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  1. Scuzzyfeller

    Alterations On Pants?

    "So it shall be written....so it shall be done" ! ! Scuzz, and all.....
  2. Scuzzyfeller

    Alterations On Pants?

    Dude, Unless you're very proficient with a needle and thread or a sewing machine or have a mom, aunt, grandma who can do it for you...let a pro do it! Just about every cleaners do tailoring and alterations....cost anywhere from $8.00-$10.00 a pair....try them on right there in the shop...most guys have the bottom of the pants 1/2 inch from touching the floor. Scuzz
  3. Scuzzyfeller

    Gear Sales ???

    My records show I purchased last Sept and Oct...but like Stan W said...they'll be filtering out anytime now. Check the normal vendor sites from time to time. Mike at http://newyork.purchaseofficials.com/home.php sends out sale alerts VERY regularly. I bought from GD and Ump-Attire as well last year around the early fall time. Scuzz
  4. Scuzzyfeller

    I turned the fans against me.

    My only thought.... Your FIFTY miles from your home turf... You admit to a relationship...good, bad or otherwise with your "local area" team... You admit again that you see they are on YOUR list of scheduled games... WHY NOT get together with the tournament UIC or Directors and get the heck off that game well ahead of the potential ST storm you KNOW [by your own post] IS GOING TO HAPPEN….again….good, bad OR otherwise…. THIS is the ultimate in “preventive officiating”. Dude….you painted yourself into a corner…and had to wait for the freaking paint to dry! I've been fortunate enough to go work tournaments "out of area" and have at times come across teams from "my area" on the tournament game schedule....and as a "preventive strike"....whether I knew the teams or not....pursued swapping games with another umpire... That happens quite often at places like Dreams Park or those like venues... Scuzz
  5. Scuzzyfeller

    Ball bags: sweat/water proof

    I've used the Dry Lo's for several seasons now....without a problem. 2 ball bags / Saddlebags for the adult leagues that give me 6 balls to start with....these bags handle 4 baseballs easily. I'll use a lesser bag....the OC ones they give you free sometimes for other games if needed....but my comfort zone lies with the Dry Lo bags. Scuzz
  6. Scuzzyfeller

    Calling Time

    Time Out for a defensive player or runner; NO to the defense....NO to the runner.....as stated earlier...if the defender is hovering over the runner...."toss it back....let's get on with it....", etc. Time Out for a batter, waiting on the pitcher when set; I'll allow the pitcher, after coming set...a little delay...but if I see even the "slightest" movement indicating the pitch is coming.....NO TIME for the batter. If the pitcher is boring the living HELL out of me....I might call TIME for myself. Cooperstown scene; Last year on a semi-final, I'm at 1B.....the ENTIRE game....our 2B ump was just calling TIME every time the ball came in....while one team was trying to pull a hidden ball trick every once in a while.... In the 6th inning, I notice an infielder talking to our 2B ump....as it turned out I'm sure the little SOB told him of the plan. Top 6th...team comes back....batter bangs a 2 run double to get within 1 run with 2 outs....here comes the ball to F6....F1 stays on the grass....F6 sucks in the runner....tagged out....game over? Off coach comes to our plate guy KNOWING FULL WELL the 2B ump has called TIME all game.....the base umps and he confer about it.....but not this time.....game over. CDP AGAIN; Had one game while on the bases where a team was so long between pitches.....I spoke to my plate guy and we spoke to the offending team choach that I was going to time that teams pitchers.....if I got to 12....after allowing the hitter to get in the box and the pitcher to hit the rubber.....I'm banging a ball call..... You'd think after the 3rd time...and finally they did....get the picture..... They "asked" for a 5 second warning.....NO........I said..... SLOW DOWNS AND STOPS SUCK in baseball.....keep the game moving, discreetly and within the rules of course.....we'll all be better off! Scuzz
  7. Scuzzyfeller

    Electro Aloe hydration powder

    Don't forget the old standby you used for your young children; P-E-D-I-A-L-Y-T-E....or if you care to save a few scheckels....get the "house brand" of your choice.... Wal-Mart brand....Rite-Aid brand....CVS brand....Walgreen's...etc.... You can get them in a little 4 pack of I think 6 oz plastic bottles.... It is a STAPLE in most football locker rooms as well.... An EMT friend of mine....over a nice C.T.B [sorry....Cold Tasty Beer] told me of this several seasons ago...and it's been part of my LONG HOT DAY or tournament packgage since. A DH the last Sun in June with both games in HIGH SUN and 95 or so degree heat can beat the crap out of you....and I had the dish for game 2. I'm watching my partner on the plate doing the fade-a-way dance....and between 1/2 innings....I hit him with the ice pack on the neck thing for a few minutes....and between games made him suck down 2 of those small bottles....I took one....but killed another after my plate game. P-E-D-I-A-L-Y-T-E Or a reasonable facsimile thereof... Best to all! Scuzz
  8. Scuzzyfeller

    Post a picture?

