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    "This situation" meaning when the batter runner and the first baseman both miss first base?
  2. Stk004

    Out of bounds, base awards

    In OBR, any time a player carries a ball out of play it's a one base award from the time he went out of play. You can find this under section 6.5 in the MiLBUM under "fielder going into out of play area."
  3. Stk004

    Batter - Catcher conversations

    I was doing a HS game earlier this year where the batter and catcher clearly know each other. They're talking about the game last week as the batter digs into the box. First pitch drills him right between his shoulder blades. Next at bat he walks over and the catcher says "I swear I didn't mean to hit you."
  4. Stk004

    What is consider a hit?

    I was playing MLB the Show yesterday and was riding a 10 game hit streak. I hit the ball into left field only to see my catcher get forced out at second base. Ended up with a fielder's choice and no hits that day.
  5. Stk004

    hit by a pitch

    No. As long as the batter doesn't offer at the pitch (aka make an attempt to bunt it) he does not have to pull it back.
  6. Stk004

    Basketball Gear

    So this is what we sound like when we talk to our friends/family about umpiring..... Interesting.
  7. Stk004

    PU Mechs W/ R1

    This is still the MiLB mechanic. With R1 only and a ground ball on the infield PU should be moving up towards third base. If R1 is retired at second base, PU moves back towards the first base line to watch the play at first base. If not, go to the library. BU is responsible for the slide at second. Yeah, it's a tough one to see but it's his responsibility.
  8. You were right. Yes the rule does not change based on which body part you use to touch the base. If you look up the definition of a tag, you'll find the following: And yes, touching a base for a force out is a tag of a base.
  9. Stk004

    Multiple Base Touches

    "I looked for the touch, coach." "Did you see him touch first base?!" "I didn't see him miss it."
  10. Stk004

    NO tag on flyball. Does run count?

    A force play is created by the batter becoming a runner. Once the fly ball is caught the batter has been retired, thus he is no longer a runner and there is no force. The defense appealing the runner leaving early is just that: an appeal. This is known as a "time play." The timing of what happens first is what matters, meaning did the runner touch (or pass) home plate before the defense successfully appealed R1 leaving early? If so, then the run scores because he scored before the third out was made.
  11. Stk004

    ISO Tan/Brown Pads

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to acquire a set of tan or brown pads. Something along the lines of all tan or brown Wilson pads (wraparound preferred) or reasonably priced Belgards or something. Brown might be better than tan for my purposes but either is fine. Side note, I'm not a fan of Honig's calfskin pads. More important side note: I have NAVY and tan Wilson wraparounds and blue Adidas pads I would like to sell or trade. If anyone has an interest in these let me know and we can work out a trade.
  12. Stk004

    ISO Tan/Brown Pads

    @Thunderheads you can lock this one up as well, thanks!
  13. Stk004

    Mask Pads (Navy/Blue)

    I have some navy/blue mask pads I would like to sell. Both appear to be brand new. The first set is navy/tan Wilson wraparounds. The second is royal blue Adidas pads. I don't have any navy shirts to wear with them so I figured someone else could put them to use. Asking $25 each. PM with any questions/inquiries. I would also be open to a trade for tan/brown Wilson pads, preferably wraparounds. I have another post relating to this.
  14. Stk004

    Mask Pads (Navy/Blue)

    @Thunderheads trade agreement reached, you can lock it up
  15. Stk004

    Mask Porn?

    @acpar72 do you have a con cushion on there?
  16. Stk004

    +POS Zro-G now $69.95

    Does anyone else think this is a Nike steel?
  17. I don't have my FED rule book with me right now but it's interference, the batter is out, and runners return. Here's the relevant comment from OBR. If someone finds the FED equivalent that'd be awesome.
  18. Stk004

    New Balance V3 lacing pattern

    I'd never even thought of this....
  19. Stk004

    iff and interference

    I've posted this play a bunch on this forum but it's a good one. U1 (Barksdale) calls interference once it happens. Notice, however, he doesn't call time immediately. He waits for the ball to be touched (in this case caught) before making his decision. You can see the gears turning. He calls the runner out then decides that since the ball is fair the batter will be awarded first base. Had the ball been foul, the batter would go back to the plate.
  20. Stk004

    iff and interference

    Two separate questions. 1. What happens if the ball is fair (caught or otherwise)? 2. What happens if the ball is caught in foul territory? 1. If the ball is fair, we now have IFF so the batter is out. We also have interference on R1, so he's out as well. In this case we have two outs. 2. If the ball is caught in foul territory we do not have IFF, so the batter is not out. R1 is called out for interference, batter returns to the plate with a strike added just as he did in the OP.
  21. Stk004

    iff and interference

    The ball landed and rolled foul untouched, correct? So we don't have an infield fly because the ball was not fair. We do, however, have interference on R1. Since the ball was foul, R1 is out for interference and the batter returns to the plate with a strike added (unless there was already two strikes).
  22. Stk004

    Umpire Positioning

    If U1 is going out and it's a fly ball (not a line drive requiring a F/F decision), I'm assuming runners are looking to tag. If the fielder botches it or misses a diving catch I'd stay home and let U3 take the bases. Also it's standard for PU to stay home with R1 and R3 (aka no first to third rotation in this situation) so this shouldn't change based on U1 going out.
  23. Stk004

    Partner incorrectly signals runner back

    I would call time to eliminate any confusion and to prevent the defense from throwing the ball around. "Time, stay there" is what I would say before talking to my partner. You're 95% certain the runner is going to stay at second, so I think it looks better if they're at second base the entire time rather than going back and forth.