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  1. Out of Baseline No Call

    Step and a lean is heard a lot.
  2. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    Interesting. I got it off of OfferUp from a minor league catcher in the White Sox organization.
  3. Easton speed elite mask

    This is the stock traditional mask for UCLA catchers, so I'd imagine the protection is at least decent. Everyone on here will tell you that the frame doesn't matter nearly as much for protection as the pads do. Now, as @kylejt mentioned, I'd definitely make sure the brim of your hat isn't touching or too close to the bar, because then an impact will push into your hat and hurt more than it should.
  4. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    The Champro Mag is a great mask, and is actually sitting right next to my All-Star at the moment. If you're comfortable with the protection it gives you I'd say keep using it. I've only taken one decent shot to the All-Star so far and it just bounced right off. The All-Star is comfortable and cool, but is it worth $200 more than the Champro? Meh, probably not. I do like the concept of the blades intersecting the plastic plate on the bottom pad though.
  5. Mask Porn?

    @BT_Blue can we get a picture of the backside of the mask?
  6. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    That's the stock pad.
  7. Carlucci Hall of Fame Model

    That may be true, but it was my warm blanket.
  8. Carlucci Hall of Fame Model

    It was cool to have but @Thunderheads it's sold, lock it up!
  9. Passed ball caught by umpire

    Suddenly I want to be Dan Bellino.
  10. Force3 Defender Mask V1 or V2?

    Sorry this took so long. I actually haven't used a V2, I've only had one in my hands once or twice. The V1 is heavy in my opinion, and I believe the three spring design was to reduce weight and eliminate that top spring pushing into your forehead on impact. @tpatience or @harrisonj23 might be able to shed some light on the V2.
  11. Obstruction?

    I read more of this than I should've.
  12. Masks (x3)

    Masks added. Sorry for two posts in one night.
  13. Masks (x3)

  14. Balk Award

    Bases loaded walk, R2 steals third base on ball four, stuff like that.
  15. Balk Award

    I've never thought of this one before.