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  1. JSam21

    Finding the pitched ball

  2. JSam21

    Majestic convertible jacket trade

    Would you trade for cash?
  3. JSam21

    Finding the pitched ball

    Early season 4:30 starts there are brutal....
  4. JSam21

    Finding the pitched ball

    Heine Meine?
  5. JSam21

    Trouble Picking Up Fly Balls, Especially Fouls

    Sounds like you are blinking right as the bat is being swung.
  6. JSam21

    Hoodie under plate coat

    I'm not talking about the first year guy. I would never expect them to have everything you could need. But the guy/girl that has been doing this for over a decade and hasn't bought a new shirt in 7 years or doesn't have a jacket? That's the person I have the issue with.
  7. JSam21

    Hoodie under plate coat

    Because, while they work every single day, they can't be bothered to spend less than one game fee on a jacket.
  8. JSam21

    Hoodie under plate coat

    Funny you say that... 88 yesterday, 49 today, 57 tomorrow, 67 Saturday, 80 Sunday...
  9. JSam21

    Hoodie under plate coat

    3 plus hours of that with no break from it... Yeah I would probably be wearing gloves and had a head cover as well
  10. JSam21


    It does seem to show a pattern of where this calling umpire seems to struggle, inside to righty's and outside to lefty's, that is if the pitch info was entered correctly. Anything from the centerline to the 1 either side I would be good with. Anything outside the 1 line, I think we can all agree, is venturing too far out. Now for a slight thread hijack... Where do you think coaches would prefer us to expand the zone? Up/Down or In/Out. I am of the school that thinks we need to call the high strike more. We have put such a focus on getting that knee pitch, because they work down there so much more, that we have neglected the top of the zone and brought it down too much. I know for certain that the NCAA is getting on umpires for expanding too much In/Out on the zone as that is the #1 complaint from coaches to the NCAA. I would love to hear your opinions
  11. JSam21


    I'm sorry... it is around $30k
  12. JSam21


    Last time I checked I believe it was around $25k for the full set up
  13. JSam21

    Is an appeal usually denied?

    *Glares at coach* Fixed even more....
  14. JSam21

    What's a Runner To Do? Fed Rules

    Why do you find that odd? The defense did their job better and faster than the offense in order to be in possession of the baseball before the runner reached the base.
  15. JSam21

    Dealing with coaches

    If you don't want them to chirp, shut it down. Ignore it, Acknowledge it, Warn them, Eject them.
  16. In NFHS, the only base you can't feint a throw to while engaged in first base. It doesn't matter which hand the pitcher is.
  17. JSam21

    Samurai Throat Guard

    That is not a good start...
  18. The single best thing I have done for my umpiring career
  19. I have nothing and a whole lot of it...
  20. OBR allows for the runner to return, even if they are past the next base at the time the ball went out of play because they require the runner to continue to advance after the ball went out of play. If he advanced after the ball went out of play then he could not return.
  21. JSam21

    HS JV Ejection on Saturday

    This is something that I pre-game, especially if I know my partner is new or if I have never worked with them before.
  22. Yes, this was the proper call. We are to award bases based on the position of the runner at the time that the throw was made. It is up to the offense to understand that they must retouch or be subject to being put out on appeal. Now if the runner would have gone to properly retouch, his base award would have been changed to 3rd base instead of home.
  23. JSam21

    Tennessee Wins When F1 Throws Ball Out of Play

    And he didn't even attempt to request time... Yeah, I know what he is doing, but F1 is a dummy for that.
  24. JSam21

    HS JV Ejection on Saturday

    In the future, try to get the written warning in and restrict. Then if he keeps it up, pitch him. I would also put in your report that he returned and continued the argument after the game was over. Sounds like he has a pattern of behavior and it is time to start putting it on paper so others can see it as well. As for the scorekeeper... Others can correct me if I am wrong but isn't the score keeper considered game personnel? If they are the scorekeeper, they can't be a fan and if they need to go as well, send them.
  25. JSam21

    R1 stealing, obstruction at 2B

    Came to say exactly what @scrounge said. We need to stop tracking the entirety of the throw and only track it until we know where it is going and that it we aren't in the way. This also helps A LOT on plays at first.