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  1. Double Up

    Jim Evans School

    Shows how much I know... I would have always called the ball foul unless the ball was in anyway in contact w/ the line. Soccer has a rule whereas any part of the circumference of the ball over the line is in bounds. I've never once thought this to be the same in baseball myself personally. again, just goes to show how much I know.
  2. Double Up

    Jim Evans School

    sounds like a dang soccer ruling... that ball is foul all day and twice on Sundays. I'll ask him.
  3. Double Up

    Jim Evans School

    if it’s in regards to a fielder making contact with the ball. If any part of that ball, in your judgement, is on the foul line then it’s a fair ball. Just like if any part of the ball touches the foul line
  4. Double Up

    Jim Evans School

    he didnt understand the question and asked me to specify. I imagine you mean part of the ball os over the fair foul line... what is the call
  5. Double Up

    Jim Evans School

    A friend of mine was just at the Jim Evans clinic in SD... He's preparing for a training class in Vero Beach. I can give you his number if interested in speaking with him directly.
  6. Double Up

    Pitcher goes to his mouth and into the glove

    The game was a Colt Div (Pony League) playoff, which uses OBR, then Pony rulebook for modifications.
  7. Double Up

    Pitcher goes to his mouth and into the glove

    Gracias Senor! In this situation, F1 neglected to wipe his hand at all... it was straight to the mouth and directly into the glove. FED and OBR are perfect.
  8. cricket? truth be told, I still don't understand the rules to cricket other than it seems you can hit the ball as far foul as possible! LMAO
  9. This happened while in contact with the rubber w/ R2 and R3. Coach wanted a balk, I simply exchanged the ball. Comments?
  10. Is this rule still enforced (OBR, NCAA, FED)? I heard the rule had been removed, not sure if that's entirely true or not.
  11. Double Up

    RHP Pickoff to 3B

    interesting part of this is the "hesitation or interruption of joining hands in setting position". This happens pretty often but rarely have I seen it enforced.
  12. Double Up

    Batter runs to first on dropped second strike

    I agree the umpire handled the situation correctly. Next time the bases loaded and there's a dropped 3rd strike have the catcher to just step on home plate for the force out instead of throwing the ball to 1B. Crisis avoided!
  13. Double Up

    Balk Rule - runner at first

    shots fired! LOL I merely ask the difficult questions... hahaha
  14. Double Up

    45 ft. running lane violations

    Basically, What I'm hearing is that obstructing the throw isn't interference, but rather hindering the catch is interference. In a nutshell the catch, nevertheless has to make a "quality throw". Point taken!
  15. Double Up

    45 ft. running lane violations

    When is this ever enforced? I swear the only time I ever see this called for interference is when the BR is hit by the ball during the play at 1B. So many balls are thrown over and around the BR who is obviously obstructing the defenses ability to make a good throw by running in fair territory. what actually has to happen to have interference called on these plays??