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    Does anyone use ArbiterMobile? What are your thoughts? I haven't been assigned anything yet so I don't know how well it handles all of that, but so far, I am pretty disappointed in the way it schedules your blocks... Very limited options, very difficult (or literally impossible) to set, change or delete multiple blocks. I hope that once I get into using the other parts of the app that they aren't as cumbersome and restrictive. FYI - I did a search and only came across some mentions of it in 2013, but that info is outdated and it really just broke down into a discussion about whether or not they should charge extra for it.
  2. Radie 88


    Funny story about that... I actually purchased whatever deal the iOS app offers when you first try to use it. I did so by accident* and rather then fight with Apple to get my money back, I figured I'd just suck it up and use it, since I was already strongly considering it. Funny that @scrounge mentions the lattes... I had a similar outlook... When I accidently bought this, I reasoned that it was only the cost of a few outs. *I have to readjust my finger 3 times to unlock the phone using Touch ID but I accidently make the slightest contact with the fingerprint scanner while moving my phone across the desk at the exact time the purchase prompt popped up on my screen and it reads it flawlessly.
  3. Radie 88


    Okay... Hearing good things. I suppose I can somewhat overlook the blocking issues of it handles everything else well.
  4. Radie 88

    Pre-game Rituals

    I'm honestly more shocked that I don't see this mentioned more often around these parts... Stretching is probably the EASIEST thing anyone can do to improve their life. Dedicate 5 SOLID minutes to stretching out your back and legs at the start of the day and maybe once more in the middle and it makes a world of difference. Take those 5 minutes before a game and the results are fairly obvious. My recommendation (I work in fitness): If you really can't dedicate 5 minutes, then take this one stretch and do it for 1 WHOLE minute: Stand with your feet about as wide as you can spread them. Then extend your arms out, bend at the waist and put your arms between your legs with the goal of touching the ground as far behind you as you can... You probably my won't be able to get there when you first start. But keep the goal in mind and try for it.. This will give a REALLY good stretch to your hammies. If you keep doing it consistently, your will notice you can go further and lower and with that will come increased mobility and stamina in your legs... Not bad for one minute before each game.
  5. Radie 88

    Pre-game Rituals

    A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!
  6. Is there anywhere that I could find an updated version of this list?
  7. Radie 88

    Hit or Not

    In my humble opinion, this is how it SHOULD be... The first scenario seems dumb to differentiate. At least in spirit. For all intents and purposes, oversliding past third means you HIT A TRIPLE. Imagine it as a force play... A forced runner beats the throw to a base but momentum carries him past the base (after properly touching it) and the fielder does NOT tag him, but does keep his foot on the bag... The Runner isn't out. He made his legal touch and the base is his.. Why not the same on an over slide? He made his legal toich, it's his base. The second scenario... I don't know... I'm still inclined to go with what I feel on the first scenario... But I'm much more accepting of this being a caught stealing... We have PLENTY of situations where the same play is called differently based on the situation so this being different then oversliding on a hit isn't a deal breaker for me.
  8. Radie 88

    WVG issues

    Agreed... Just bought a brand new one and that hard plastic circle is terrible.. plus, it's razor sharp!
  9. Radie 88

    PU From "MLB 9 Innings '17" (Mobile Game)

    Try this... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.com2us.ninepb3d.normal.freefull.google.global.android.common&hl=en
  10. Radie 88


    To simplify (hopefully) some of the answers given... For a balk to be negated, all Runners, including the BR must advance one base as a result of the "balked pitch" (don't think thats a real term but it should be). Otherwise, enforce just the balk. No pitch. In your case, R3 wasn't forced in on the HBP so the condition to negate the balk were not met.
  11. Radie 88

    Unsual Double Play.

    Thanks... I have a VERY unique memory... Honestly I'm probably on the spectrum ever so slightly (had they actually tested that sort of thing back in the day)... My short term memory is a joke. Virtually nonexistent... This makes calling a game without looking at my indicator A LOT IMPOSSIBLE... Something I'm always worried about because I know it looks bad.. I have gotten the hang of sneaking looks as I "adjust" my mask, but I always wonder if someone is going to suggest changing masks because of how often I adjust it... Lol On the flip side of this, is that my long term memory (and ability to remember detailed things that happen on the peripheral)... I could probably tell you what color shirts half of my coworkers were wearing when this play happened on that one random day 11 years ago. Life has been interesting living like this, let me tell you.
  12. Radie 88

    Potential Passing Runner?

    I think I confused you and in turn, you definitely confused me.. There really shouldn't be any chance at a double play in this situation.. so I clearly bungled the explanation... R1, less then 2 outs... Fly ball to the outfield... Looks like it will be caught so R1 returns to 1B... Ball drops in and BR over runs 1B with R1 standing on it... Are they both "occupying" the same base (even with the BR 10 feet down the RF line? Would tagging the R1 AT THIS MOMENT result in the out or do we HAVE to wait until the BR physically returns to the base? Obviously the smart thing to to just throw down to 2nd... But for the sake of playing devils advocate, let's ignore that for right now. Are we making the fielder wait to apply the tag or is an overrun 1B the same as standing on it?
  13. Radie 88

    iNFIELD-FLY RULE (2-19)

    I didn't know Apple was writing baseball rulebooks nowadays.
  14. Radie 88

    Potential Passing Runner?