    If you've got anything.... I had NEVER seen a pic of myself either just in the uniform or actually doing a game before going up to CDP. Here's a couple...I'm the plate guy for the Olde Tyme Umpires Game....let it rip.....have some fun at my expense....then post yours so we can bust each others chops! Scuzz
  9. Scuzzyfeller

    I got tagged !!!

    "IN THE THROAT"..... Dude....hit the dirt if you ever have to do so.....who cares if it isn't stylish to do so.... Scuzz
  10. Scuzzyfeller

    Post a picture?

    Somebody is going to pick on you for your hat coming off as well....and being stuck in your mask... I'm not....I'm not....well....not intentionally..... But you do look MAAAHVAAAHLUSSS... Scuzz
  11. Scuzzyfeller

    NB 450 vs Reebok sizing

    My FYI to you. I bought the RBK from Gerry Davis after last season....asked about the sizing...was told they were TRUE TO SIZE.....I normally wear a size 10, normal width. When they arrived, the NORMAL size 10 was "just a bit too snug" for me....and I tried them on with my regular socks that I would wear for a game.....so they had to go back...they had no size 10 1/2 in stock.....they were on clearance. A short time later Ump-Attire had them for an even better price....ordered a size 10 1/2 in a normal width.....they fit just fine thank you...and I am a very happy umpire now! Best of luck with your new kicks! Scuzz
  12. Scuzzyfeller


    If you've ever done the CDP thing with Scoot up there, he said it best....change the inning count to reflect the length of your game; "if you walk onto the field looking SHARP [scoot is more colorful]....they don't bother you for 2 or 3 innings.... If you hustle...and I don't mean FALSE hustle...on each play....they don't bother you for another 2 or 3 innings... If you SELL THE SH*T out of the close calls.....they don't bother you for another 2 or 3 innings... How many innings do you play? Fooled them again...." I've always loved that little bit of a story....but it does all start with the appearance part of it....always does! Scuzz
  13. Scuzzyfeller


    Allegedly baseball is credited with its Official birth in 1869....I remember the 1969 season with all teams wearing a 100th anniversary patch on their uniforms... Sitch; bases pretty covered with the dust of the field....or the plate constantly needing to be brushed off. F2 to PU or F3, F4, F6, F5 to BU; very politely....."blue....can you see the plate [or insert another base here]"? Reply; this years answer would be "sir...it's in the same place it's been for 141 years....I know where it is" Scuzz
  14. Scuzzyfeller

    What is your thought on the "neighorhood play"?

    My 2 cents! Neighborhood play; I played the middle WAY too many years and was never afraid to ask a BU what they might let me get away with before LIVE action....gift of gab I guess...explain how I "like" to make the turn...I'll be close enough...etc. I don't give an ARMS length and I don't give a full STRIDE STEP...but if the bag can be reached easily enough...good enough for me....but by all means I'm not giving it if there's enough eyesight room for me to drive a truck through. I agree that with the new slide rules we have now it is probably more ENFORCED by the younger family members in blue....easier to teach the younger generation...and the "old dog new tricks" thinking I guess. Phantom tag; From the B or C position unless the tag is a "dead nuts bulls-eye there it is" tag.....there is NO FREAKING WAY we will ever know if the middle infielder EVER tags a sliding or non sliding runner on a tag attempt on the outfield side....unless with the swipe attempt you can see daylight. Scuzz
  15. Scuzzyfeller

    Post a picture?

    All pics were from the photogs at CDP... Bonus; no helmet on the base coach? LHB batter poss out of the batter's box? Scuzz
  16. Scuzzyfeller

    Were you a player ??

