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  1. This one happened a few weeks ago and it didn't make any difference in a blowout game, but I still find myself thinking about it... So I'll ask...

    First the bare bones... No runners, 2 out. Routine grounder to F6. The throw to F3 comes in at knee level... He extendes the glove, it goes into the webbing with enough force to snap his wrist downward... He INSTANTLY flips the ball back up into the air and grabs it with his bare hands. The BR hits the bag as the ball is in the air between the glove and bare hand.

    I come up with a big Safe call and announce that it was a bobble. Everyone saw it and there wasn't a sound from anyone except the F3. He was adamant that he did that flashy move on purpose. 

    Here's the part that sticks with me: I'm almost 100% certain that he was right... Someone in here once posted a comment that mentioned watching the F3 warm up the rest of the infielders and using that as practice for reading throws as a BU... So that's what I had been doing... I watched this F3 make like 50 "plays" that afternoon and he made that fancy snap-catch almost everytime the ball was at his knees.

    Problem was that I was likely the only other person on the field that noticed... Everyone else (including the kids down HC) thought it was a bobble.

    I'm worried that I called what appeared to happen to please the "sight test" as opposed to calling what I truly interpreted to have happened.

    In case I'm not clear, I'm pretty certain he did it intentionally.


  2. 5 minutes ago, Gil said:

    Given that after running down to first base, BR decided to go back to and enter the dugout, it might even be abandonment.

    Yes. I figured this as a possibility too... Especially when the PU points into the dugout.

    For this to happen though, we are assuming all umpires missed the no-touch at 1B? Which again, is entirely reasonable... In fact , in the moments before the camera picks up the BR in foul territory, the 1U most likely thinks the BR is heading to the 1B coach to hand him equipment so he can take his spot on 1B.

    That first shot we have of the BR is likely the first spot the 1U realizes something is amiss. 

  3. So to be clear...

    The BR did run down to 1B but just didn't touch, which is why we see him returning from there in one of the shots?

    Which umpire made this last out call? 

    1U seems to shake his head "no" initially to the out at 1B, I'm guessing because because he can see (but we can't... yet) that the BR has passed the base and must have touched it.. entirely reasonable.

    One of the other umpires had to have noticed the BR didn't touch and came in with info to get the call right... Im just curious which guy has the hero (besides 2U who was all over it from the jump). 

  4. Had a minor disagreement with an fellow brother on a FB group about this play... No worries.. I'm sure the same way I don't understand how he doesn't see what I see, he can't understand why I don't see what he is. It was kept respectful and we both tried to be informative... This is how we learn. 

    Unfortunately we agreed to disagree but I don't feel like I have an answer to my question so I was hoping to get more eyes on it..


    Here we have a pretty odd Triple Play from a few nights ago.. The original post on FB was about it being an Infield Fly or not, but please ignore all of that, they covered that pretty good in that discussion... I want to know about that last out and the BR. 

    Note: There is a lot of incorrect commentating here. It's a crazy play unfolding quickly, so no blame to them... I'm sure they sorted it out just fine.. They just don't seem to do so before the video cuts.... I'd recommend watching on mute, at least your first view anyway.


    I don't want to muddy the waters with what I think I see and assume happened just yet... I want to know what you guys see and give me your best answer the following questions...

    - Who makes the last out call?

    - Why is the BR out?

    - Bonus: When is the BR out? (this might change depending on the answer to the previous question)

    These aren't meant as a hypothetical "who has the call?" question... I'm looking for actual answers to this specific play... If you happened to have been watching this game, that'd be a huge help.

    Thanks in advance. 

  5. Talking about a situation where the DT forgets how many outs there are and complete a double play with 2 outs already...

    I (think I) know that you should not make the call after out #3, but I can see a situation where the fielder at 2B misses the bag ("what about the neighborhood rule, blue?") but is given the out call... Then is changed to safe either by appeal or by conference with a partner... This obviously makes out #4 at 1B really out #3... And thus, quite important. 

    Does this warrant at least a silent signal? I feel like I'm definitely tracking it (chest is a magnet to ball)... But part of me feels like ignoring it completely isnt right. 

  6. 7 hours ago, beerguy55 said:

    But, yeah, it's rare for sure - to compare, as a player or coach I've seen three bona fide triple plays (two for, one against), where I know umpires, coaches and players who have never seen one in a game they've been involved in.

