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  1. 3B Coach Gone

    Neither of them said anything that would warrant ejection. They complained but the 3B coach was much worse than they were.
  2. 3B Coach Gone

    U-11 association select ball. Bottom 2, R2 on second. Pitcher attempts to pick off the runner, who takes an awkward slide head-first into the bag. From my position, I'm completely shielded from seeing the swipe tag, which apparently was applied to R2's chest. I call R2 safe because I didn't see a tag. Head coach of the defense and his 3B coach in the dugout are immediately on me and asking to me to check the ruling with my partner. Of course, he can't see the play from where he's at. Call stands. 3B coach from dugout rattles on about how he saw the guy get tagged on the chest and all that. Eventually he gets quiet. Play continues. Top 3. On a caught swinging third strike, BR hits the caught ball out of the catcher's glove on his backswing and my partner rules a dropped third strike. BR is safe at 1st and R3 (who was on 3rd) scores. Defensive coach then asks my partner to get my help to see if there was backswing interference. After conferencing, we call interference on the batter, declare him out, and send R3 back to 3rd. During the conference, the offensive 3B coach is screaming at me and my partner about how he wants time it back on the clock (these games are timed) because of our conference. I poke my head out of my discussion to tell him that we don't stop the game clock for appeals, etc. He gets quiet, only to rip on us again when we affirm the call of interference. I let him say his piece, didn't respond because nothing he said was profane or personal. Bottom 4, 2 outs, offensive (home) team is losing. Time has expired so this is the last inning. R2 once again at 2nd. Pitcher does a pitchout and the catcher guns the ball down to 3rd basebfor a bang-bang play. I call R2 out on the tag. Immediately, the head coach, R2, and that same 3B coach are all screaming at me again. But the 3B coach decides to tell me that I suck and that I'm incompetent. Sure the game was over, but I chucked him out anyways.
  3. First Fan Ejection

    The allotted amount of warmups for a new pitcher is 7 in my league. The pitcher had taken his 7 throws, but the coach informed me that the catcher was not ready to proceed, to which I replied that I would allot the pitcher one extra pitch thrown to his catcher. At that point, the coach said that one pitch to the catcher was not enough, to which I replied that I was already being lenient by giving an extra pitch once the catcher was ready. The coach continued to argue about this (delaying the game even further) and began to get personal. After a couple personal insults, I ejected him.
  4. Nasty Fans

    So far this year: "You're F***ing terrible" (after he was ejected) "F*** off and suck my c***, you don't know what I've been through" "You're F***ing brutal, brutal!" "Let me tell you all the reasons why that was not a f***ing strike" "My mother could put on the blue and do better, and she's 80" "Blue, you couldn't tell the difference between the base and your a*s" "I'll be waiting in the parking lot for you" And probably some more that I can't recall off the top of my head.
  5. First Fan Ejection

    As an update, I worked this coach's team again recently. I ended up tossing his assistant after he began arguing (about warmup pitch amount, of all things) and began to get personal.
  6. First Fan Ejection

    That was not the team I was describing (surprisingly) but I have dealt with them previously and have heard many ejection stories regarding them.
  7. First Fan Ejection

    It's a comment he's made multiple times in every game that I have umpired with his team playing. The head umpire instructed me to ignore it so I did just that. I did, however, warn him when he came up to me at the conclusion of the game and called me a "disgrace to the umpiring profession". He quickly shut his mouth after I warned him.
  8. First Fan Ejection

    I was working a 9U select game last Saturday, and from the moment I called the first strike the coach was on me about my zone. My zone was actually quite consistent, but I had had issues with this team's coach before, and he insisted I wasn't giving his pitchers the close pitches because I was "holding a grudge". Keep in mind we are always completely professional and impartial. I didn't do much about the coach's complaining because he did not say anything obscene or personal. But after the team had batted in the top of the 1st, a fan came up to the backstop fence and started complaining. He ended up saying "do you know how F-ing terrible you are?" at which point I warned him to watch his language (pursuant to my league's policy). He proceeded to grab the backstop fence, shake it, and make a loud growling sound, at which point I proceeded to eject him from the complex. Now in any other situation, I would have gone to the coach and asked him to control his fans, but he was not going to be of any obvious help, and the action and profanity was vulgar enough to warrant an ejection without coach intervention. The team ended up losing the game, and the coach of course had words for me and my partner at the end, but he was not ejected.
  9. What's the Count?

    Had the same sort of issue earlier this week. I was behind the plate and me and my partner both had a 2-2 count, then the pitcher proceeded to throw strike three. As we ended the inning, the coaches called time and asked us to confer about the count. After roughly a 5 second conference, we confirmed our count. Coaches continued to argue in between innings. We told them it was over and we weren't going to discuss it, but they continued to argue for 2-3 more minutes. Eventually we confined all three coaches to their dugout (as our league allows us to) for the rest of the game. No one got tossed.