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  1. Stk004

    Calling Pitches

    Here's a video from the Black and Blue Umpire Camp a few years back. However, this is not a good illustration of tracking because it's hard for us watching the video to see the ball until it's very close to the plate. This is a good umpire perspective though. As mentioned above experience is the best teacher. I wouldn't stress over trying to learn how to call pitches. Simply focus on tracking the ball with your eyes which will give you good timing, since proper timing is created by the proper use of eyes.
  2. Stk004

    Schutt XV Mad Max

    Hello all, Would anybody be interested in a Schutt XV with the Mad Max modifications? I can upload pictures when I get back to my gear bag, but if you're interested PM me with any questions or offers.
  3. Stk004

    Schutt XV Mad Max

    $60 shipped, PM with any questions/concerns/offers
  4. Stk004

    Schutt XV Mad Max

  5. Stk004

    Schutt XV Mad Max

    Dang it, okay one minute.
  6. Stk004

    Schutt XV Mad Max

    Sorry, I don't know why it posted that way. I just drug them over from my email, let me know if you can't see it. One Chicago screw and the D rings are a bit discolored from use. They're an extremely cheap fix or you could just leave it if it doesn't bother you. I have a generic 4 point harness I'll send it with. It's pictured with no harness because I took the F3 off to put on my Douglas.
  7. Stk004

    Schutt XV Mad Max

    *failed attempt at uploading pictures*
  8. Stk004

    Appeal Mechanic

    Recently (two years ago?) OBR changed how they want this handled. We should make no signal only if the runner misses first base AND the fielder misses first base. This happened to Nelson Cruz in Boston. If the first baseman is on the bag but the batter runner passes, thus acquiring, first base before the throw arrives, we are to call him safe and the defense must appeal.
  9. Stk004

    Schutt XV Mad Max

    I realized I never posted a picture, I'll grab it after my game today.
  10. Stk004

    Schutt XV Mad Max

    Hi yes sorry! I'll take pictures tomorrow.
  11. Stk004

    Skunk in the outfield illegal

    I'd say that he hasn't abandoned his effort to either advance to 2nd base or return safely to 1st base by simply stalling between the two. It's still reasonable for him to reach either base and he's not making a travesty of the game. The skunk in the outfield is a blatant effort to cause confusion by not running the bases 'properly,' for lack of a better term.
  12. I would like to correct myself here. A balk on an appeal is considered a play, which is why it nullifies future appeal attempts. @Jimurray , you're saying this is different in FED?
  13. Stk004

    Runner Returning to a Missed Base

    (I've only included what I believe to be the relevant portion. A better explanation can be found in the MLBUM) Rule 5.06(b)(4)(I) Comment: If a runner is forced to return to a base after a catch, he must retouch his original base even though, because of some ground rule or other rule, he is awarded additional bases. He may retouch while the ball is dead and the award is then made from his original base.
  14. Stk004

    Runner Returning to a Missed Base

    This is how I would handle the situation as well. Since he can't correct his mistake, it doesn't make sense for us to only award him one base. However, we will not prevent him from going back and touching first base because then we're telling EVERYBODY he missed first base. Him going back doesn't nullify his mistake, so we'd still let him score and then let the defense appeal.
  15. Stk004

    Runner Returning to a Missed Base

    Once R1 goes back and retouches first base, his award will now be third base.
  16. Stk004

    Mask Choice

    I replaced the stock mag pads with the grey mag pads I got from All-Star.
  17. Stk004

    Mask Choice

    I have black ones
  18. Stk004

    diamond mask pads

    Lighter fluid or gasoline and a match should do the trick
  19. No, you cannot appeal after a balk. The defensive team has erred* and now cannot appeal any runner at any base. This could easily be avoided in high school by opting for a dead ball appeal, which is much easier, faster, and eliminates the opportunity for the defense to mess it up. *is this the case or is the balk considered a "play or attempted play" for the purpose of this rule? Either way they can no longer appeal, I just can't remember the exact wording. This is incorrect. This is correct.
  20. Stk004

    Information available signal

    I wasn't a fan of this when I first heard about it. However, yesterday my partner used it as a "let's talk between innings" signal as opposed to an "I have information about a call" signal. It was very discrete and I strongly prefer it to crossing your arms in an "X" in front of your body, which is much more obvious.
  21. Stk004

    Advice for Gear? Younger levels

    The Adams HDX (I think, used to be Schutt) is good and pretty inexpensive. I'd also recommend the Champion hard shell. You can find a lot of information on this stuff throughout the site. Both of those will be good at higher levels too. I always liked making sure my equipment would protect me above the level I'm currently doing so that I could comfortably take on higher level games.
  22. Stk004

    First games of the year!

    Hey man all the SoCal games got rained out today from a couple hours of rain overnight
  23. Don't the jackets also need the CIF patch, as well as the shirts?
  24. Stk004

    Champro Magnesium

    I have a Champro Magnesium mask with slightly used TW pads. They're washed, but for whatever reason they're still discolored. Frame is in excellent shape. Asking $85 shipped.
  25. Stk004

    Champro Magnesium

    Finally sold! Take it away, @Thunderheads !