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  1. matt29

    Partner meets but doesn’t want help

    Thanks all for the replies. I'll make sure that in the future, I will say my piece no matter what and let my partner do with it what they wish.
  2. matt29

    Partner meets but doesn’t want help

    No on the postgame. Evidently, he had to get home and didn’t have time to hang out. He was gone off the field before I had even dumped the game balls on the plate... I have always gone for help with an open mind and preparedness for needing to change my call if I kicked it by being blocked, etc. and my partner clearly saw what I did not. Thanks for the feedback @Matt
  3. Varsity HS game and 2 man system- ground ball, F3 is pulled off the bag several feet on the throw, BU bangs him out because he didn’t adjust for the offline throw. I’m the PU and straddling the first base line about 20’ up from the plate and see what happened. Head coach for offense is asking for time and goes to my partner. Partner comes in, we meet, and tells me he had the guy on the base and doesn’t ask for my help. I ask him if he wants to know what I saw and he says no, runner is out. I said okie doke and start back toward home. HC is pissed (as am I) so I give him a little extra rope. He is pissed at me because it looks like we got together to go over the play, and I missed him getting pulled 4-5’ off the bag or wasn’t paying attention. We have a quick, firm discussion, and I allow him to quietly vent while I don’t dime out my partner for refusing my help. I keep him in the game and we move on. First off, I will pregame this with my partners from this point forward. My question is should I have immediately overruled him since I clearly saw it or did I do the right thing waiting for us to meet, or should I have initiated a meeting with my partner before the coach had a chance to call time?
  4. matt29

    WTB black plate coat

    I talked to Honig’s this week and they have them. Call them and they’ll send you the fitting instructions. $295 plus $12-15 for shipping.
  5. matt29

    jaksa roder manual

    They spent about two pages on it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. matt29

    jaksa roder manual

    2017 edition is out. Mine was delivered on Monday.
  7. matt29

    F3 mask

    Like Panther32 said, these masks are built like tanks. The weight hasn't been an issue for me, but it is worth considering as these are heavier than traditional masks. F3 masks are designed to be wore snug on your head, so that may be something you need to get used to if you wear your current mask loose. The field of view is good and the bars are a shade slimmer than bars on other masks like the Wilson Dyna-Lites. I like the mask enough that I am purchasing one as a backup to my current one. If all else fails, buy it through ump-attire.com and return it within 60 days if you don't like it.
  8. @gnhbua93, I know. I was just updating in case anyone read Thunderheads' comment and thought I was successful in my hunt.
  9. Still looking, if anyone has one.
  10. PM me if you have one you'd like to part with. Thanks!
  11. matt29

    Retirement Sale

    Sent you a PM about the TW pads.