    I have a different question If you allow me to change the OP's situation a bit... What if R1 never breaks for 2nd? He stays on 1st, the ball drops and BR has already run through the bag... Assuming we are still saying that he has not advanced past the runner, since we are till saying that he didn't make an attempt at 2nd... In this situation, is being past the base the same as being ON the base for the purpose of tagging the R1 for occupying a base at the "same" time as the BR? Or do we make the fielder throw down to 2nd?
  15. Radie 88

    Unsual Double Play.

    Correct... And now you get a long-winded story: The ironic thing about your comment is that when this happened, I was working in an office in NYC (it was a day game) and my floor had a cubicle farm with about 16 cubicles cut into 4 sections of 4, separated by pillars but still all sharing the same open air space... There are probably 12 coworkers invested in and listening to the game and about 8 are Mets fans... We weren't allowed to watch the game at our desks but managment was pretty cool about letting us leave the game on in the conference room (which was next to the break room) so we could watch a bit while getting coffee or something. They also let us listen to the game on radios at our desks. So this play starts and we're all listening and it quickly becomes obvious from the announcer (Howie!) that we are going to have a play at the plate... In unison all 12 heads rise up above the cubicle farm eagerly anticipating the call... When it comes... And then he second one comes... We are all stunned... Many weird looks at each other over the cube farm. Then, again, in complete unison, we all break for the conference room to see the replay... We are chugging down aisles and hallways like we're escaping the Purge... We get to the conference room in time to see the replay and are all cheering and talking about it... Just then like 8 of the higher executives from the floor above us come racing in.... "Did they show the replay yet?" The moral: Let your employees watch playoff baseball.
  16. Radie 88

    Unsual Double Play.

    Don't forget the 2006 NLDS... I miss Shea!
  17. Seeing the video in this post had me thinking... How many warm up tosses do you allow a substitute F2 that has to take the field because the starting F2 is ejected while in the field defensively? This video has no base runners, but I imagine that of some were in, they'd be stealing on the first pitch the sub F2 sees. (Speaking as a past F2, that F1 better try a pickoff before sending on my way)
  18. Radie 88

    F2 Warm Up Throws After Starting F2 Ejected On Field

    "Reasonable" is literally my favorite word.
  19. Radie 88

    Champro 36" Bag

    Can you share some experience with this site? Whenever I try to reach them via a Google search (on my phone, using an adblocker), I get a message that the browser blocked my connection. They always seem to have the lowest prices, bit I'm pretty skeptical. Guessing its just a Chinese front... Which is worth the risk sometimes (if everything goes smoothly)
  20. Radie 88

    Coming Up Loud and Big

    I think this is what you are talking about... I did the old "Zoom and Enhance" thing of it in the pic posted. I don't think his foot is out.. definitely not completely... MAYBE if you say his heel is off the dirt and his toes are completely out, but even that is a stretch.. Either way, I'm not making that call.
  21. Seeing the video in the post at the bottom had me thinking... How many warm up tosses do you allow a substitute F2 that has to take the field because the starting F2 is ejected while in the field defensively? This video has no base runners, but I imagine that of some were in, they'd be stealing on the first pitch the sub F2 sees. (Speaking as a past F2, that F1 better try a pickoff before sending on my way)
  22. Radie 88

    Coming Up Loud and Big

    His right foot, behind the plate? (this is the closest frame I could get to the point of contact with the bat... The ball, although impossible to see, has already made contact and is one the way to the ground.. probably about 3/4ths of the way there.
  23. This plays like a joke... But I bet you're dead serious... During bench clearing brawl, with automatic ejections for leaving the bench, this is the way to handle it. Yeah.... Even though someone else noted defensive players that leave their position get tossed too. That doesn't protect the lone offensive player in every situation. (Think about how many plays end up with 2 or 3 fielded around a single base runner on a single base) I think we can clean this up with a simple, but smart, 3rd-man-in rule. 3rd man in is tossed (Any subsequent player is also tossed). Unless the 3rd man is in there trying to break it up.
  24. Radie 88


    This brings up an interesting question of the situation was slightly different... What is a fielder consider doing when he bails out at the last second if he loses sight of the ball... And I mean, last second... He's under it, waving people off... Loses it at the last moment and jerks to one side as he covers his head (or makes some other obvious "bail out" move) and obstructes a runner... When is he no longer fielding that ball? The MOMENT he bails, or does he have a half beat or so where he's still protected?
  25. Radie 88


    Wait.. what? I know I'm new to the terminology, but I really thought I had it down and understood... But if this description is accurate then I am WAY off... I thought whatever base you start the play at is what give you your R#... And I can't recall ever seeing a B3? (Batting 3rd in the lineup?) I would think this would be labeled as follows.. 1 out, R1, R3. R1 is running on the pitch, and F4 is breaking to cover 2nd. BR hits soft blooper toward 2nd base. Can someone point me in the right direction as to where I have gone astray?