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  1. Various Items for Sale

    Size on the shoes might help...
  2. Use 1st names

    This is how I look at it. If you were a co-worker with someone would you want them to call you by your first name? The catcher/umpire relationship is like that of co-workers. You don't necessarily have to get along the entire time but you're both after the same goal and that kid is putting his body in the way of a speeding projectile to help keep you safe.
  3. They’re back!

    What would you want for the frame
  4. Watching umpires while I watch my son

    I've done it one time... I was going to work the bases and as I'm sitting there, my partner calls me... flat tire is going to make him arrive less than 5 minutes before the game... I had to change anyway.
  5. Watching umpires while I watch my son

    And it is amazing that they can find a place for the football crews to change inside... but baseball and softball... oh the parking lot will do just fine for you.
  6. What's the Call?

    In your opinion did the batter have time to vacate the area?
  7. Add on the ones that are calling it foul before it touches anything or has been touched.... If it is far enough foul to call it foul with it still moving... EVERYONE ON THE CAMPUS knows it is foul.
  8. Association startup

    Many states allow schools to hire their own umpires, but you mostly see that for small schools and rural areas. If you are in a metro area, you're probably going to have to join an association in order to get any amount of games higher than the youth level.
  9. Contact by itself isn't illegal... it is where the contact took place. If it happened past the base or on either side of the base, then in FED that is interference.
  10. Douglas Padding

    Tough but fair...
  11. Weight Loss Group

    So coming out of the Mid-American Umpire Clinic, the biggest thing on my evals was Appearance/Weight that was going to keep me from college baseball. So I've made myself a goal of losing 50 lbs in the next 6 months. I do have a gym membership and have began to track my caloric intake with My Fitness Pal, trying to keep it between 1800-2000/day. What other steps would you guys suggest? Money is fairly tight for me so the $100+ a month supplement stacks are out for me. Also wanted to use this as kind of a support group for guys that are also trying to slim down for umpiring. Keep motivating each other and pushing each other to keep going.
  12. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

    Will Riddel refurb this?
  13. Force 3 V3 Chest Protector

    This might make me spring for it. But $300 is a lot to spend to try something
  14. Weight Loss Group

    From a start of ~350lbs... I'm now down to 276.. I'm now hoping to be about 250, or less before I get to @MidAmUmp's camp in September. That would make it the 1 year mark.
  15. Like this... would probably have to hand wash it. Link the plates together but anchor it to the padding at 2 or 4 points at the ends.
  16. 2018 Mid-American Umpire Clinic

    I’m already in... who’s coming with me?
  17. Numbers

    If you’re assigned a number you should probably have it on all of your uniforms, including your jackets. I would also see what size your association or conference wants you to have on your uniforms as well. If you’re just doing it for Ss&Gs go with the same size on all of them. It depends on your shirt size. Large and below I would go with 3”. 4” for XL and above
  18. How about like how the old +POS “Samurai” CP was designed? With small plastic plates on the extension that would allow flexibility and give hard shell protection
  19. Ebay finds

    You didn't happen to be at Central Methodist on 2-17-18 did you?
  20. Transaction Experience Thread

    Great transaction with @slo8140. Great coat and quick delivery.
  21. Poly spandex in MLB?

    Ump-Attire is the distributer for MiLB... so I'm sure they are Smitty pants
  22. Wrong Balls

    Especially since no hits or runs were recorded. There has been no advantage gained by anyone.
  23. Sounds like to me the umpires are the official scorers... what they submitted is what the score is.