    Certainly; Little League up to Connie Mack [now BIG LEAGUE]. The ULTIMATE utility player...the RUNT of the teams I was on...and both sons....also the RUNTS on their teams....baseball, football, etc.... Stay in the coach's way so that in order for him to STOP tripping over you....he had to put you on the field. Check this; I started umpiring while still in HS....primarily played 2B....but the utility guy.... Watched whether the BU would actually look at a BR touching bases....and the PU what he did....so I could CHEAT if need be. I got tossed in HS while playing 2B because I hit R1 with the ball because he DID NOT GET OUT OF THE WAY OF MY THROW....BU tossed me.....but the rest of the season....I had a clear throwing lane to 1B... I was tossed a few times in my playing days....the sitch just mentioned TWICE....once....I NEVER turned to the PU but just asked...while looking at the pitcher...."is that as high as we're going today sir"?..... 15 or so years later....I got to work with some guys who did my younger games that I played.....and IT'S HAPPENING TO ME KNOW..... Oh yeah....I played a little bit....coached my teams when I did coach...the same way. Scuzz
  17. Scuzzyfeller

    Post a picture?

    Wristbands / Sweatbands; I'll take the beating on those....but I sweat like a pig on a spit.....I can hide them if wearing a jacket....pretty constant brow and head wiping on the bases....and pretty much whenever the bucket comes off when on the plate....thought it better than trying to stash a towel in a pocket... The Olde Tyme; this is from about the 1930's... Scuzz
  18. Scuzzyfeller

    Performance Undershirt Reviews

    Isn't that speshul? I'm game...if I ever get to the other coast again! Glad to be of help to all. Here's another idea.... Base shoes.... Reebok outlets "normally" do buy one...get one half price....buy two....get one free..... Let's say you find something you can use on the bases....maybe a cross training shoe....and the color is right....priced say $50.00. Buy the 2 for $100.00....get the 3rd free..... Slap the AAA card on them and get another 20% off....now you got 3 pair for $80.00.... Scuzz Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval "voices in my head...gotta go..."
  19. Scuzzyfeller

    All Star System 7 Helmets

    "It musta been while you were......" never mind. Being an MVP2200 guy...and designing my own sweat band for them....I love what I see in the 2500 and 4000 models. Although not advised by All Star....I industrial strength velcro'd my padding in the 2200 several seasons back.....after tediously removing everything for cleaning and such....I went the velcro route....no problems. 2500 is priced very, very, nicely....and for my level of ball....upward to JUCO level.....should be fine. Looking forward to checking back on this. Scuzz "voices in my head...gotta go..."
  20. Scuzzyfeller

    Performance Undershirt Reviews

    www.mcdavidusa.com just play with it for a while... use the "coupon code" mcd103 and see for yourself! Scuzz "voices in my head, gotta go..."
  21. Scuzzyfeller

    All Star MVP Mask

    The MVP2000SP is just "tad" heavier than the MVP2000SL that I currently use. The weight difference is pretty much....well...not very much at all! I had the SP for 3 seasons, got a super deal on the SL....into the 3rd season with that one! Scuzz
  22. Scuzzyfeller

    Couple of pictures of me..

    Kid...where in Mass are you? I work the South East, South Shore area...up to the Boston neighborhoods! Bridgewater this Sun AM for an adult league DH... One of your pics looks like a field over in Walpole or Sharon...my memory banks are a bit fuzzy! Scuzz
  23. Scuzzyfeller

    Cleaning Wilson WV Platinum CP

    I use the WV Plat and clean it several times during the season. Remove the pads from the hard shell. Spray the pads, both sides, liberally with a simple green solution [or simple orange] and don't worry about how much you use...rub the heck out of it with your hands or with a clean towel. While the padding is air drying....clean the hard shell...lightly spray on the simple green/orange and wipe down both sides of it! Follow that up with a spray down of Armor All or the Turtle Wax version...and wipe it down! Spray and wipe with the Armor All [or like] from time to time...as well as your leg guards....helps allow the shirt and pants to "glide right on by"! Later, Scuzz
  24. Scuzzyfeller


    I would concur on this. For what's offered for the price, it is a very good deal! For a few hundred bucks you could speak to your agent who handles your home owners insurance about an umbrella coverage...but the NASO offers very good coverage for the price! Also...your state association may have a discount program with NASO...worth looking at! Scuzz
  25. Scuzzyfeller

    Cooperstown Dreams Park Ump Needed

    It took a little time...but the local kids have their umpire! Thanks all! Scuzz