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  1. Had an interesting situation last night. HS game. Bases loaded. Ground ball back to pitcher. Batter throws bat hard and as Catcher is popping up, he gets nailed by the bat in the thigh. Catcher goes down almost to the ground about 3 feet to the left. I look down at him, then up and pitcher is trying to come home with the throw. Catcher recovers and tries to jump up and get the throw, misses it by a little, throw goes to the backstop. WUG?
  2. udbrky

    Umpire like a Girl

    We got it easy - no bras, no makeup, and not to mention, no menstrual cycle.
  3. udbrky

    Basketball Gear

    Don't go cheap on shoes. I wore some Nikes and stepped on something one game and my whole foot was purple. I had a full slate of middle school games and didn't get rest for it until Christmas and developed a little plantar fasciatis. It hurt and I could barely flex my toes. I bought Zigs immediately and they're so much more comfortable. I love the stretch pants. Get the Fox 40 with the rubber guard. Your teeth will thank you. I clean my whistle with that 3-minute denture cleaner. Drop it in water, dissolve, put whistle in. Rinse and I soaked in straight water for a bit to get any smell out.
  4. Here's what I had: Catcher pops up, bat hits him hard in the thigh and he (not on purpose) goes to his left, down almost to his knee in pain. I look down to see how bad he took it. I look up and pitcher is trying to throw home. Catcher jumps up and a few feet back to the plate to try to catch pitcher's throw, but cannot cover the ground in that state. Ball goes to the backstop, I think back through the play. I call "Time! That was interference! Batter is out!" and send the runners back to their bases, declaring "All runners return to the base they held at the time of the pitch" As I explained to the offensive coach, the act of the batter recklessly throwing the bat and hitting the catcher, took the catcher out of the ability to make the play. I think I could have declared R3 out since it would have been an easy 1-2-3 double play. Offensive coach accepted that it was INT, then started fishing with "well usually INT is called immediately." I countered telling him that I needed to make sure they were coming home. If they go to 2nd, I don't have an effect on the play. He complained that F1 hesitated to throw. My response is, because his catcher was down almost on the ground and recovered to try to field his throw.
  5. udbrky

    Best Concussion Proof Mask

    It was | Aliens! |
  6. That is the sticking point IMO.
  7. udbrky

    Thrown bat rule at plate meeting

    It was Fed.
  8. udbrky

    Thrown bat rule at plate meeting

    I've thought about this all night. I had an out on a thrown bat tonight. Bases loaded. Grounder to Pitcher. Batter launches the bat at the catcher, hitting him in the thigh, knocking him almost to his knees. Pitcher wants to throw home. Hesitates some. Catcher tries to recover, Pitcher throws to the plate, and Catcher can't get there for the throw. "Time! That was interference!" I called Batter out and sent runners back. I think we could have grabbed the DP, since it was a pretty easy 1-2-3, but catcher ended up leaving the game the next inning. That's about the only way I can see getting an out on a thrown bat.
  9. udbrky

    More insights from NJ...

    At least they're not making up a rule that pitchers can't wear them.
  10. udbrky

    Rainout Whining

    Lost every game back to Saturday. Got a DH in an hour. I always text my partner when games get canceled, since I've seen times where they didn't get the message.
  11. udbrky

    Keeping Shirt Tucked In?

    My years of experience as a moderator on forums have my spammy senses tingling pretty hard here.
  12. udbrky

    Worst baserunning ever

    Jean Segura starts at 2B and ends up at 1B.
  13. udbrky

    Hoodie under plate coat

    Haha, I hate when that happens. I haven't worn my layers that much this year, but when it's been cold, it's been cold. I didn't wear gloves, hate it on the plate, and was ok but when the wind would gust, it was biting.
  14. udbrky

    Hoodie under plate coat

    I've got a 7PM game. First night game in the school's history. It's 42 now with a 30mph wind. I may have all my jackets on. This will be me:
  15. udbrky

    Hoodie under plate coat

    Maybe they just hate the cold. I can relate.
  16. udbrky

    Tight Umpire Jacket

    Yeah, that's the joke.
  17. udbrky

    Tight Umpire Jacket

    Thinly veiled brag up in dis thread.
  18. udbrky

    Oh my. I beg to differ.

    Len does a really good job of being knowledgeable and not a total homer. If the play goes against the Cubs, he doesn't lament that it was a bad call usually. He stays abreast of a lot in baseball and is a really knowledgeable guy about music as well. I really like listening to him. Benetti from the White Sox is really good too.
  19. udbrky

    Oh my. I beg to differ.

    I was working solo last week and had a close play at 2B on a pickoff and I thought he got his foot in and the dude walked away so I went with it.
  20. udbrky

    Umplife Shin Straps . . .

    Did you have to add something to the straps?
  21. udbrky

    F3 throat guard?

    Weird, just saw some video from the OBS thread and def not wearing it. I must've misremembered.
  22. udbrky

    F3 throat guard?

    I searched, but could not find it. MLB's video search is down too. But iirc, McCann was in. They both wear F3
  23. udbrky

    F3 throat guard?

    I swear I saw Brian McCann wearing one Thursday night.
  24. udbrky

    Interference Padres-Diamondbacks

    Well Welke and the Catcher did terrible jobs of selling that. I've only seen this angle, and I couldn't tell you he bumped him. After the play, Murphy didn't even have a clue what had happened, he just thought he biffed a can of corn.
  25. udbrky

    Interference Padres-Diamondbacks

    I didn't get this one either. I did see a few commentators point out the bat at F2's feet. Run it out? On an oviis foul ball? Umpires aren't here to enforce that.