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  1. I will signal back (non-verbally) occasionally to keep myself engaged, especially in deep counts with multiple foul balls/pick offs.
  2. Our Association makes the local TV news..

    you guys get 3 man crews?
  3. A batter backing out of the box on a close pitch before it gets to the plate is getting a strike every time.
  4. Did I handle This Correctly?

    MSBL is like the NBA Finals. Regardless of the call, they're going to argue. Batters want an MLB strike zone, Pitchers want a rec ball strike zone. Its quite obnoxious and keeps me from doing those games as its not worth my time.
  5. Even though it came through the strike zone, the exaggerated frame job by the catcher probably made it look worse than it was.
  6. I actually don't mind this because when we show up with no advance notice of cancellation we still get paid around here. Ill show up for 10 minutes to collect a game fee
  7. Reyburn's New Mask

    Took me about a minute to find his mask. It really blends into the surroundings.
  8. hit by pitch not ruled in maryland-purdue

    This being the only play of the game I've seen there seems to be some axe to grind that we're missing. No way am I keeping him at the plate on that play.
  9. High School Benches Clearing Brawl

    It's a pretty simple, straightforward rule. The gross misapplication of it by these umpires is disappointing.
  10. CB Bucknor ejeccts Scott Servais

    CB is having a rough season so far.
  11. Got my first weekend of the new plate pants. Love them. Had combo smitty through most of last year. Usually had to hike them a little to give when I get into my stance. These guys slide so nice on the shin guards and never have to worry about them getting caught. Also washed and dried for the first time (on tag instructions) and crease seemed to hold.
  12. Partner's mask today! Same as Nike?

    My guess is MBK is the one joking here.
  13. Field shoe?

    Love the newest versions of NB field and plate shoes.
  14. New Jackets

    Two new jackets being featured in the orioles/Yankees game. Field guys have blue stripes on the shoulders than run down the sides. I like this one Plate guy has what looks like a black 1/4 zip that has gray bars covering top of shoulders and gray stripes on wrists. Don't like this one. Also looks goofy that they're not matching jackets although field jackets are full zips.