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  1. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    Thanks, I'm just sick of scrubbing the mesh and having it be as dirty the next game.
  2. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    How do the turf shoes handle on regular fields?
  3. Use 1st names

    Are those students stopping that high and tight from hitting the teacher's in the face?
  4. Use 1st names

    I don't do it for <13, but for over that, I do. I think it's good to help teach kids how to interact with adults in a positive way.
  5. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    Word of advice from my first year back in basketball ... think about safety as well. I got a random pair of Nikes, and stepped on something on the court in early November, felt like I stepped on a Leggo. It didn't fully heal until after Christmas. I bought the Reebok Zigs, and they are so much sturdier. I don't think I would've hurt my foot in them.
  6. No-Call Zone

    5 pages of google for "no call zone baseball" is all about the debate about robot umpires.
  7. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    What's the model #?
  8. Glove dislodged from fielder

    It is not. Once it comes off, it's not a catch. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/watch-yoenis-cespedes-called-safe-after-stepping-on-fielders-glove-during-slide/
  9. Did my first round, then realized I didn't need to measure with them on, have had a much better fit. My tailor is this old hispanic woman that I'm not sure understands everything I say.
  10. Kneeling for National Anthem

    I wanted to puke every time they showed Reddick in his flag speedo. And it was highly disrespectful.
  11. Odd colored shirts

    I ain't gettin any of those odd colors. light blue, black, navy are plenty. I'd rather spend the extra money drinking.
  12. Help- before or after

    I make the call, then ask for help. There's definitely times when I'm going to go to my partner at the first mention of "foot", because I think that strongly that he pulled his foot. The one that I always hope my partner will do is a U3k/ball situation, that way batter can have a chance to go.
  13. Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting

    I hate when my partner wants to talk forever at a pre-game. Meanwhile, I'm there like "dude, I stopped listening 5 minutes ago!"
  14. Umpire as a translator for another umpire

    Did he yell out "mise en garde!" before shoving his partner under the bus?
  15. https://www.mlb.com/news/umpires-share-new-perspective-at-dream-series/c-264703530
  16. Good Call Blue Intro

    Hope we didn't lose @lawump
  17. Retirement? Sale

    Hoggie is active on some facebook groups as well. I've alerted mutual friends about his actions here. I don't think the above clip fits this situation ...
  18. 3-man, R3 , less than 2 outs

    Haha, yeah, I stumbled on that one in my mind. Need to switch back to baseball mode. I blame the lack of free agent movement in MLB!
  19. 3-man, R3 , less than 2 outs

    One difference is, in 2-man, FU is in C, so is in a better spot to pick up on the play easier. I had a similar play last year, where I was 95% sure R3 was coming back and hadn't tagged (had to watch for touch by BR at 1B oviis), and made the call of out on the appeal back. If anyone had questioned, I would have gone to PU to see if it was an appeal, but went with what it looked like to fill in the % I wasn't sure about.
  20. Adidas Base Shoes

    How are they for cleaning? Really tired of scrubbing the New Balances and they look just as bad the next game.
  21. INDY Cold

    Spent Christmas in Bloomington and live in Hammond... It's been brutally cold so far. Moved here in 13 and suffered through the -20 with 20+" of snow that winter. Hoping this isn't going to be a repeat.
  22. Good Call Blue Intro

    This has been the most boring off-season ever so far
  23. Good Call Blue Intro

    Geez that is just amazeballs
  24. Catch/injury AFL game

    I didn't mean to imply it was, but don't think I've ever seen this call without the player showing the ball. I thought it was a great call and mechanic on going out and getting the call right.
  25. Catch/injury AFL game

    https://www.fanragsports.com/scary-outfield-collision-occurs-in-az-fall-league/ Really interesting here. RF/CF collide HARD. They're down for a long time. U1 goes out (not on this video) and F8 has control of the ball which is still in his glove, and U1 rules catch. Thought it was interesting seeing the ruling of catch when F8 did not voluntarily show the ball.