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  1. Can you do anything here?

    Oh, this was a 4-man crew, that's why I was wondering which you were talking about with positioning, because of steals at 3B.
  2. Can you do anything here?

    Thanks, I have experimented with both and am still trying to get more 3-man experience. I thought in 3man, you wanted to be on the 3B side though more.
  3. Can you do anything here?

    Is that for 4-man? I like having the look from B with R2 and C with R1 - deep on both that is.
  4. I thought his initial signal was "no catch" and after the play ends, he awarded the bases. I didn't like that he started with BR on the award. Isn't it best to start with the lead? But yeah, that's nothing, he didn't throw his glove.
  5. Can you do anything here?

    Batter's uncle is an umpire and I guess this play happened earlier with them. The crowd was chanting "8-1-1" at the crew. In sectionals, my crew got the play correct with this team at bat, sucks for them. I am shocked their coach didn't get tossed over this play.
  6. I thought one foot in = in fair territory.
  7. Wendelstedt Manuals Updated?

    Interested in purchasing the manual + mechanics package. I have the 2015 and loaned it out. If there have been significant updates, I'll just let my friend keep the 2015.
  8. This is absolutely amazing, I've watched it like 5x. https://www.thebaseballgauge.com/portfolio/field/gibson.html
  9. http://www.sportingnews.com/mlb/news/bat-boy-ejected-arguing-salisbury-cardinals-portland-beavers-lee-elia-sam-morris-ejection/yi4zwd2qf6oe1toi6qinlg1zt
  10. Fit bit or wrist band?

    Mine's going off saying I'm low today... Long month of umpiring, sorting out a move and got an unexpected sectional that complicated the end of the month has been causing a need for an uptick.
  11. Awkward daddy ball situation. Need Advice

    Never turn your back on the ball. And why would you turn to walk away from a pickoff play? Just back up to your spot.
  12. Awkward daddy ball situation. Need Advice

    I don't do it for them each time. I just do it to stop the BS.
  13. I have worked with a guy here who will show the count damn near every pitch as BU until I am trying to ask him the count, and then, he's staring at me like I'm speaking Polish and I have to ask him 3 times what the count is.
  14. Legal or balk?

    TY, got some video watchin to do
  15. BOO - Who leads off?

    Thanks. I'm not even sure the defensive team would have appealed. It was a men's league game, they weren't keeping a book, and aren't that savvy.