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  1. udbrky


    The trash can and base were Indy league. Hopefully the college kids behave better.
  2. udbrky

    It is all Angel's Fault

    Yeah, it was just a big package of times when Angel and Chicago teams butted heads. I did always laugh at that one.
  3. udbrky

    It is all Angel's Fault

    It's like a slump to start the season - people pay more attention to the start and end. Media here's been running a "best of Angel Hernandez" clip that includes him tossing Bears' legend Steve McMichael out after the 7th inning stretch.
  4. udbrky

    Smitty's Poly-Spandex Pants Fading

    Target and Amazon both show they carry them. I have 4 sets of pants, the oldest pair being 2 full seasons in (about 150 games a year) and don't see a difference.
  5. udbrky

    Apparel n' Equipment Guide v2

    Last year I took one from below that hurt still. I never felt like I had the Nutty Buddy in place right. Combine that with the selling of the company, and I wasn't as sure for the future. I upgraded to the Diamond and it's so much better. It fits better, I don't need a pair of compression shorts on top of it and below, so I cut a layer. I've taken 6 varsity level pitches/fouls to the cup directly and have not felt a thing. It's more comfortable and as protective. It's just a superior cup to the Nutty Buddy.
  6. udbrky

    Apparel n' Equipment Guide v2

    Where's the cup recommendations? Diamond MMA has protected me so well this year. I haven't felt any of the 6 or so good shots I've taken.
  7. udbrky

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    I read that as "Time! That's MC!" at the time of MC, not in between the two acts.
  8. udbrky

    Coach Buckets

    That's not a visit
  9. udbrky

    Time between games

    Here, it's a reduced amount for DH in HS. Some schools though pay the full, or pay more at least.
  10. udbrky

    Stepped off but kept his hands together -

    Some fields have crappy mounds and it can be tough to see exactly where the rubber is as well.
  11. udbrky

    Hand separation in delivery

    Jake Arrieta does this almost every pitch. Tons of guys do it. This is not a balk. If the ump says it again, ask if he has ever seen Arrieta balked for it.
  12. udbrky

    Horrible news - @grayhawk

    best wishes for recovery
  13. udbrky

    Another "OOO"??

    https://getyarn.io/yarn-story/1a262370-d40a-49b6-807f-28fb8df1d895 Rounders quote relevant here
  14. udbrky

    Indy ball story

    Thread on twitter with indy ball stories.