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  1. Ball hit umpire while on the field

    I was thinking this only applied when it was a batted ball in the air. Is it on the ground as well?
  2. Narrowing Down Chest Protectors

    This is exactly why I keep coming back to you guys, and always check to see if you have the item I want before checking other places.
  3. Distant Slot?

    Had to drive 8 hours out of my way for any type of formal instruction. The MAUC was well worth it though.
  4. Opening night in Iowa, dropped third strike

    This is standard, we're the only state that plays summer baseball. School starts in August. The state tournament will wrap up in late July.
  5. Opening night in Iowa, dropped third strike

    Nope, last night was opening day for high school baseball in Iowa, regardless of level.
  6. Why aren't all teams like this?

    In U-trip we give one warning per pitcher in 12U and below. The exception being bracket play in tournaments on Sundays in which there is no warning. You just have to be extremely lenient at that age and only call the really obvious stuff.
  7. Team warnings

    Sorry to hijack, but are there rules pertaining to bench jockeying in other codes?
  8. Distant Slot?

    The real mystery is how this guy was assigned a playoff game.
  9. Distant Slot?

    Embarrassed to be from Iowa
  10. Head First Slides - Youth Baseball

    What rule set doesn't allow head first slides?
  11. Pay

    We literally don't even have an association in my area.
  12. I ordered 3 pairs of Hudson51wear.com three weeks ago today and I've heard nothing from them since ordering with the exception of a confirmation email. When I go to my order online it shows as shipped but doesn't list any tracking information, shipping date, etc. and they haven't responded to my email. Has anyone ordered from there and had a similar experience?
  13. F3 mask

    The F3 is the second mask I bought, three years after wearing a Diamond ix3 with TW pads. I've worn it in a few JV games and the thing is built like a tank but extremely heavy compared to my diamond frame. If you plan on wearing it on weekends to work tournaments it's not for you, it'll destroy your neck. If you're looking for something tough and safety is your number one concern then buy the F3. It's just tough for me to get used to the different weight and view it gives me.
  14. Thanks! Just ordered 3 pairs of the plate pants. Hopefully I like it as much as my GD Fechheimer pants.