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  1. If only I was making this up

    This wasn't the main point of your post but saying "R3 scored" on a play where no runs scored seems........ misleading at best.
  2. Strike Call

    Then there's the batter that gives you the look after you ring him up on what you thought was an obvious strike three.
  3. I'm with you Rich, I really doubt more than 6 mound visits will be more substantial than 35-49 minutes per game...
  4. Powder Coated Chrome Moliben

    Shin guards sold!
  5. Check Swing Question

    1) In OBR the plate umpire MUST check with his partner following a reasonable request by the defensive team, be it player or manager. If he wants to check without a request he's perfectly entitled to do so. 2) See the previous answer.
  6. You are correct and would be supported by MiLB.
  7. When I had golf practice for HS that ran late at night I preferred to keep my glasses on as long as I could because everything popped and seemed brighter. The golf lenses are great.
  8. FWIW, OBR definition of interference: (b) Defensive interference is an act by a fielder that hinders or prevents a batter from hitting a pitch.
  9. Help- before or after

    You should make a call before getting help. Fulfill your responsibilities, whether it's fair/foul, safe/out, or whatever other decision you're responsible for. If you know you need help go get it right away, no sense waiting for an argument. But if you don't make a call before getting help it looks extremely indecisive and gives the impression that you (not you specifically, just a general you) don't know what you're doing. By making a call first then seeking help, it demonstrates that you know what your responsibilities are, you just got straight-lined or need a rule clarification or something of that nature.
  10. Who is Out?

    Nope. If the batter-runner is adjudged not to have hindered a fielder attempting to make a play on a batted ball, and if the base runner’s interference is adjudged not to be intentional, the batter-runner shall be awarded first base;
  11. Intentionally Uncaught Ball vs Intentionally Dropped Ball

    Warren, what did you search for the popped up bunt play? That's a really good video because we can't have IFF on a bunt, so if the ball had been intentionally dropped it would've been the same ruling as the first play you showed. But if that had been a normal pop up, IFF takes precedence over an intentionally dropped ball, in which case he could touch it on the way down and still double up the runners.
  12. Who is Out?

    I've posted this play on here before but this is a good example.