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  1. JSam21

    Visor in Nike Ti

    Do you need to sand it and what type of paint are you using?
  2. Dinner isn't ready yet...
  3. That is not an appeal... I have an out.
  4. We would award home based on his location at the time of the throw, but if he properly retouches, then he gets third.
  5. JSam21

    Tagging up on caught fly ball

    Yes... all bases must be touched/retouched in proper order
  6. I use carpet tape on my patches.
  7. JSam21

    2019 Rulebook is now on Arbiter

    I can see where using just that sentence you could infer that it would be legal inside the 3'.
  8. JSam21

    RHP Pickoff to 3B

    A left handed pitcher can't do that to first either. A pick off or pitch must be one continuous motion. This is a start/stop balk.
  9. JSam21

    Third strike decision

    You don't need to create a new thread to respond in the thread you made. He is refencing the PBUC Manual which is giving interpretations of Official Baseball Rule (OBR)
  10. JSam21

    Third strike decision

    All of them?
  11. Oh, I get that they are the same brand and same material... but how often do you wash your pants vs washing your ball bags? That is where the color difference begins to happen.
  12. When I first started I had grey bags... then I switched to dark bags. It is a personal preference. I hate grey bags because they never really match the pants. Now, will an evaluator look down on it? Maybe. It isn’t something that will kill you on an evaluation, but if one of them says to get black bags, it is an easy fix.
  13. JSam21

    Home-away uniform.

    The uniform can say whatever it wants on the front as long as they are a different color from the other team.
  14. JSam21

    45 ft. running lane violations

    Depending on the rule set, the rule isn't there to help the defense make a good throw but to allow the defender to field a quality throw.
  15. Ahh.. yes... great debate points there. You said you had to buy a rainbow of colors... I've worn nothing but black and polo blue for the past few years. But it is obvious that you don't want to actually have a discussion about this topic. It is obvious that we are entering a crisis when it comes to a shortage of officials... If this is one way to get new guys to come in, then I welcome it. It would also force guys to get new shirts that desperately need to get them. Overall it sounds like a win-win to me.