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  1. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    Unfortunately for this alert, hustling runner his teammate committed interference.
  2. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    V3? Honestly I just keep a spray bottle of water in my car. I haven't had a problem getting dirt off so far. Maybe I'll try hand soap to see if it's easier, but typically I don't need anything other than water, a brush and a rag.
  3. Retirement? Sale

    He found his way back...
  4. I haven't noticed any fading on my polyspandex, which is all I wear. Those Davis pants are notorious for fading though.
  5. What is this mask?

    @wolfe_man I can confirm that the one with TW is a Wilson. The two masks from JoHart are noticeably different on the angle of the U bar, no?
  6. What is this mask?

    Look at how angled the bottom U bar is. The Nike platform is much more up and down instead of flared. I believe this is a Wilson catcher's mask. http://www.wilson.com/en-us/baseball/protective-gear/catchers/dyna-lite-steel-catcher-s-facemask-non-wrap-pads
  7. Carlucci Hall of Fame Model

    Last one
  8. Carlucci Hall of Fame Model

    It's only letting me upload .98 MB at a time, so I'll have to send multiple messages. Apologies in advance.
  9. Hey everyone, I have an ~11.5 inch Carlucci Hall of Fame Model chest protector for sale. Obviously it's old and it shows with scratches on the plastic plates, as well as discoloration in the straps. There are two small tears is in the leather on the back but other than that it isn't deteriorated. The leather strap that secures the bottom of the harness had to be replaced because the old one got too dry and snapped. The replacement is brand new. The bottom strap for the harness lost some of its length when the leather strap was removed because it was so dry and rusted. There's enough left to secure the CP to a small frame, but I'd recommend replacing the nylon. I bought replacement nylon a while ago for the harness but I don't want to tamper with it any more than I have. I'll let the buyer use the nylon to lengthen or replace the existing strap, as he/she chooses. PM me inquiries and offers, I'll gladly send more pictures or answer any of your questions. Thanks!
  10. Shoes Shoes Shoes

    Black and white Reeboks
  11. Obstruction or Interference

    Additionally, only one fielder can be protected at a time. So if you believe F6 should be afforded protection, then neither F4 or F1 can be protected from obstruction.
  12. CP Help Requested

    The weird part about the extension is that it's just more of the D3O padding without any hardshell, but I do feel a lot better having something there rather than nothing.