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  1. JSam21

    Lineup card books

    I just switched to the 5"... haven't had a chance to use it yet.
  2. JSam21

    Play at the plate..... He's gotta slide!?!

    Some people like somethings...
  3. JSam21

    Play at the plate..... He's gotta slide!?!

    I think he is trying to blend youth baseball house rules and the NFHS FPSR all in to one big steaming pot of stupid in an attempt to try to confuse the umpires and get a gifted out call. A runner NEVER has to slide... Only if they do choose to slide, they must do so legally. If they choose not to slide they can't alter the play by a defender through another illegal act. Making a defender come to you as a runner to tag you doesn't qualify as that.
  4. JSam21

    2018 Mid-American Umpire Clinic

    I was there last year and will be there again this year. You will mostly be doing live games besides Friday morning which is drills and walk through of the two man system, plate work, base work, and taking play at the plate. Come ready to work, listen, and learn. They are long days but you will learn a lot. Are you staying at The Oasis?
  5. JSam21

    Weight Loss Group

    Back from the dead with an update... I'm now at 260lbs... Camp is in 1 month.
  6. JSam21

    Gerry Davis Poly Spandex

    I can't justify $90 for pants that I'm going to run around in the dirt with.... unless they are FAR and AWAY better than the Smitty
  7. JSam21

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Key point highlighted.... the slide wasn't legal...
  8. JSam21

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Exactly... because with no rules I'm just going to run right through it for S&Gs.
  9. JSam21

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Why is it MC? Excessive force used and a point of contact above the waist in a potentially avoidable collision.
  10. JSam21

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Fair enough. I guess the "Required" part isn't needed on the runners part. I think I've made my case on why an attempt to avoid the collision would help alleviate the MC call here and where no attempt solidifies a MC call here.
  11. JSam21

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    What is your interpretation of 8-4-2-c? But we both know he isn't allowed to run through him... If he makes some movement in an attempt to avoid the contact then it shows that he wasn't trying to collide with the defender. When the runner doesn't... and he makes contact above the waist... and he uses excessive force... it kind of shows that he was the one looking to create the contact.
  12. JSam21

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Again... not asking him to actually make that large of an adjustment. Just make at attempt to make SOME adjustment.
  13. JSam21

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    But it wasn't at the last moment. The catcher started moving 3 steps before contact. If it was legit at the very last moment... Then yes I would agree with you.
  14. JSam21

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    No... No one is saying that he needed to take 3-4 steps around him... but what we are saying is that he needed to make, at least, an attempt to avoid the collision. There is nothing in his actions that indicate ANY attempt to avoid the collision.
  15. Usually the only recommendations/mandates are on pants, shirts, and jackets so everyone matches exactly. I've seen D1 crews wearing Nike, UA, and New Balance all at the same time. It is all personal preference and if they look professional. Any of those that you have named will work fine.