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  1. I thought one foot in = in fair territory.
  2. Wendelstedt Manuals Updated?

    Interested in purchasing the manual + mechanics package. I have the 2015 and loaned it out. If there have been significant updates, I'll just let my friend keep the 2015.
  3. This is absolutely amazing, I've watched it like 5x. https://www.thebaseballgauge.com/portfolio/field/gibson.html
  4. http://www.sportingnews.com/mlb/news/bat-boy-ejected-arguing-salisbury-cardinals-portland-beavers-lee-elia-sam-morris-ejection/yi4zwd2qf6oe1toi6qinlg1zt
  5. Fit bit or wrist band?

    Mine's going off saying I'm low today... Long month of umpiring, sorting out a move and got an unexpected sectional that complicated the end of the month has been causing a need for an uptick.
  6. Awkward daddy ball situation. Need Advice

    Never turn your back on the ball. And why would you turn to walk away from a pickoff play? Just back up to your spot.
  7. Awkward daddy ball situation. Need Advice

    I don't do it for them each time. I just do it to stop the BS.
  8. I have worked with a guy here who will show the count damn near every pitch as BU until I am trying to ask him the count, and then, he's staring at me like I'm speaking Polish and I have to ask him 3 times what the count is.
  9. Legal or balk?

    TY, got some video watchin to do
  10. BOO - Who leads off?

    Thanks. I'm not even sure the defensive team would have appealed. It was a men's league game, they weren't keeping a book, and aren't that savvy.
  11. Umpire Ejected

    He was by the phones? There was a pay phone bank there? Was this in the 50s?
  12. BOO - Who leads off?

    What about when the wrong batter k's, and offense comes up and says "we batted out of order"? K stands, bring up the batter who would be next? (would've been the same batter that just k'd) bring up correct batter? Go onto the next batter and defense has to appeal?
  13. Awkward daddy ball situation. Need Advice

    It's so much quicker to just call time and put the ball back in play than to fight this imo. I do say to let them up as well. I've never had it go as long as you're describing.
  14. I don't either. I'm always watching both, I might not be making the call on the catch, but I'm going to know if they left early.
  15. http://umpire-empire.com/topic/67484-between-innings/?do=findComment&comment=326802
  16. I've had a couple partners that want me to do it, so they know when they have tags. I don't understand how they can see when it was caught for the tag, if I have to make sure it's securely held, or in a bobbled ball, but they're also not the greatest umpires. I probably say it more than I should. Fouls, I am instinctively reaching for a new ball, thanks to @lawump's amazing post last year.
  17. Selling a lightly used Navy Honigs convertible jacket, size 3x. It really wears more like an XL. I bought it, wore it a couple times in games, and maybe 4x this spring as a base layer. I just do not like it and am moving soon, so trying to get rid of extra stuff. Will re-wash this week. Red and White stripes down side, like the new MLB panel shirts have. Weight-wise, felt good in games that are about 70 with a steady breeze, too warm for jackets, too cool for short sleeve. $35 shipped in the US. Selling for $50 on Honigs and $45 on UA (for Smitty's version)
  18. Solo - Protocol

    Be careful going out too much with R3, hard hit to SS the other day (1st solo in 2 years), I start out and he's squaring up to throw home, I took a couple quick steps to 1B line to get out of the way.
  19. Solo - Protocol

    Dang, I came pretty close to moving back to Columbus at the end of the month, could've helped the area out next season.
  20. Legal move or balk 2nd base move

    40 degrees in what direction? R2? Can you feint to 2nd with R2?
  21. http://mlb.nbcsports.com/2018/04/22/javier-baez-and-d-j-lemahieu-had-a-disagreement-about-sign-stealing/ Does the ruling that F3 cannot position in front of R1 apply here? @Gil Are you guys planning on discussing this play?
  22. Biggest blowout ever?

    I thought my 27-0 no-hit game a couple weeks ago was bad. Team swung at every pitch the last 2 innings to just get us out of there. But wow, I can't even http://www.southcoasttoday.com/sports/20180418/buddy-thomas-old-rochester-baseball-feeling-agony-of-82-0-victory
  23. Biggest blowout ever?

    I always thought they should for non-varsity.
  24. Do you have a pet?

    I have a rescued beagle who was heavily abused and a brain damaged, autistic Boston Terrier. We just put our other Boston to sleep last month. Still missing her a lot.
  25. basketball

    not to mention that it's like 35 half the time here so far. I miss the hot gyms.