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  1. Like this... would probably have to hand wash it. Link the plates together but anchor it to the padding at 2 or 4 points at the ends.
  2. 2018 Mid-American Umpire Clinic

    I’m already in... who’s coming with me?
  3. Numbers

    If you’re assigned a number you should probably have it on all of your uniforms, including your jackets. I would also see what size your association or conference wants you to have on your uniforms as well. If you’re just doing it for Ss&Gs go with the same size on all of them. It depends on your shirt size. Large and below I would go with 3”. 4” for XL and above
  4. How about like how the old +POS “Samurai” CP was designed? With small plastic plates on the extension that would allow flexibility and give hard shell protection
  5. Ebay finds

    You didn't happen to be at Central Methodist on 2-17-18 did you?
  6. Transaction Experience Thread

    Great transaction with @slo8140. Great coat and quick delivery.
  7. Poly spandex in MLB?

    Ump-Attire is the distributer for MiLB... so I'm sure they are Smitty pants
  8. Wrong Balls

    Especially since no hits or runs were recorded. There has been no advantage gained by anyone.
  9. Sounds like to me the umpires are the official scorers... what they submitted is what the score is.
  10. Line up cards

    This is what I use... you can even stick your metal indicators to the outside of it when you’re writing
  11. Wilson Platinum Shin Guards

    Go get some bulk Velcro from a hardware store and place the patches on the parts you want to cover up then trim around it.
  12. drop 3rd strike ruling

    Did the batter runner safely reach first base? The answer is no. The run can never score if the BR doesn't safely reach 1st base and is the 3rd out.
  13. Sad day for youth baseball

    Ok I'm going to play devil's advocate here and it might get me flamed. So he is being told by someone, that someone told them that these two coaches said that they might hit her with a pitch to get her to quit the league? The accusation is coming from the father, who wasn't there and apparently has previous issues with one of the accused? The laughable part to me is that he "didn't go to the police".
  14. XXL Majestic Thermabase for Sale

    Paid... lock it up @Thunderheads
  15. If the batter stepping out of the box, an illegal act, causes a balk, an illegal act... we start over.