    I don't get to whip this story out too often these days but now you basically begged me to tell it... 

    Beer league softball Championship Game 2 (best of 3 series, already lost Game 1 by 1 run)... We are protecting a 1 run lead in the bottom of the last inning with R2, R3, 0 out... I'm playing F2... Fly ball to LF... Catch, R3 tags... Play at the plate and he's gunned out... I come up and notice that R2 stopped to respect the cutoff man and since I've never seen a throw behind the runner that I didn't like, I fire down to 2B and bang the guy before he dives back in.. Ballgame!

    The ol' 7-2-4 Triple Play, just like we drew it up.

    We go on to win the rubber match by 10 runs because, let's face it... Destiny.

    Bonus: Someones wife made those gummi worms that are soaked in vodka overnight for the postgame celebration.. What a day!

  7. While I won't start getting assignments from my new association for another week or so, I'm still cutting my teeth on games for the local Little League. We have nice little park with 3 fields called Siether Stadium. It felt great to get back out there for my sophomore season. My fiance and sons even came down to the field to watch.

    I've been told I call too literal of a strike zone for U12 games so I've been working on "opening her up" a bit... Night and day difference. Hardly any complaints. Only a few scattered walks throughout the tight game. And I didn't feel like I was robbing any kids either. 

    Right out the gate, I forget the shirt for the LL at home (sigh!). Fortunatly I had my new association shirt and it was plenty acceptable.

    The F2 in the bottom of the 1st inning had probably never even seen a baseball glove, let alone played F2 before... Took a shot in the left elbow on an inside pitch early, not too bad, but when he let one right down the pipe past him untouched and off my inner thigh (just missing testing out my new NuttyBuddy) I was starting to become pretty jumpy back there... Luckily, one of the veterans taught me how to deal with this: I caught the coach at the next opportune time in order to be discreet and told him "I can't see those corner strikes if I'm bailing out." He understood and sent a better (though still new) F2 next inning... Being a former F2 myself, I felt a bit bad, but it was pretty necessary. 

    Had a bit of an interesting play on a wild pitch that scored a run which I will discuss in a separate post (and add a link here)

    My game management has gotten a lot better (also a result of calling more strikes) and we almost completed the game. Unfortunately this is the one spot where I dropped the ball a bit today... We play with a hard 2 hour time limit and any unfinished inning reverts back to the score at the start of the inning unless the home team takes the lead... So it's 4-4 in the top of the 5th and we have about a half hour left.. I figure we have plenty of time and don't realize that the 5th inning slowed to a crawl... The HT comes up in the bottom of the inning and plates a cheap LL run (walk, 2 easy SB, score on weak ground ball with no play anywhere).. 2 batters later the coach informs me that we are at time limit. HT wins 5-4... I followed the rules and didn't do anything wrong, but I wish I had realized we were up against the wall and that the R3 carried the game in his pocket. I would have ended the game there instead of leading to the confusion (and minor, expected griping) of having other batters come to the plate... Ehhh, you live and you learn. Maybe it's time for a very not-phone-looking pocket watch so I can keep better track of time without worrying about looking unprofessional. 

    All in all a great way to get the season started and I already feel the lessons from my new associations school starting to sink in. 

    Gonna be a great year!

    Good luck out there brothers!





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  8. 5 hours ago, maven said:

    If you access it from the website, you can get a 30 day free trial (and it's also cheaper than the $8.99 in-app charge, where Google/Apple get their pound of flesh).


    4 hours ago, scrounge said:

    I just decided to buy the 2 year option after a couple weeks of the free trial...

    ...I wouldn't pay just for those, but in totality, it was worth the 2 lattes per year that it costs.


    Funny story about that...

    I actually purchased whatever deal the iOS app offers when you first try to use it. I did so by accident* and rather then fight with Apple to get my money back, I figured I'd just suck it up and  use it, since I was already strongly considering it. 

    Funny that @scrounge mentions the lattes... I had a similar outlook... When I accidently bought this, I reasoned that it was only the cost of a few outs. 


    *I have to readjust my finger 3 times to unlock the phone using Touch ID but I accidently make the slightest contact with the fingerprint scanner while moving my phone across the desk at the exact time the purchase prompt popped up on my screen and it reads it flawlessly.