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  1. Mussgrass

    Appeal play

    To throw another wrinkle into this, if R1 were to return to, and stand on second, he would still be out on appeal if tagged, correct? I don't know if that would ever happen but second base would not be a safe haven if he needs to return to first.
  2. Mussgrass

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Maybe this question shows my inexperience, but, is this a situation where the umpires should get together to discuss what happened to get it right?
  3. Mussgrass

    weird force play

    I stand corrected.
  4. Mussgrass

    weird force play

    The umpire was correct. The force play was actually reinstated after she retagged second and headed back to first. The real key to this was that the B/R was not out yet. If the catch had been made or the defense would have gotten the B/R out before she reached first then the force is removed. If the catch had been made now it becomes an appeal play for R1 to get back to first. Others with more knowledge may expand on my comments.
  5. That hits close to home! I live in the other end of Lancaster County. (Pronounced Lanc-uster )
  6. Do you match right down to all of the different trim options or just the main color?
  7. Mussgrass

    Horrible news - @grayhawk

    Too bad I'm 3000 miles away! Not too far for prayer though! Blessings!
  8. Mussgrass


    NPR What a brilliant unbiased news organization! They only thing they do right id Car Talk!
  9. Mussgrass

    Third out run scored

    Umpiring 7U baseball. What does one do to deserve that punishment?!
  10. Mussgrass

    Batter's Box

    How does one enforce the batter's box rules when there are no lines for the boxes? The league I umpire in does not chalk the lines. Of course, at some point they may be worn away after a lot of activity around the plate even if they were there at the start. A couple of times this year I have had coaches question if a player was in the box. Most of the time it is someone being as far away from the pitcher as they can get, which forces the catcher back farther. How do you handle this?
  11. Mussgrass

    Chest Protector For Smaller Guys

    I heartily agree on the Champion P220. i am the same size as you are and it is a good CP for a great price.
  12. Mussgrass

    Rookie Tips

    Never duck your head when behind the plate I am having a lot of trouble with this lately. That stinkin" up and in pitch! Any tips to help not to follow my instinct to bail when it's coming at my head? This is a 9-12 year old league. Some catchers are really good, some, well... you know.
  13. Mussgrass

    Inadequate pitching

    I asked a question about focusing in games like this just the other week. It was in Free For All. The replies were all great. Pick something specific that you need to work on in the game to help you stay focused. Most of all, remember it is for the kids. We owe it to them to do our the best we can every game.
  14. Mussgrass

    Does run count

  15. Mussgrass

    Does run count

    Don't the myriad of people who ask this very same question ever take the time to read through the other questions?! I am constantly reminded that baseball is such a simple game on the surface but is really quite complex with a lot of obscure rules that most fans don't truly grasp. Maybe that is why is such a great game!