+ a month supplement stacks are out for me. Also wanted to use this as kind of a support group for guys that are also trying to slim down for umpiring. Keep motivating each other and pushing each other to keep going.
  20. JSam21

    Weight Loss Group

    I wouldn’t say that persay. I think I showed that I was willing to work at the flaws that were pointed out to me last year. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to have the opportunity to possibly advance my career. Nothing is set in stone because I could totally mess the bed in two weeks but the whole point is I have to keep grinding. Again not saying I got a job, but it is much easier to get a job than it is to keep a job in college baseball, especially on a conference staff.
  21. JSam21

    Stretching Routines

    Does anyone have good static and dynamic stretching routines that they could post? Diagrams would be helpful too.
  22. JSam21

    Cost of Umpire Camps

    I think pricing depends on what you are hoping to get out of the camp and how you look at it. Think about how many games you would need to work to pay it off at your current level... then think about how long it would take to pay it off at the level you want to be at. Is the juice worth the squeeze to you?
  23. JSam21

    2018 Mid-American Umpire Clinic

    Thanks Kyle... I appreciate the kind words and it was great getting to meet you as well. Hell, I enjoyed meeting everyone down there this year. I wish I knew when everyone was working and be able to watch and know who was actually working, the booth was a bit tight at the ballpark.
  24. JSam21

    2018 Mid-American Umpire Clinic

    I'm going to say this again... if you can attend this clinic... GET YOUR BUTT TO THIS CLINIC! You WILL leave a better umpire. You will understand how to umpire. If you have the ability doors will be opened for you. You will make new friends. You will have a great time. You will better your game more than you can imagine.
  25. JSam21

    Trying out for College

    My advice? Work your game. Don't try to do anything different than what you normally do. If they give you a tip in your evaluation, then change that. But don't try to change your strike zone. If it is a conference that runs 3-man, learn your 3-man mechanics before you go to the camp. Hustle everywhere you go. Make absolutely sure that your uniforms are in shape and if they are not, order new ones now. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished and your hats are clean.