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  1. So @Scott K... is there a way to adjust the length of the straps that attach to the shirt?
  2. The college group I work for doesn't have set CCs but has told us that who ever is listed first on the arbiter is the CC for the weekend and should be the point man for all communication with the school and crew for arrangements.
  3. Catch/no catch in regional

    Oh gosh yeah... that’s no catch all day
  4. Home plate Interference

    That would be interference.
  5. These will be arriving tomorrow... I will give a review on Sunday
  6. Fit bit or wrist band?

    Shows if I’m getting overly excited and if I am find ways to calm myself the next time out
  7. Fit bit or wrist band?

    I wear one when I work games... use it to track my heart rate during games and essentially time how long my games are via the workout timer
  8. Women in the profession

    Here is an interesting article... https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/if-you-arent-a-white-male-yer-out-of-luck-as-an-umpire/ar-AAx0xar?ocid=spartandhp
  9. Size on the shoes might help...
  10. Use 1st names

    This is how I look at it. If you were a co-worker with someone would you want them to call you by your first name? The catcher/umpire relationship is like that of co-workers. You don't necessarily have to get along the entire time but you're both after the same goal and that kid is putting his body in the way of a speeding projectile to help keep you safe.
  11. They’re back!

    What would you want for the frame
  12. Watching umpires while I watch my son

    I've done it one time... I was going to work the bases and as I'm sitting there, my partner calls me... flat tire is going to make him arrive less than 5 minutes before the game... I had to change anyway.
  13. Watching umpires while I watch my son

    And it is amazing that they can find a place for the football crews to change inside... but baseball and softball... oh the parking lot will do just fine for you.
  14. What's the Call?

    In your opinion did the batter have time to vacate the area?