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  1. Rules: NFHS Game: High school varsity playoffs, 3-man mechanics Situation: R1 and R2, no outs Play: Batter hits fly ball to right-center field, caught by center fielder (1st out). Both R1 and R2 attempt to tag up. R1 and R2 reach 2nd and 3rd respectively, but R2 leaves early by a full step. While the ball was still live, the pitcher moves from the mound area and tags 2nd base, asking U3 if the runner left early. U3 signals R2 out (2nd out) on the live-ball appeal and verbalizes "He's out, the runner left second early." A few seconds later, R1 then vacates second base thinking he is the runner called out, and is tagged between 2nd and 3rd by the SS. U3 signals R1 out (3rd out) on the tag Crew gets together (to check if PU, U1, or U3 called time prior to the 3rd out) and uphold call on field. Is this called correctly?
  2. Ty

    Hello from CO

    As a fellow CO umpire, welcome!
  3. Ty

    Well If That Don’t Beat Al(l)...

    While I like the price and what Champro seems to be doing lately, I find the crown guard quite unsightly.
  4. Ty

    Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    Yep, ordered a mask and an extra harness. It's a shame because I use the ZRO-G/TW pads as my primary (and highly recommend it) and needed to replace my backup System 7 mask after a weld crack and bend. Have been doing a ton of games without a backup mask waiting on this order. Just frustrating.
  5. Ty

    Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    Well I still haven't been able to get into contact with anyone at +POS through e-mail, phone, or as part of the paypal arbitration process. Opened up a transaction dispute today, very disappointed. I have had 0 problems from +POS in the past, but waiting weeks (with no contact after repeated efforts) is incredibly unprofessional and frustrating.
  6. Ty

    Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    Anyone else order from them recently? Got a ZRO-G mask and an extra harness. Paid as a guest with paypal and haven't heard anything since May 12 (tried to call and e-mail).
  7. Ty

    System 7 CP Mods

    Thanks for the ideas all! Did my own version of this with 1/4 inch Chicago Screws/binding posts and some extra nylon strapping I had lying around. Didn't pull out any of the original rivets, but with my broad shoulders, the slightly lower position of the new anchors on the shoulder cup works well to hold everything in place.
  8. Ty

    Hydro Dipped Mask

    That turned out amazing. Serious mask porn!
  9. Ty

    Sun visor for All-Star FM4000?

    Any pictures of the final product on the mask?
  10. Ty

    Sun visor for All-Star FM4000?

    I'm also interested in this!
  11. Looking to buy an All-star FM4000 mask (with or without pads/harness) and an All-star magnesium throat guard if anyone is looking to unload/upgrade.
  12. Ty

    Ebay finds

    Damn you guys are fast, called the guy within 15 minutes of seeing this post and he already had offers on the Force 3 bag and the Wilson Ti.
  13. Ty